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Return on youth p20 nl cover


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Return on youth p20 nl cover

  1. 2. Zooming into generations attitudes Source : Market Probe Digital Natives (15-24 years old) Digital Immigrants (25 – 44 years old) Late Adopters (above 45)
  2. 3. Digital Natives keep opening the DM, like older generations Source : Market Probe “ What do you do with your DM ? - opening” Always Often Sometimes Rarely Never
  3. 4. Addressed DM remains the preferred advertising medium Source : Market Probe 2010 “ Overall, which media do you like the most for advertising messages?” In het algemeen, via welk medium ontvangt u het liefst reclame ? De manière générale, sur quel média préférez-vous la publicité ? Digital Natives Digital Immigrants Late Adopters
  4. 5. DM is the media that incites the most Digital Natives to react J’aime recevoir de la publicité via ce canal - Ik ontvang graag reclame via dit medium La publicité via ce média m’irrite souvent - Reclame via dit medium irriteert me vaak La publicité via ce média m’incite à réagir - Reclame via dit medium spoort me om dan te reageren La publicité via ce média retient souvent mon attention - Reclame via dit medium houdt vaak mijn aandacht vast