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Career Accomplishments 3 18 2010


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Updated Career Accomplishments Presentation

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Career Accomplishments 3 18 2010

  1. 1. Dean Maple - LSSBB Career Accomplishment Summary Dean Maple 102 Aiken Farm Road Pickens, South Carolina 29671 864-878-1799 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 1
  2. 2. Index  Summary of Qualifications  Key Accomplishments & Supporting Data – Materials/Prod. Control – Manufacturing – Supply Chain – Project Management – Systems Implementation – Problem Solving – Plant Management  Certifications  Performance Reviews & References 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 2
  3. 3. Career Summary  Extensive experience assessing operations, improving performance and reducing costs.  Proven experience in Supply Chain Management and Execution and Lean Manufacturing resulting in savings in excess of $1.5 million dollars.  Key implementation experience with SAP and Manufacturing Execution Systems implementation.  Committed to quality with certification experience in ISO 9000, QS 9000 and SPC. 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 3
  4. 4. Certifications – Lean Six Sigma Black Belt 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 4
  5. 5. Letter of Reference  Borg Warner: Mr. Dave Baker Human Resource Manager. Phone 864-985-5141 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 5
  6. 6. Letter of Reference - Mr. Wayne Smith Former VP Manufacturing for Ryobi, Current Exec. VP Rival- Holmes Group T h e H o lm es G ro u p O n e H o lm es W a y M ilfo rd , M A 01 7 5 7 D e ce m b e r 2 0 , 2 0 01 T o W ho m T his M a y Co n ce rn : P le a se a cce p t th is d o cu m e n t a s a re fe re n ce fo r M r. D e a n M a p le. I w o uld re co m m e n d th a t a n y o n e in th e a re a s o f b u sin e ss, m a n u fa ctu rin g , o r e d u ca tio n u tilize M r. M a ple 's ex te n siv e k n o w le d g e a n d e x p e rie n ce . H e is a sk ille d , m a n a g e r, co m m u n ica to r, a n d le a d e r, p a rticu la rly in th e fie ld s o f o p e ra tio ns, b u sin e ss, a n d su p p ly ch ain . I h a v e k n o w n M r. M a ple fo r n e a rly te n y e a rs. In th e 9 0 's h e w o rk e d fo r m e a s a n e x e cu tiv e h e a d in g a v a rie ty o f a re a s fro m o p e ra tio n s to m a te rials to su p p ly ch ain . In m a n y ca se s h e a cte d a s m y "b a ck u p " a n d th e m a n a g e r I m o st d e p e n d e d u p o n . His im p le m e n ta tio n o f n e w a n d "u p to d a te " p ro g ra m s a n d te ch n iq u e s sa v e d th e co m p a n y tho u sa n d s o f d olla rs. H e is a d e p t a t co m m u n ica tin g a n d p re se n tin g o n th e fa cto ry flo o r, in th e cla ssroo m , o r in th e b o a rd roo m . H e is a h a rd w o rke r, a p e o ple p e rso n , a n d h is eth ics a re u n q u e stio n a b le. P le a se fe el fre e to co n ta ct m e to discu ss a n y d e ta ils o f th is re co m m e n d a tio n . S in ce re ly , W a y n e F . S m ith Phone: 660-885-5564 (X168) Cell: 816-804-6739 E m ail: w fsmith@ theholm 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 6
  7. 7. Performance Evaluation - Carl Klebe VP Operations Ryobi Review conducted on move from Manufacturing to Material responsibilities. ( 1996 - 1997) More important to the decision to place Dean in the Materials function are the following aspects of his performance during the two years prior to the decision. First he consistently demonstrated the ability to deal with change and new situations. Second, he was consistently willing to take responsibility for and leadership of all assignments. He demonstrated both experience and a solid understanding of Production Control and Materials Management He is willing to take personal risks to accomplish changes needed to move the plant operations forward. He is willing and does put in the extra effort required by challenging and critical assignments 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 7
