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Press release sustainability2 a[1]

  1. 1. Campus DiningContact: De Shaun Autry Southern Connecticut State UniversityCampus Dining Services 501 Crescent StreetPhone 203 392-6990Fax 203 392-7147 New Haven, CT 06515 ServicesPress Release Owl Blue Goes Green! Chartwells Sustainability EffortsNew Haven, CT, September 11, 2008: Chartwells Partners with Southern Connecticut StateUniversity to Transform Student Dining with Green InitiativesIn an effort to embrace Southern Connecticut State University’s (SCSU) mission to become amore environmentally friendly campus, Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services haspartnered with SCSU in launching a host of green initiatives and programs slated to start this fallsemester.The implementation of some of these initiatives began last fall and spring semester when theschools president agreed to sign a pledge to focus on campus conservation efforts. Movingforward with a renewed partnership Chartwells and SCSU has enhance current programs whileintroducing new programs this fall to further increase joint sustainability efforts for a greenercampus. The following is a listing of programs to date. • Project Green Thumb - Recycling of cardboard, paper, plastic and glass at all retail dining locations including the newly renovated POD Market Place (Connecticut Dining Hall) and catering events. • Project Clean Plate - A communication and marketing vehicle to help reduce food waste In The POD Market Place (Conn Hall). The program is also dedicated to contributing to local community food banks and charities. • Gone Tray-Less- A component of Project Clean Plate which will help reduce overall food waste by encouraging students to take only what they can eat and carry without a tray. Going Tray-Less will also save water and electricity used for washing trays while promoting healthier eating habits by encouraging students to take smaller portions. • BioMass Packaging – Sustainable Food Service Packaging & EATware used at all dining locations. BioMass products are made from eco friendly products like bamboo, rice, potatoes, vegetable oils, sugar cane, corn starches and polylactic acid (PLA) depending on the product. BioMass products will be used at all retail locations including catering. • Sustainable Seafood is featured exclusively on the menu including catering. • Cage Free Shell Eggs are the only eggs served in all dining locations. • Trans Fat Free Oils are the only oils used in fry-o-lators across campus. • Locally Produced Products are used at all dining locations all the time including catering. • Fair Trade Coffee is offered in all campus dining locations and in catering.
  2. 2. • Trim Trax -a green initiative that can cut food and operating costs by tracking and measuring food waste at the unit level in the following categories: Production Waste Over Produced Food items Unused/Out-of-Date Inventory • Single Stream Recycling is a system in which all paper fibers and containers are mixed together in a collection truck, instead of being sorted into separate commodities (newspaper, cardboard, plastic, glass, etc.) by an authorized contractor and handled separately throughout the collection process.These green initiatives and programs promote environmental awareness throughout diningoperations and are aligned under the support of Chartwells’ Eat Learn Live philosophy. The EatLearn Live philosophy emphasizes food & nutrition, providing students an enriching environment,and improving students’ overall quality of life through example, encouragement, and contributingto the local community. Sustainable practices and green initiatives have been introduced into theresident dining hall, catering operations, and retail food locations at SCSU.Within resident dining, Chartwells aims to set the standard by serving students cage-free shelleggs, fair-trade coffee, reduced antibiotic meats including pork and chicken and sustainableseafood. Chartwells catering plan to display signage that informs guests about our green missionidentifying how “Catering is working to provide a greener campus by replacing plastic plates andcups with recyclable paper products”.At the Student Center food court, portable food containers are compostable and eating utensilsare 100% recyclable and able to be composted. The university provides disposal bins andreceptacles encouraging proper separation of recyclable waste. The Chartwells green initiativeprogram at Southern Connecticut State University is continuously evolving and will be revisitedfrequently to introduce new initiatives into the greening of food service operations both campusand community-wide.About ChartwellsChartwells, a division of Compass Group, provides dining services for over 875 colleges,universities, public and private schools around the country. Chartwells has been a proud partnerat Northeastern University since 1974. For more information visit www.eatlearnlive.comAbout Compass GroupCharlotte-based Compass Group North America is the leading food management company withmore than $8.8 billion in revenues. Its parent company, UK-based Compass Group PLC wasranked the 13th largest employer by Fortune magazine in 2007. It has worldwide revenues of$20.2 billion.About Southern Connecticut State UniversitySouthern Connecticut State University (SCSU) is one of four universities that comprise theConnecticut State University System (CSU). Situated on a beautiful 168-acre campus in NewHaven, Connecticut, SCSU has distinguished itself as a regional leader for innovative educationaland cultural initiatives. ###
  3. 3. Contact: De Shaun Autry, Chartwells Higher Education Food Services located at SouthernConnecticut State University, Phone: 203-392-6990