Jewellery virtual trial room


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Descriptive flow of Jewellery Virtual Trial Room

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Jewellery virtual trial room

  1. 1. DePronto Infotech! 301-302, Timmy Arcade, ! Makwana Road, Off Andheri Kurla Road,! Marol, Andheri East, Mumbai - 400059
  2. 2. 1. About DePronto! 2. Team! 3. Case Study Table of Contents
  3. 3. About Us
  4. 4. Organization with cohesive professional services…expanding the horizons Consulting Technology Business Support Automation Solutioning Process Frameworks! Improvement ! Operations and service delivery models About DePronto Amalgamation of process and Application development approach Solutions across verticals – Customer, Distributor, Products Multiple platform technology Present across 4 cities in India
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Team Rajendra Kabra! Managing Director! Graduate BITS Pilani,! 20+ years of experience in business development and finance! ! Gaurav Kabra! Head Marketing! Computer Graduate, Pune University! 8+ years of experience in technology, operations and business development! ! Abhijeet Kumar! Head Execution! Graduate, IIT Bombay! 8+ years of experience in technology, marketing and business development Business Development Gaurav Narwekar! Head Creative! Graduate, J.J. College of Arts! 10+ years of experience in creative, strategy and business development! ! Mukesh Malik! Head Marketing Delhi! Physics Graduate, Delhi University! 11+ years of experience in quality frameworks, business transformation, operations and client servicing
  7. 7. Atul Jain! Senior Technology Consultant! Post Graduate, IIT Delhi! 19+ years of experience in technology and business architecture! ! Fahad Siddiqui! Head Java Technologies (SCEA Level 1)! Graduate, IIT Bombay! 6+ years of experience in J2EE in various domains such as financial services, mobile technologies etc.! ! Rohit Kumar! Head SharePoint and Microsoft Technologies! Graduate, IIT Kharagpur! 7+ years of experience in SharePoint and Microsoft Technologies! Technology Kamal Saboo! Head Mobile Technologies! Graduate, IIT Bombay! 8+ years of experience in mobile technologies and development on various mobile platforms! ! => Team of 8 developers working on various mobile platforms including Iphone, Android, J2ME and WAP.! ! Prasad Puranik! Head PHP Technologies! Bachelor of Science! 12+ years of experience in PHP and .Net technologies! ! Team
  8. 8. Case Study Jewellery Virtual Trial Room In JQuery
  9. 9. • E-Commerce is a booming sector and every product is available online. ! ! • Jewellery is no exception to this with innumerable e-commerce websites exhibiting their products online to attract customers.! ! • It gives the jewellery company direct access to the retail market and a much larger audience. ! ! • It is extremely important that the jewellery company offers the same comfort to the retail customers that they enjoy in a jewellery store. ! ! • The comfort provided will auto translate into more customer attraction and eventually into sales. Introduction
  10. 10. Challenges Customers need to invest substantially Unable to try jewelry as available in stores Customer is unable to make comparison Customers do not share the same comfort Lack the trust as available in stores Avoid buying jewelry from websites Under-achieve sales target compared to potential Challenges
  11. 11. • E-commerce websites must allow the customers to try the jewelry to gain the authentic experience similar to the jewellery stores. ! ! • Customers will be more comfortable and willing to purchase the jewellery online. ! ! • Thus, we propose a Virtual Trial Room to be incorporated on the e-commerce platform to ease the jewellery shopping for the customers Proposed Solution : Virtual Trial Room
  12. 12. Features Sr. No. Feature Explanation 1 Face Detection 1. By default a face will be available (like a mannequin) on which the customer can try the selected jewelries! 2. Customer can choose to upload her own photo to try the jewelry on herself! 3. On the upload of the photo, the face of the customer will be detected. ! 4. The application will be smart enough to detect whether the uploaded photo is the face of a human or a junk photo.! 5. The ears, nose, and neck ends will be identified 2 Jewellery Placement 1. The customer will be able to select from the available options of jewelry! 2. The selected ornament will be placed at the appropriate place for the customer to check the ornament on herself 3 Multiple jewellery selection 1. The customer can select multiple jewelries - necklace, earrings, etc.! 2. The customer can view all the jewelries selected at the same time, allowing him/her to mix and match and identify the combination that suits him/her the best 4 Drag and Drop 1. The customer can select the individual jewelries and drag and drop the ornament at the desired position to obtain precision