  8. 8. Materials/Prod. Control Initiatives  Assembly line uptime initiative  MRO - Integrated Supply Implementation  Vendor Managed Inventory Implementation  Kanban/Lean Manufacturing Implementation  Pricing and Source Negotiations  Logistics initiatives 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 8
  9. 9. Materials/Prod. Control Initiatives Assembly Line Up Time Hours  Situation: Significant assembly line interruptions for 35 late delivery, or misplaced 30 inventory. 25  Actions: Analyze root cause, 20 utilize fishbone analysis and 15 implement Kaizen team. 10  Results: Significant reduction 5 in assembly line downtime. 0 Jan-97 Sep-96 Nov-96 May-97 Mar-97 Percent Year 1996 1997 Change Inventory Accuracy 104.8 77.5 -26.05 Inventory Downtime hour results comparison Delivery & 1996 vs 1997. DT Hours costed at Availability 246.9 88.7 -64.07 $400/hr savings of $72,400 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 9
  10. 10. Materials/Prod. Control Initiatives Ryobi MRO - Integrated Supply Situation & Tasks  1/7/97 Current Inventory $ 1.3 million ( not including maintenance)  1996 Inventory Turns = 1  1996 # of vendors = 700 (Includes capital equip.& contractors )  1996 Purchases = $ 4.8 million(less capital equip.& Const.)  Over $400,000 of current inventory has had no activity since December 1994.  Stockouts still shutdown operations waiting on vendors to supply from blanket orders.  1996 cut over 10,000 Purchase Orders & Processed 8,875 Invoices 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 10
  11. 11. Materials/Prod. Control Initiatives Vision MRO - Integrated Supply Statement  To eliminate the MRO products inventory, daily purchasing and inventory management function of this inventory for our plant, focusing on the following key benefits:  Improved cash flow.  Reduced cost of products purchased.  Reduced inventory carrying costs.  Improved focus on core business.  Reduced purchase transaction costs. 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 11
  12. 12. Materials/Prod. Control Initiatives Decision MRO - Integrated Supply Agreement Implemented  Proposal Summary – Use up active inventory. – Guaranteed savings 4% hard cost in first year. – Projected annual savings breakdown.( D.M.)  1st Year $ 376,610  2nd Year $ 298,610  3rd Year $ 233,810 – Actively drive down Ryobi Owned Inventory – Implementation throughout facility in 1997. – Key to all this is a Partnership Relationship 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 12
  13. 13. Results Materials/Prod. Control InitiativesSince Integrated SupplyTarget Start Inventory Trend Date Reduced MRO - Integrated Supply by $561,224 in Acct 1607 Eliminated 1605 $ 65,000 Total reduction project to date is $626,224 Inventory reductions continued through 1999. With cost savings meeting agreed objectives. 1607 MRO Inventory Account Stock Status ( Weekly Inventory) $1,400,000 $1,200,000 $1,000,000 $800,000 $600,000 $400,000 $200,000 $0 Beg. 15- 29- 10- 21- 2- 13- 25- 6- 17- 28- 11- 23- 4- 15- 27- 8- 21- Feb Mar May Jun Aug Sep Oct Dec Jan- Feb- Apr- May- Jul- Aug- Sep- Nov- Dec- 98 98 98 98 98 98 98 98 98 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 13
  14. 14. Materials Initiatives V M I - Fasteners  Situation: Delivery Issues, High Inventory, Escalating Pricing, Product Quality  Actions: Single source supply, on site inventory ownership, Kanban delivery to line side, elimination of returns to stock.  Results: Elimination of company owned inventory $ 100,000 reduction, elimination of delivery problems, purchase upon consumption of product.Implementation of Kanban pull.Reduction in headcount 2 employees.Elimination of returns to stock. 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 14
  15. 15. Focused Efforts on reduction of Materials Initiatives stock transactions and improved use V M I - Fasteners of Kanban point of use replenishment stocks. % of Total Pcs Returned to Stock Each Week 35.00% 30.00% 25.00% Percent 20.00% 15.00% 10.00% 5.00% 0.00% 7- 11- 15- 22- 26- 31- 5- 9- 13- 18- 22- 27- 31- 7- 11- Dec- Jan- Feb- Mar- Apr- May- Jul- Aug- Sep- Oct- Nov- Dec- Jan- Mar- Apr- 97 98 98 98 98 98 98 98 98 98 98 98 99 99 99 Week Percent Log. (Percent) 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 15
