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Matching Pasta With Sauce Guide

Matching pasta with sauce.

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Matching Pasta With Sauce Guide

  1. 1. Guide to Matching Pasta with Sauce Even though they’re all made with flour and water, not all pasta is created equal. Different types of pastas work better with different types of sauces or in different types of dishes, based on their shape and size. For example, tube-shaped pastas hold thinner sauces like basic tomato sauce, while flat pastas provide more surface area for a thick sauce to cling to, like Alfredo. Tiny pastas like pastina work best in soups, while shell-shaped pastas work best in casseroles. Knowing which types of pastas are best for various sauces and dishes is important, because the size and shape of the pasta you use can affect a dish’s taste and presentation. Keep the following guide handy when you prepare your next pasta dish so you can be sure you use the right size and shape of pasta. SHAPE LONG AND SKINNY • Spaghetti • Angel Hair • Vermicelli • Fettuccine • Linguine • Pappardelle • Tagliatelle Tomato Tomato Tomato Tomato Seafood Seafood Vegetable Vegetable Vegetable Meat Meat Meat Cream Cream Cream Oil/Butter Oil/Butter • Lasagna • Sfoglia • Bucatini • Perciatelli • Fusilli bucati • Macaroni • Penne • Ziti • Rigatoni • Rotini • Farfalle • Rotelle • Campanelle • Orzo • Acini di pepe • Anelli • Pastina • Stelline • Tubettini • Ravioli • Tortellini • Cavatelli • Conchiglie • Jumbo shells • Lumaconi • Manicotti SAUCES DISHES LONG AND FLAT, RIBBONS SHORT TUBES FLAT AND WIDE SMALL SHAPES LONG TUBES TINY SHAPES FILLED PASTA SHELLS Tomato Seafood Cheese Basil Meat Cream Seafood Vegetable Meat Cream Oil/Butter Oil/Butter Oil/Butter Tomato Tomato Tomato Seafood Vegetable Meat Baked, served with sauce Baked, stuffed Baked, salads, soups, served with sauce Soups, salads, baked Served with sauce Served with sauce Baked, served with sauce Soups, salads, served with sauce Baked, stuffed Cream FRESH OR DRIED? Fresh pasta is becoming a more common sight in the average grocery store’s refrigerated section or deli. Although the tendency is to assume that fresh pasta is always preferable to the dried kind that comes in a box, each type has its strengths and weaknesses. Fresh pasta, for example, contains eggs and more water than dried pasta, which makes it a natural fit for cream-based sauces and lighter vegetable-based sauces. Stuffed pasta dishes also benefit from fresh pasta because of its greater elasticity. Dried pasta, on the other hand, has a firmer texture when cooked, which means it stands up better to heartier sauces like thick tomato and meat sauces. Even though it’s all made with practically the same ingredients, pasta’s diverse shapes and sizes make it one of the most versatile staples in any diet. Knowing and understanding which type of pasta works best for the dish you want to make will go a long way toward making it a success. WWW.DELALLO.COM GNOCCHI Tomato Seafood Vegetable Meat Cream Oil/Butter Served with sauce