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Alarm Products Catalogue


Published on Secure offers a line of the top of the range Visonic home security products. Our wireless home security systems include everything from burglar alarms to smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

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Alarm Products Catalogue

  1. 1. Alarm Products Catalogue
  2. 2. Wireless Alarm Control Panel  Improved transmission range.  2-way communication ensures no alarms are lost in transmission.  Extra long battery life (4 -8 years).  All other devices are preset to match the control panel and can be controlled remotely.  Built-in monitor displays signal strength.  Multiple frequency channels to avoid system interference.  Encrypted for protection against hackers.  Peripheral devices can re-route themselves in times of power loss.
  3. 3. Wireless PIR Detector  Detects heat signatures.  Extremely versatile – can be mounted almost anywhere.  Wireless connection for easy installation.  Can be customised for use in different situations: - narrow view for confined spaces. - 360° view for open areas.  Long range (50 feet).  Remote ‘walk test’ function.  Smart technology to avoid false alarms.  Complies to EN50131-2 European standards.
  4. 4. PIR Camera & Motion Detector  High resolution & full colour images.  Infra-red technology to see in the dark.  High quality audio recording.  Long range (40 feet).  Records instantly when triggered.  Real time alarm verification.  Wireless connection for easy installation.  Automatic set up for optimum brightness and contrast levels.  Long battery life (3-5 years).  Optional ‘pet friendly’ feature.
  5. 5. Door/Window Contact Magnet  Transmission range far greater than the approved industry standard.  Extra long battery life (8 years).  Smart energy saving system saves you money on electricity.  Controlled remotely from the alarm control panel.  Signal quality indicator for easy setup.  Made from durable materials to prevent weathering damage.  Robust design – virtually tamperproof.  Complies with top international standards.
  6. 6. Wireless Keyfob Alarm Transmitter  Very long transmission range for use in large properties.  Extra long battery life (8 years).  Signal quality indicator shows when keyfob is in/out of range.  4 buttons pre-programmed for specific functions.  Advanced security technology prevents ‘code grabbing’.  Lightweight and ergonomic design.  Conforms to international industry standards.  Configures remotely from alarm control panel – avoid opening keyfob.
  7. 7. Wireless Outdoor Siren  Easy to do wireless installation.  No external power supply needed.  Loud alarm siren.  Visual alarm indicator.  Different alarms for different problems (intrusion, fire etc.).  Warns in advance when battery is running low.  Weatherproof and tamperproof design.  Specially designated section for company details / logo.  Complies with international quality standards.
  8. 8. Wireless Smoke Detector  Compact and non-intrusive design allows easy installation almost anywhere.  Long battery life (5-8 years).  Loud alarm siren.  Advanced ‘frequency hopping’ technology to avoid interference.  Encryption technology to protect against hacking.  Detection sensitivity greater than industry standard.  Communicates with alarm control panel for multiple alarm points.  Fully compliant with international standards of quality.
  9. 9. Carbon Monoxide Detector  Compact and sleek design allows for easy installation virtually anywhere.  Wireless setup for easy installation.  5 year life span – includes ‘near end of life’ signal.  Loud alarm siren.  Visual LED alarm signal.  Automatically tests constantly.  Totally wireless – no need for external power.  Transmits alerts to alarm control panel to sound other alarms.  Conforms to the strictest international safety and quality standards.
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