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Smarter Travel Island Guide Powerpoint/Keynote Presentation


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Smarter Travel Island Guide Powerpoint/Keynote Presentation

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Smarter Travel Island Guide Powerpoint/Keynote Presentation

  1. 1. Travel Agents - Connect With Us!
  2. 2. Overwater Bungalows in Europe, South America, Africa, and the Caribbean
  3. 3. DATE CLIENT 3/2016 SMARTER TRAVEL Guatemalan Jungle Lagoon Bungalows Monkeys howl, exotic birds send out calls from deep, and reptiles laze in the sun within the lush rainforest of Guatemala's Jungle of Peten. Guests at Las Lagunas Boutique Hotel can take it all in from bungalow suites stilted over the jungle’s Quexil Lagoon on 200 protected acres. Constructed out of pine, the 19 bungalows feature waterfall showers and Jacuzzis on private decks. Jungle tours give you the chance to spot ocelots, deer, and boars. The ancient city of Tikal, a major bucket-list site of Mayan civilization, is also near the hotel.
  4. 4. DATE CLIENT 3/2016 SMARTER TRAVEL Bungalows in Switzerland with Alps Views These sleek water pavilions sit over Lake Neuchatel, a 24-mile long Swiss alpine lake rimmed with sprawling vineyards, charming medieval towns, and Switzerland's largest marshland bird paradise. Hotel Palafitte’s overwater bungalows offer guests dramatic Alps and lake views, from shimmering sunrises to thunderstorms over the water. A small ladder on each suite’s private terrace allows guests direct access to the water.
  5. 5. DATE CLIENT 3/2016 SMARTER TRAVEL African River Overwater Bungalows In a region with one of Namibia's highest concentrations of game, the thatched-roof Chobe Water Villas opened in 2016 over the mighty Chobe River. The 16 luxury suites on stilts overlook Chobe National Park and Kasikili/Sedudu Island, both renowned for large herds of elephant and buffalo. The plentiful riverside vegetation also satisfies hippos, lions, antelopes and giraffes.
  6. 6. DATE CLIENT 3/2016 SMARTER TRAVEL Indian Ocean Fish Reserve Lagoon Bungalows Balmy breezes swirl over a perfectly still lagoon on Mauritius just off Africa’s east coast. Above the coastal lagoon’s protected fish reserve are the overwater bungalows of Constance Le Prince Maurice. They’re part of the resort’s 148-acre tract of unspoiled land marked with secluded white-sand beaches, verdant gardens, and natural vegetation. It’s a quiet, peaceful setting in what could easily be characterized as the middle of nowhere. On the bungalows’ private verandas, you can soak in an outdoor bath or recline on loungers, settling in for afternoon sunbathing or an evening of stargazing—the Southern Hemisphere constellations are brighter and more numerous than in the north.
  7. 7. DATE CLIENT 3/2016 SMARTER TRAVEL Overwater Bungalows in Panama’s Caribbean Reef A 30-minute boat taxi transports you to this eco lodge in Panama’s Bocas Del Toro archipelago. The string of nine palm-thatched cabanas over clear Caribbean waters at Punta Caracol Acqua-Lodge immerse guests in a simple, natural environment. The overwater bungalows were constructed using the archipelago’s traditional building methods, incorporating native wood, leaves, bamboo, and clay.
  8. 8. DATE CLIENT 3/2016 SMARTER TRAVEL Book an overnight stay via the tourist board or RealWorld Holidays and wake to the sound of seagulls or the hum of local fishing boats heading out to sea. The boutique hotels and vacation rentals have a Nordic feel with stripped pine and furry rugs. Huge picture windows offer uninterrupted views over the bay.
  9. 9. DATE CLIENT 3/2016 SMARTER TRAVEL The adults-only El Dorado Maroma, a 40-minute drive south of Cancun, opened its upscale overwater suites in 2016. The palafitos sit directly out from Maroma Beach, one of Mexico’s top-rated beaches studded with exclusive resorts and lapped by clear waters ideal for snorkeling. From the thatched-roof suites, you’re lulled by the sound of waves rolling onto shore. Inspired by stilt dwellings the Aztecs built over Mexico’s Texcoco Lake, these overwater bungalows take things up a notch. They’re outfitted with glitzy amenities inside and out: glass-bottom bedroom floors, indoor Jacuzzis, outdoor showers, and private infinity pools on the decks.
  10. 10. DATE CLIENT 3/2016 SMARTER TRAVEL Every morning without fail at Anthony’s Key Resort, this PADI 5-star dive resort’s charter boats head out past the wooden overwater bungalows that rim the tranquil lagoon. Casual and breezy, the suites sit on the docks, offering views of rays swimming below and dolphins leaping farther out in the lagoon. Inside the bungalows you’ll find hardwood floors and custom Honduran mahogany furniture. Outside on the bungalow deck, reading in the hammocks has become a favorite pastime among guests.
  11. 11. DATE CLIENT 3/2016 SMARTER TRAVEL Those seeking privacy and exclusivity will find it in the overwater bungalows at Thatch Caye, an all-inclusive private island resort in Belize. Located along the Belize Barrier Reef, nine miles offshore, Thatch Caye is near epic dive sites home to stingrays and manatees. It’s also a quick trip by boat to some of the world’s best saltwater fishing flats where you can stand in clear, shallow waters and sight-fish for bonefish, permit, and tarpon.
  12. 12. Connect With Us AGENTS - CLICK FOR LATES