  16. 16. Materials Initiatives: Kanban  Plastic Omnium: Implemented Internal Kanban pull between stocks warehouse. Improved inventory accuracy from an average 25%monthly error ($400,000) to an average of 2.5%.  Borg Warner: Expanded the external demand pull Kanban system to include Hyundai. Implemented computerized Access database system for managing Kanban communication to suppliers.  Ryobi: Implemented external demand pull Kanban through the following areas: Plastics, Fluids, Packaging, Fasteners, and Motor materials. Resulting in a reduction of Raw & Wip inventories of $2 million dollars. 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 16
  17. 17. Materials Initiatives Price & Source Negotiations  Annual Contract Negotiation: – Flat rolled steel purchases * $ 1.6 million dollars contract for stamping materials. Established product family group pricing and a vendor owned finished inventory daily shipping bank. – Aluminum Die Cast ingot purchase contracts negotiated based upon futures metal market projections, annual purchases in excess of $5 million dollars. Realized a $170,000 annual savings. 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 17
  18. 18. Materials Initiatives: Logistics  Plastic Omnium: Implemented a materials/logistics system, SAP 4.6, major improvement to customer suppliers rating for logistics functions.  Borg Warner: Implemented cost savings on transportation with the use of Milk Runs, single source transit & customs clearance of $ 250,000.  AFCO: Expanded Milk Run, returnable container programs to expand company program for elimination of waste and refuse disposal at the plant. Estimated annual savings were $ 100,000.  Ryobi: As a component of my procurement responsibilities I studied routing of Far East purchases. Finding that 85% of all purchases came via the most expensive routing the routing was changed and pricing negotiated with ocean carriers resulting in a $250,000 savings. 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 18
  19. 19. Plastic Logistics – Inventory Mgt. Omnium  First Objective: Make it accurate. – Establish Control – Train the employees – Cycle count – Focus on corporate objective of <3% error in inventory. 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 19
  20. 20. Plastic Logistics – Inventory Mgt. Omnium Duncan Month End Inventory Results  Second Objective: Find $3,000,000 ways to reduce $2,500,000 $2,000,000 it. $1,500,000 – Procurement/ $1,000,000 Planning Management $500,000 $0 – Supply Chain Management De -0 4 v Fe -0 4 Ju 0 4 Ap - 04 Ma - 04 n n Au l Au l-04 Se - 04 Oc - 04 4 Ma 4 Ja e c J u -04 Se g Ma r r pt b No - 04 t y Ju Ap Ma Oc No Ja Ju r- 0 c-0 Fe Transportation n- – D v n r b g p y t Management Total Inventory 2 per. Mov. Avg. (Total Inventory) 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 20
  21. 21. Logistics – BMW Supplier Rating Best Result for Plastic Omnium Logistics Score since the beginning of the relationship with BMW, 10 years. 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 21
  22. 22. Manufacturing - Initiatives ( Ryobi)  Productivity - Die Cast Machining  Kaizen Continuous Process Improvement  New Product Introduction  Motor Assembly Line Project 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 22
  23. 23. Manufacturing Initiatives- Die Cast Machining Productivity Reduced Scrap, Reduced Overtime Hours Support Productivity 12 % improvement in productivity acknowledged by the VP of Operations Focus on productivity = Reduced Secondary Labor, 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 23 Reduced Indirect & Increased Direct Labor Efficiency
  24. 24. Manufacturing Initiative - Die Cast Machining Productivity  Results:  Situation: Low  Zero defects for nine Productivity, High Scrap, continuous months(through High Indirect and project completion) with Secondary Labor major customer. Expenses.  $ 100,000 Savings on cell  Actions: Form Kaizen reorganization. Team, Capacity Analysis -  Employees from Shop floor Study Constraints, part of Kaizen team for Implement SPC, Educate continuos improvement. & Involve Employees  Sustained 10-12 % productivity improvement. 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 24
