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G pod Powerpoint/Keynote presentation


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Powerpoint/Keynote presentation for G-Pod

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G pod Powerpoint/Keynote presentation

  1. 1. Welcome to G-pod – the innovative, transportable, sustainable and versatile building solution. G-pods are architecturally designed with a focus on environmental sustainability and flexibility of use. Whether as luxury accommodation units, pop-up stores, or mobile work spaces, G-pods provide a flexible modular building solution that you can relocate, combine and even adapted over time as your needs change. dwell … affordable, efficient, luxury living
  2. 2. G-pod is a Hong Kong and Australian based business born of a unique and successful collaboration between the product’s designer and Architect, Dan Sparks and Hong Kong based Bridgewater Group. The business was formed in 2012 to bring you one of the most ground-breaking and exciting transportable housing products seen for many years. Bridgewater’s directors and staff have considerable experience and exposure to the prefabricated building industry, specialized container manufacturing and developing highly technical products in China. Using this rare capability to our advantage we have been able to successfully create a high quality, superior building system in a low-cost manufacturing environment, delivering outstanding value. Dan Sparks is the founder and director of Sparks Architects based on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Sparks Architects is an innovative boutique practicewith a strong focus on sustainable and progressive architecture. Modular and transportable building systems have been a passionate interest of Dan’s for many years. G-pod is the culmination of this exceptional passion. CONTACT US • 7th Floor, 8 On Wo Lane, Central, Hong Kong • +(852) 2657 7600 •
  3. 3. GLOBAL G-pod is a GLOBAL product. Due to its ‘containerization’ format, existing logistical transport systems throughout the world are set up to handle the G-pod. Anywhere you can transport and position a shipping container you can site a G-pod. GREEN Humanity’s requirement for GREEN or environmentally sustainable building solutions is obvious and urgent. G-pod meets this need through its autonomous building system. Its ’shell’ is an up-cycled shipping container, its interior consists of recycled, sustainable and organic materials and finishes. These attributes, coupled with its super efficient and highly flexible planning use options and ability to be easily relocated, means minimal ‘footprint’ – both physically and environmentally. GROWTH The modular ‘pods’ of the G-pod system can be added to and adapted over time. Within the ‘Pavilion’ system, a 20ft single bed studio can be coupled with a larger 40ft living pod which in turn can be further extended through pavilion arrangements of pods liked via courtyards and bridges. Further, the ‘Village’ system allows for a higher density of pod arrangements for larger buildings and the future release of the ‘Tower’ system will allow for vertical growth within a tighter urban fabric G –pods planning flexibility and extension via pod based GROWTH allows for living and work accommodation to be up- scaled, as user needs change.
  4. 4. Dwell - the new benchmark in transportable accommodation G-pod “dwell” is an architecturally designed, relocatable home with a focus on environmental sustainability and impeccable build quality. dwell is easy to set-up, efficientand affordable. Specifically designed to maximize the space that can be created from a standard ISO container structure, dwell employs a patented combination of pull-out sections and a spacious fold-down covered deck to quickly create a luxurious living environment anywhere you choose. The G-pod dwell expands into an area nearly 3 times its original size and can operate off-grid and without mains water. Whether it be a home, holiday home, office, additional room/bedroom, or just a space to relax and unwind. CONTACT US • 7th Floor, 8 On Wo Lane, Central, Hong Kong • +(852) 2657 7600 •
  5. 5. G-pod is a readily transportable autonomous living module. Architecturallydesigned, with a focus on environmentalsustainability, flexibility of fit out and end usecapability. G-pod provides theultimatesolution to living and work accommodationin remote or sensitiveenvironments in addition to urban, suburban and rural areas. These modules arestrong and comfortable, requirelow maintenanceand providequality internal and external spaces for a multitudeof applications. CONTACT US • 7th Floor, 8 On Wo Lane, Central, Hong Kong • +(852) 2657 7600 •
  6. 6. G-POD is a futuristic looking portable unit with custom inside options CONTACT US • 7th Floor, 8 On Wo Lane, Central, Hong Kong • +(852) 2657 7600 •
  7. 7. CONTACT US • 7th Floor, 8 On Wo Lane, Central, Hong Kong • +(852) 2657 7600 •
  8. 8. CONTACT US • 7th Floor, 8 On Wo Lane, Central, Hong Kong • +(852) 2657 7600 •