  13. 13. Features Sr. No. Feature Explanation 5 Sizing 1. The jewelry is auto-sized to display exactly how the jewelry will look in reality on the user ! 2. The customer can increase the width and the height of the ornament to suit his/her need! 3. The individual ornament piece can be selected and the height and width of the selected ornament can be adjusted 6 Saved preferred Jewellery 1. Any of the selected jewelry item is assumed to be preffered by the customer! 2. The preferred jewelry item is saved while the customer continues to see through other jewelries! 3. Thus, the customer is saved from the hassle of searching through the long list of jewelry products to find the single product he/she had liked 7 Comaprative Analysis 1. The customer can select from the chosen few jewelries and compare them by virtually demonstrating both the jewelries on himself/herself simultaneously 8 Share on Social Network 1. The customer will be able to save her photo with the jewelry to view the image later! 2. The user can share the photo on the social networking platform! 3. The friends of the customer will be able to view the selected jewelry and will able to take the views of her friends! 4. The comments of the friends will be visible to the customer when the customer logs in to the e-commerce website
  14. 14. • Default image will be selected to try the jewellery.! • Customers can even upload their own image to jewellery.! Application Flow
  15. 15. Webcam Existing image • Customers can choose to upload his/ her own picture and try the jewellery on the picture.! • Customer may upload an already available photo on his/ her device! • Customers can choose to take a picture using webcam.! • Application will detect the face and will process only if proper image is uploaded.
  16. 16. • On uploading the image, application will detect the face in the image.! • Application can specifically differentiate human face from any other face/ object.! • Application will detect the ears and the neck with 99% precision.! • Application can further detect nose or any other face part as required.! • In case of minor adjustments needed, users can select the dots and place it at the precise position.
  17. 17. Display Jewellery Products! • The array of jewellery p r o d u c t s w i l l b e displayed and arranged categorically.! • Customers can select the jewellery from the list and virtually try it on themselves.! • Selected jewellery will be placed appropriately on the position marked.! • P r o d u c t s w i l l b e displayed as per the client's exiting products
  18. 18. • It is assumed that a customer will only select a jewellery which he/ she likes! • Selected jewellery will be displayed independently from the list of jewellery.! • Customer will be saved from the hassle of finding the previously selected jewellery. • Selected jewellery will be placed on the saved positions! • Image of the jewellery will alter its height and width intelligently based on the size of the face.
  19. 19. Increase Height/ Width! • C u s t o m e r s c a n increase the height and width of the jewellery selected.! • A change in the size of t h e e a r r i n g w i l l symmetrically increase the height and width of both the earnings.! • Adjustments in the size of the jewellery will enable the jewellery to perfectly fit on the face. Drag and Drop! • Customers can even move the individual jewellery item to perfectly place the jewellery.
  20. 20. Preview
  21. 21. Zoom IN and Zoom OUT! • Customers can zoom in and zoom out to get a better and more enhanced view of the image.! • Finer view will just add to the authenticity of the jewellery.
  22. 22. Facebook Share! • Customers will be able to save the image with the jewellery! • Customers can also share the saved image on social networking websites to gain friends/ family's feedback.! • Comments mentioned on each image will be visible on the social networking site as well as here. Save! • Customers can save his/ her image with jewellery for future view.! • Every time customers logs in to the system, he/ she will be able to view all the images previously saved
  23. 23. Compare ! • Customers can choose to compare any two of the saved images.! • Customers must select 2 images for comparison.! • Thus, customers is provided with the option to follow a comparative analysis and choose the best one amongst his/ her favourites.
  24. 24. Compare
  25. 25. Increase comfort and trust among the customers while they look forward to buy jewelries online Allow comparative analysis of the jewelries while deciding among selected jewelries Engage the customer in the e-commerce website, translating into Search Engine Optimisation Allows customers to gauge a better value for money Benefits Enable customer to experience the same feel as buying the jewelry from a jewelry store Share the picture with jewelry and gain views o f your friends and family and take the decision Gain the authentic view of the jewelry by zooming in and out of the images Allow the customer to save the image to view it later and buy the jewelry when desired View and try multiple combination of jewelries until you find the best one
  26. 26. Clients
  27. 27. Clients
  28. 28. DePronto Infotech! For queries please contact at!!
  29. 29. Notes :