  25. 25. Manufacturing Initiative - Die Cast Machining Cellular production startup of a major product Productivity introduction. Constrained by process and launch New product startup to market timing requirement. Leap Router Parts Machined 15,000 Production 10,000 5,000 0 2-Oct 9-Oct 16-Oct 23-Oct Weeks Total Machined Log. (Total Machined) Leap Router Parts/Hour 100 Production 50 0 2-Oct 9-Oct 16-Oct 23-Oct Weeks Parts per hr Log. (Parts per hr) 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 25
  26. 26. Manufacturing Productivity Initiative - Assembly (see project mgt..)  Letter of recognition for project leadership from startup, full production release, Kaizen training of employees and order fulfillment to customer. 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 26
  27. 27. Project Management - Manufacturing and Materials Initiatives A re a D e s c rip tio n S itu a tio n C o m m e n ts M a te ria ls : Vendor P e rfo rm a s a n C o m p a n y in C o m p a n y: M anagem ent & o n s ite je o p a rd y o f A s s o c ia te d Q u a lific a tio n m a te ria ls a n d s h u td o w n o f Fuel Pum p m a n u fa c tu rin g T o yo ta a n d C o rp o ra tio n s u p p o rt fo r H onda D a te : 9 /2 0 0 0 s u p p lie r A s s e m b ly L in e s O p e ra tio n s / P ro je c t C a s h Excess S e rio u s P ro c u re m e n t R e d u c tio n o f In ve n to ry o f fin a n c ia l C o rp o ra te in ve n to rie s . M fg . & c o n d itio n In itia tiv e R yo b i G e n e ra te c a s h P u rc h a s e d o b je c tive to D a te : 2 /2 0 0 0 flo w fro m F in is h e d G o o d s e lim in a te $ 2 5 e x c e s s in v. m illio n d o lla rs e x c e s s in v. 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 27
  28. 28. Project Management - Manufacturing and Materials Initiatives Area D e s c r ip tio n S itu a tio n C o m m e n ts S ta m p in g L e a d C ro s s T h e s ta m p in g D ir e c te d to O p e r a tio n s fu n c tio n a l o p e r a tio n n e g o tia te a n d O u ts o u r c e te a m to w e re n o r e lo c a te th e R yobi o u ts o u r c e th e lo n g e r b u s in e s s to a n D a te :1 /1 9 9 9 s ta m p in g c o n s id e r e d a o u ts id e o p e r a tio n c o re ve n d o r. c o m p e te n c y B udget $ 1 5 0 ,0 0 0 In s o u r c e L e a d a cro s s M a n u f a c tu r in g R e n o v a te M o to r M o d u le fu n c tio n a l c o n tr a c t to space, 2- p r o d u c tio n te a m to lo c a te s u p p ly m o to r s m o n th R y o b i D a te : m o to r fo r f lo o r c a r e tim e ta b le 7 /1 9 9 9 p r o d u c tio n to c u s to m e r f o r p u r c h a s e a ll th e fo rm e r th r e e y e a r s e q u ip m e n t, s ta m p in g a r e a tr a in e m p lo y e e s . B udget $ 1 5 0 ,0 0 0 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 28
  29. 29. Project Management - AFCO on site vendor support  Situation: Supplier selected was not able to adequately support component demand upon release to produce, jeopardizing vehicle assembly schedules at Honda, Toyota and Numi. I was selected to perform as the on site vendor support person in Detroit.  Actions: Implemented Master Schedule, Subcontractor schedules, evaluated, recommended & pushed implementation of shop floor materials control and equipment layout changes. Daily productivity reporting. Visual schedule and production posting.  Results:Supplier shipments on time, quality problems addressed and vehicle assembly line downtime avoided. 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 29
  30. 30. Project Management: Ryobi Project Cash - Finished Goods Team Leader  Situation: The company was severely effected by the Asian banking crisis and a the difficulties of managing supply chain purchases for Far East finished goods purchase decisions. Finished Goods inventories were at an all time high of $80 million dollars and in a cash supply crisis. An S & OP process was not in place nor a procurement organization separate from the sales & marketing organization.  Actions: A cross functional team was formed along with a Consulting team from Delloite & Touche. Analysis of forecasting, buying practices, implementation of a master procurement schedule and creation of a the Demand Planning discipline to lead the S & OP process and create a separate procurement department was implemented. 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 30
