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Family sil ath-pol-fot-en


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De la Salle college_Thessaloniki Greece

E' Class_2011-2012

e-Twinning program

"Book about our way of life"

"Family in Greece"

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Family sil ath-pol-fot-en

  1. 1. Family
  2. 2. Family - root of the word The Greek word for family “oikogenia” is a compound word formed from the union of “oikos” (meaning home, household) and “genos” (meaning genus).
  3. 3. Family - Definitions Common definitions of the word “family” are: a “primary social whole” or a “small multifunctional social group” in which the members participate with direct and personal relationships and are affiliated by strong emotional bonds a social institution, a stable network of social relationships and roles with the most important goals of biological and social reproduction a whole of relatives by blood or by affinity who live together. In this sense, the term family is sometimes substituted by the terms “household” or “home group”.
  4. 4. Family - Types of contemporary families the traditional nuclear family (parents and children) the extended family (parents and children who cohabitate with other members of one parents family) one – parent family (one parent and the children) reconstituted family (parents bring their children from previous relationships in their current family) “limping” families (when the members of the nuclear family cant live together against their will)
  5. 5. Family - Institution The family is a social institution.The institution of the family is significant and it changes parallelto the changes in the wider society.In our contemporary society, the pace of life is becoming fasterand social obstacles are constantly increasing. This is why thefamily is becoming even more valuable for its members. Itsometimes functions as a kind of protector and in otherinstances it promotes the family members towards the widersocial group.
  6. 6. Family - RoleThe family is the basic unit of organised social cohabitation.The important role, which has been assigned to the family is notrecent. The main purpose of a family is reproduction. For ages now,parents are dedicated to the upbringing of their children. As a result,certain rules of upbringing have been created. These are based onlong experience rather than science or pedagogies.
  7. 7. Family - Function A few basic functional principles carried out by the family are the following:1.Reproduction2.Formation of the appropriate environmental conditions for the upbringing of a child3.Teaching of the mother tongue and civilization, and giving the necessary education4.Socialization of the children so as to have a smooth transition in society
  8. 8. FamilyThank you for your attention!!! Athena Celia Fotis Polichronis