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  • Ebook Distribution Platform

    1. 1. eBook distribution Learn how De Marque’s platform can help you. 
    2. 2. Why should you have an eBook distribution platform? To sell eBooks in an efficient and profitable way. 
    3. 3. Let’s take a look at a specific case: ? A publisher wants to sell his book to all consumers, regardless of the devices they use.
    4. 4. The solution: De Marque’s platform makes it possible to sell eBooks in less than 24 hours. 
    5. 5. Publisher manages his account independently. 
    6. 6. The customizable welcome screen allows the publisher to see the books that have been previously uploaded on the platform. 
    7. 7. With a simple click, publisher can import a new book (or even many books at a time) in PDF or ePub formats.
    8. 8. Few seconds later the book is ready to be sold.  
    9. 9. A page-flip preview of the book is automatically created and available for all the bookstores connected to the platform.  
    10. 10. Publisher decides which pages can be viewed by web users. 
    11. 11. Bookstores timely receive all the information and can promptly sell the book. 
    12. 12. Publisher can also use the platform to sell eBooks on his own website. 
    13. 13. Other services, such as page-flipping version of all books, are offered to publishers. 
    14. 14. New bookstores located worldwide can be connected to the distribution platform. 
    15. 15. Publisher is the one handling book distribution. Management of his online account is simple and efficient. 
    16. 16. Publisher can add information on all books: more than 100 metadata are managed by the platform.  
    17. 17. The different formats of the book are collected in one place. 
    18. 18. Pricing information for each file format can be defined on a territorial/ currency basis. 
    19. 19. Chapters are automatically detected in order to facilitate access to the different sections. 
    20. 20. Publisher can easily decide the level of protection applied to each file. 
    21. 21. In a few clicks, publisher enables bookstores to promote and sell his books. 
    22. 22. Publisher has access to statistics regarding the number of times a book has been viewed. 
    23. 23. Publisher can check sales data from all bookstores selling his books. 
    24. 24. Complete technical documentation is available at the following address: www.entrepotnumerique.com/guides (in French only for the moment).
    25. 25. The platform is like a springboard. Publisher Bookstore It allows publishers to sell their books in a great number of bookstores.  
    26. 26. The platform offers a full service to publishers: Content Repository Marketing Protection Page-flip preview View Publishers Statistics Bookstore Client Selling Invoice File download Purchase ✓ Content Repository ✓ Marketing support ✓ Selling support 
    27. 27. Three groups of publishers are currently using our platform. ‘s Plateform Agrégateur ANEL - De Marque We are about to give many other publishers access to it.
    28. 28. Your books distributed through our platform… sounds like a dream? 
    29. 29. With our help, it can come true. Headquarters European subsidiary 400, boul. Jean-Lesage, bureau 540 81, avenue d'Italie Québec (Québec) Canada G1K 8W1 75013 Paris France Toll-free number (in North America): 1 888 458-9143 Phone: +33 (0)1 45 83 51 14 Phone: 418 658-9143 Email: comfr@demarque.com Email: info@demarque.com