  31. 31. Project Management: Ryobi Project Cash Finished Goods Team - Results A $ 30 Million dollar reduction in inventory was realized and enough cash generated to significantly reduce borrowing requirements.  S & OP process was implemented providing discipline to coordinate the key functions of : C – New Product Planning C U U S – Demand Planning S Integrated T T O – Supply Planning Business O M Plans M E – Financial Planning E R R 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 31
  32. 32. Project Management: Stamping Outsource & Motor Insource Project Leader - Project Description  Stamping - Outsource the approximately 300 components manufactured in house to an outside supplier with the key criteria to complete the project in six months with no interruptions in manufacturing assembly schedules and utilize the existing work force through the end of the project to support building inventory banks to support the move.  Motor Manufacturing- Continuing after completion of the stamping project, renovate the manufacturing area, install equipment, train new employees and deliver product to the customer in less than 3 months from start of project. 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 32
  33. 33. Project Management: Stamping Outsource & Motor Insource Project Leader  Key Project Functions Addressed: – Human Resources – Engineering – Supplier Negotiations – Maintenance – Logistics – Planning – Equipment Sales and Relocation 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 33
  34. 34. Project Management: Stamping Outsource & Motor Insource Project Leader Timeline Jan-97 Feb-97 Mar-97 Apr-97 May-97 Jun-97 Jul-97 Aug-97 Sep-97 Oct-97 Stamping Supplier Negotiations Project Release - Stamping Component Transf er Plan Executed Equipment Transf erred Stamping area renovation Motor Component Supplier Negotiations Eng, &Equip Req. Executed & Installed Employees Trained & Production Startup 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 34
  35. 35. Project Management: Stamping Outsource & Motor Insource - Project Results  Projects on Time :  No Interruptions in Manufacturing Assembly - Stamping Project:  Projects within Budget:  Stamping $150,000Budget - Came in under budget and generated over $500,000 in income from the sale of the equipment.  Motor Project $150,000 Budget - Came in under budget  Employees:  Stamping - Excellent cooperation all provided jobs who wished to work, 3 senior employees retired.  Motor Project: All trained, staffed on schedule and beat previous production rates & quality standards. 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 35
  36. 36. Automotive Launch Project – BMW E53 Mu Facelift – Successful “Digital Launch” at BMW E53 Face Lift Timing Plan Planned Finish Date Area: Logistics - Dean Maple Important elements not fulfilled - danger of missing due date Revision Date/CW: May 23 2003 - CW 21 Some elements not fulfilled; counter measure needed to regain planned timing Revision Level: A According to plan Months 2003 January February March April May June July August September October Calendar Week 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 Verification of PTO Releases (TOD) 100% Complet e Verification of PS1 Releases 0% 100% Verification of PS2 Releases 0% 50% 100% Verification of AS Releases 0% Deliver PTO/KEX Parts 10% 15% 20% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% no issues Deliver PS1 Parts 0% 20% 60% 70% 100% Deliver PS2 Parts 20% 30% 40% 50% Deliver AS Parts 0% Elimination of EDI Errors 0% 20% 20% 20% 30% 40% 50% 50% 50% 50% 60% 60% 60% 70% 70% 70% 70% 70% 70% 100% complet e - no er r or s Validation of Shipping Rack Allotment 0% 0% 10% Waiting to determine pro to feasability fo r density Run-out Plan 0% 10% 20% 20% 20% 30% 30% 30% Initial run o ut plan needs to be drafted and appro ved - P riscilla/A nn Production Inventory Runout Management 0% Current E53 Front Service Validate layout/location w/Process Team 0% Run-out Plan (one time buys, etc.) 0% Management of new service line PTO/KEX 52 PVS1 64 PVS2 43 ANLAUF 134 SOP 400 Vehicles per day 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 36
