Beyond recorded lecture capture - Sylvia Moes - OWD13


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Zaal: Goudriaan ll
Titel: Beyond recorded lecture capture
Spreker: Sylvia Moes (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

Published in: Education
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Beyond recorded lecture capture - Sylvia Moes - OWD13

  1. 1. Beyond Lecture Capture Sylvia Moes, VU University Amsterdam #RECall
  2. 2. OASE model as input for REC:all
  3. 3. Lessons learned OASE • • • • • • Students get used to weblectures and get higher expectations Most students use weblectures for exam preparation (the server peaks 1-2 weeks before an exam period) and to make or check their annotations Especially students with learning disabilities like adhd and dyslexia, can benefit from classic weblectures Weblectures are no replacement of normal lectures, students still show up ‘classic’ weblectures (1-1,5 hour) are too long (and boring) to watch completely • Students play it fast forward, go to moments which were difficult to understand Clips give more flexibility, and when interaction is added, it has a positive effect on learning outcomes Year 2008-2009 2009-2010 2010-2011 M&T 63,90% 79,70% 79%
  4. 4. Lower to higher order learning goals “A short primer on scientific teaching” Sealfon, C.D. 2012 “Students forget content knowledge if they not utilize that knowledge in a context… “ “Students can learn lower-order skills outside of class, through readings, videos, podcasts and online applets” “The benefit for the lecturer and students is to move towards more engaging and discursive live events”
  5. 5. Relation of case studies with concept of the “flipped classroom” • • • • • • • • A means to INCREASE interaction and personalized contact time between students and teachers. An environment where students take responsibility for their own learning A classroom where the teacher is not the "sage on the stage", but the "guide on the side" A blending of direct instruction with constructivist learning A classroom where students who are absent due to illness or extra-curricular activities such as athletics or field-trips, don't get left behind A class where content is permanently archived for review or remediation A class where all students are engaged in their learning A place where all students can get a personalized education Resource:
  6. 6. Lessons learned based on 15 case studies and in-depth discussions with academic staff We did see a pattern of usage media by academics, they start (in general) with clips to intensify learning As academics gained confidence about using technology, they rapidly began to ask: “What can i do next?” The integration of clips, is asking for more engaging and discursive lectures The framework covered integration of [rich] media in learning design, [ordered from lower to higher order learning goals]
  7. 7. Available tools and systems
  8. 8. Framework REC:all in relation with framework of Jos Fransen (InHolland) Learning from different perspectives Learning by collaborating Learning by interacting Learning fom feedback Learning from information Learning by distributing
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Sylvia Moes 020 59 89 164