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USS Constellation Cup - First Giving Guide


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Guide to help fundraisers participating in the USS Constellation Cup Sailboat Regatta

Published in: Self Improvement, Sports, Business
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USS Constellation Cup - First Giving Guide

  1. 2. Step 1: Go to
  2. 3. Step 2: If you want to start a team (because you are the boat owner or team leader), or join a team because the boat owner has recruited you, hit the “Join a Team” link.
  3. 4. Step 3: find or start a team – probably the name of the boat – and also take the opportunity to include the name of your company or organization (corporate teams are a great way of supporting).
  4. 5. Step 4: name your personal fundraising page (probably should include your name)
  5. 6. Step 5: edit your page
  6. 7. Step 6: decide what you want to customize: picture, fundraising goal, homepage text
  7. 8. Step 7: lookin’ smooth! Ready to fundraise through your network. You can also recruit your team by sending them the link to this page.
  8. 9. Step 8: options for reaching out your network through email, social media (Facebook, widgets on multiple other platforms, pictures from flickr, video from YouTube), update your OFFLINE fundraising total after your fundraising BBQ for colleagues, neighbors and members of the sailing club!
  9. 10. Step 9: upload your email addresses, drop in a fundraising appeal/update/thank you – and raise lots of money in small increments! Also use this method to recruit team members: they can hit the “Join this Team” button on your personal homepage to begin their own registration.