  37. 37. Systems Implementation  SAP 4.6 – Plastic Omnium: Monthly Inventory Adjustment % of Ending Inventory SAP had been installed for 5 years but never properly used 35.0% 32.9% for procurement, inventory 30.0% 25.9% management and execution. 25.0% 21.5% Implemented 4.6 in March 2003. Key functions and 20.0% % responsibilities executed for a 15.0% 9.9% successful implementation. 10.0% 6.5% 6.5% Immediate results achieved 5.02% 5.0% with inventory accuracy. 0.0% Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Month 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 37
  38. 38. Computer Systems Implementation  SAP 4.6 – Plastic Omnium: Procurement, Inventory Control, Transaction Control – Material Movement, Production Reporting, Customer Delfor Management, EDI  SAP 4.0 Ryobi: Warehouse Management, Master Production Planning, Master Procurement Planning, Material Movement, Sales Forecasting, Sales & Operations Planning Production Reporting.  Synquest Material Execution System – Ryobi – Shop floor control for work center loading and detail planning. Complement to SAP.  Early career projects include: Order entry, shop floor control 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 38
  39. 39. Systems Implementation Plastic Omnium SAP Version 4.6  Planning Execution  Stock Coverage Analysis  EDI Requirements Communication  ASN Communication  BMW SPAB Interface  BMW Technical Order Data Management 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 39
  40. 40. Systems Implementation Plastic 2005 SAP Upgrade Omnium SCOOP Project  Led the project initiative for implementation of BMW related functions • Supply Chain for the Duncan, South Carolina facility Organization – SAP Omnium Plastic – eFORS – sequence demand solution, • Standardized standardized solution worldwide. configuration for all  Key steps: PO facilities. – Understanding the change • Modules MM,PP , – Impact analysis MD, SD, FICO – Configuration , master data development – Conference room pilot – Training execution – Launch – Sustain deployment 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 40
  41. 41. Plant Management- Norcross,Ga. Plastic Omnium • Sequence assembly and delivery operation to supply GM Doraville GM201 mini-van. 90,000vpy • Injection molding 2,300 ton for the injection of GM and BMW components • Diverse workforce multilingual work force • Original temporary assignment was 6 months to prepare to shutdown the facility with planned Doraville shutdown. Assignment changed to sustain operations with extension of GM operations through September 2008. • Prepare plant for reinvestment to sustain operations with a new business model. 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 41
  42. 42. Plant Management- Accomplishments • Received TS16949 Certification – One of two plants in the division of 30 operations worldwide to certify with zero findings. • Twelve month delivered PPM to GM Doraville of < 40 • Zero lost time injuries • Zero recordable injuries • 100 % sequenced on time delivery performance to GM Doraville for 90,000 vehicles • Favorable 12 month budget performance • Implemented key process and cost savings actions resulting in $ 200K favorable contribution to operating budget. 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 42
  43. 43. Plant Management- Accomplishments • TS16949 Certification Recommendation 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 43
  44. 44. Plant Management-TS16949 Certification Auditor Comments Define strategy and objectives: + Even with the facility being originally scheduled to be closed this year, the organization did very well in the achievement of established goals + Internal communications Develop people: + Development of bilingual for hourly employees Spanish to English, and for management English to Spanish. + Associate audit preparations – visual audit tips / hint placards •Develop product/process: - No current activities 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 44
  45. 45. Plant Management-Industrial Indicators 3/18/2010 Dean Maple 45