Itec 299 final presentation


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ITEC 299 Final Presentation.

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Itec 299 final presentation

  1. 1. ITEC 299 Final Presentation Presented by David Barnes 907073107 My name is David Barnes, and I will be presenting my ITEC 299 Final Project.
  2. 2. Motivation To Enroll in ITEC 299 ▪ General interest inTechnology. ▪ Familiarity with the subject topics. ▪ Need for an additional class. While I have always been interested in new developing technology, I stumbled upon this class simply because I missed the cut on a Management waitlist. Even though my motivation for this class was drawn honestly from luck, I soon realized that this class had the potential to change the way I perceived the use of higher education.
  3. 3. Personal Learning Preferences My personal learning preferences are slightly neutral with the exception of visual learning. I am most dependent on visual learning. I find it much easier to fully process new information by actually seeing it rather than hearing it.While I have tried many of the different strategies to slightly balance my styles, visual learning has continuously been easier to retain new concepts.
  4. 4. General Concepts of Learning Preferences ▪ Reflective-5 ▪ Sensing-7 ▪ Visual-11 ▪ Sequential-7 Population of Learners Visual Non-visual Even though I do not completely identify with being a reflective and sensing learning, I do agree that it has always been easier to learn by watching. I have had more success in every subject when the instructor physically perform the topic.While this I am never be a great philosophy student, I've learned tactics on how to review visually to increase comprehension.
  5. 5. Learning Pathway Guide A quest for higher learning. I choose the learning pathway as Guide because I felt comfortable with most of the technology presented. Even though my Quest did not go as planned, I still feel more comfortable with using the software as a tool for learning.
  6. 6. Summary of Activities Technology Quiz • Immediate Reflection • Learning by Correction Life Long Learning • Practicing ourTheory • TwoWeek Plan Metacognition Quest • How we prefer to learn about learning Even though I was unable to fully complete my learning pathway as a Guide, I feel the short quizzes and life long learning assignment from the Metacognition Quest proved to be very useful. Not only did I learn from correcting mistakes on each of the specific technology quiz, but also gained valuable insight by planning two weeks to practice the concepts I have learned.
  7. 7. Top 3 Technologies Mp3 and Smartphones • Mobile Applications • Video Recording Screencasting • CamtasiaTutorial Mircoblogs • Following Colleagues for Career Advice While I enjoyed all of the technologies, I explored Smartphones, Screencasting, and Microblogs the most. I spent extensive time discussing the strengths and weaknesses of mobile applications used on Smartphones, performed Camtasia tutorials, and researched other professional golfers to compare and strategize career goals.
  8. 8. Synthesizing My Experiences ▪ Smartphones ▪ Screencasting ▪ Social Bookmarking ▪ Microblogs ▪ Podcasts ▪ Games ▪ Multimedia Even though I spent most of my time with blogs, screencasting, and smartphones, I found all of the ideas to be very thought provoking.The most interesting investigation I found was the idea of games being intuitive to learning.While most would consider MMORPGs to be destructive to higher education, dissecting individual programs revealed a productive way to develop skills.
  9. 9. Integrating Knowledge Before Learning ▪ Smartphone use was limited to phone calls only. ▪ Never fully understood the vast variety of Mircoblogs. ▪ Missed opportunities on social bookmarking. After Learning ▪ Customized my mobile to accommodate custom applications. ▪ Taken advantage of similar interest with social bookmarking. During this class I have picked up many new tools to help my personal learning process. Not only have I grown through the new information, but also by actually using specific tools on a daily basis. I now use my smartphone to record video footage for review and use a social bookmarking program to follow like-minded people in my job field.
  10. 10. Learning After This Class • Research in Microblogs. • Continuing to develop Smartphone and mp3 skills. Even though I plan to continue to using 7e current tools I have learned from this class, I also intend to research more on microblogs. I find the information presented by the authors support a vast supply of practical examples.While I may never get to the point of producing my own blog, I look forward to exploring what others have done in similar situations in my field.
  11. 11. My Experience as a Learning Guide • Confusion • Missed Marks • Slightly Disappointed I feel slightly disappointed with my experience as a LearningGuide. Even though I started my quest with high marks, I lost track of my goals and missed some crucial deadlines. Despite feeling more knowledgeable of the learning styles and how they pertain to each technology, confusion over the different steps lead to a journey that was not reflective of my efforts. If I could do anything different, I would probably ask more questions and try to get more