Wigs & Hair Chicago Program Guide 2013-2014


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Wigs and Hair Chicago (WHC) - an exciting program at DePaul University is ready to help you take on the world of stage hair. In an era that sees more and more wigs and facial hair on stage, the demand for people who are adept at their creation and maintenance is steadily growing. Our program, taught by expert artists and wigmasters, will teach you everything you need to know to design, create and maintain any hair worn on stage.

As the only program of its kind, WHC will teach you time-valued techniques and expose you to top wig makers of the country. Wardrobe people who want to learn to style and maintain wigs, actors who want to be able to create their own pieces for auditions and shows, costume designers who need wigs and facial hair in their shows, students who are searching for what part of the stage world theyíll enjoy and people who are just plain interested in this fascinating craft will greatly benefit from Wigs and Hair Chicago.

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Wigs & Hair Chicago Program Guide 2013-2014

  1. 1. WIGS & HAIR CHICAGO Certificate Programs CPE.DEPAUL.EDU/WHC
  2. 2. WIGS AND HAIR CHICAGO (WHC) IS READY TO HELP YOU TAKE ON THE WORLD OF STAGE HAIR. Learn to create, dress and maintain the wigs, beards, mustaches and extensions in styles that are appearing on stage, in film and on the streets. Develop new techniques and pick up some industry secrets used by wigmakers and makeup artists. You will be able to apply what you learn to stage and film settings, personal styling and medical uses. WHC programs are intended for actors, stage professionals and anyone looking to learn more about the craft of stage hair. Each course meets for five consecutive days at DePaul’s Lincoln Park campus. You will earn a Certificate of Professional Achievement for each course you successfully complete. PROGRAM INFORMATION WHC Production I Certificate Program No prerequisites WHC Dressing & Maintenance Certificate Program No prerequisites This certificate program trains students in the craft of creating and ventilating facial hair and wig fronts. Skills covered include: making a pattern, choosing lace, blocking out lace, ventilating, choosing type of hair, coloring hair, fronting a wefted wig and dressing facial hair. Students will produce and dress at least one perfect mustache by the end of the course. This certificate program covers facial hair and wig design, dressing and maintenance issues. Skills covered include: basic head and skin preparation for wearing facial hair and wigs, washing and roller setting of wigs to achieve period styles, dressing, attaching and cleaning of facial hair, using armatures to achieve various silhouettes in wigs or actor’s own hair, coloring of wig and facial hair before and after ventilating and maintaining hair for the run of a show. DePaul’s Lincoln Park Campus June 24–28, 2013 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Total Cost: $2,150.00 DePaul’s Lincoln Park Campus July 1–5, 2013* 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Total Cost: $2,125.00 *Class will be in session July 4 CONTACT INFORMATION Moses Hudson Email: mhudson2@depaul.edu Telephone: (312) 362-6292 cpe.depaul.edu/whc