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Daymon Associate Guide 2017


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*drumroll please* It's our brand-spanking new Associate Guide! Whether you're in the Daymonverse, you're thinking about joining, or your in our orbit, we hope this guide will give you a 360-degree view of our company, our services, and most importantly, our people!

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Daymon Associate Guide 2017

  1. 1. Welcome.
  2. 2. “We are a noble, profitable and fun company where we all behave exceptionally, expect greatness from each other, and help each other be great.” - Jim Holbrook, CEO and part of #TeamDaymon since 2015
  3. 3. Obsessed. “If you want to work for Daymon, don’t expect a nice slow steady start. ‘Short Runway’ is the motto around here. This company drives forward, and that is one thing worth getting used to. The possibilities are greater with a mindset for full speed ahead.” - Elan Saltman, Business Systems Analyst and part of #TeamDaymon since 2015 Welcome! You’ve joined a group of people who are crazy about connecting with consumers. There’s more knowledge, history and passion for all things retail in our business than any other company on earth. We’re certain of it. For some, this will be the first day in an incredibly long career here. For others, this may be but one step in your professional life. Whether we spend one trip around the sun together or dozens, we know you won’t soon forget life at Daymon. We’re glad you’re here.
  4. 4. Wow! ‘Wow’ is one word we hear a lot around here from new associates. It’s usually followed by something like: “I had no idea Daymon was so big!” or “I didn’t realize we did so much.” or “I didn’t know we had so many locations.” Why do we have such a big wow factor? We are proud to say that we work with more than 100 major retailers and nearly 6,000 manufacturers in 50 countries. We also handle more than 1,700 brands and approximately 165,000 individual SKUs globally. Everything we do is powered by people, which means you now have 45,000 co-workers—so get out there, introduce yourself and start learning about the greater Daymonverse! “Every day I talk with people around the world from the US, Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia – different personalities,culturesandaccentsthatblendtogether to create our Daymon spirit!” - Ana Penteado, Director and part of #TeamDaymon since 2014
  5. 5. Daymon does. 1. Strategy Insights: We understand what consumers want and crunch numbers to come up with the big ideas that help retailers plan and sell the best products. Our story started in 1970 with the idea that we could help make private brand products more attractive to consumers. Today we do that—and so much more. Read on! 2. Sourcing: We search the globe to make sure our customers have the right ingredients and products available for shoppers. 3. Packaging Brand Design: We create identities for brands. From the name to the look and feel of the package, there’s an art and science behind design and our team knows it better than anyone in the industry. 4. In-Store Retail Execution: We provide merchandising solutions that help our retail customers map their store footprint, address product displays, and decide what fixtures and signage to implement– just to name a few of these services! 5. Consumer Experience Marketing: From product sampling to guerilla marketing, mobile tours and grand opening planning and execution, our teams bring experiences to life for shoppers. So what do we do here, anyway? At Daymon, we handle just about everything in retail that you’d probably never think of—and we don’t just come up with the ideas, we execute everything as well (you could say we’re the total package). Is it store brand, private brand or own brand? Essentially they all mean the same thing. When a retailer develops its own brand, and sells products under that brand – that could be referred to as a store brand, a private brand or an own brand. For consistency, we commonly say private brand, but the exception is if you are on a customer-facing team. Then you’ll know if your customer has a preference – or something different they call their private branded items.
  6. 6. We’ve helped improve over 145,000 categories in all areas of the store. Our teams have launched over 1 million individual items. We place 2.5 million new items on shelves annually. Daymon field associates execute 3 million events every year. That means we are interacting with shoppers over 2 billion times! (Our cheeks hurt just thinking about all that smiling.) You are not alone. You’ve joined a global team that is 45,000 strong. We’ve created over 75,000 package designs. We work with over 6,000 suppliers around the world. We’re everywhere. We’ve had a hand in creating nearly 400 brands that can be found in over 80,000 stores worldwide today. We’ve been doing this since 1970 (but we don’t look a day over 29). There’salotofresponsibilitythatcomes with working at Daymon. Take pride in your work! People are counting on us to deliver results like these every day. Our digits.
  7. 7. Retailers and brands pay us for the skill, talent and insight we bring – think of us as Retail Senseis. But we’re not all talk and no action – we execute with the best of them. Consumer Demand. Wehelpretailerscreateexcitingproductsbasedonwhatconsumers need and want. Is That Pepper I Taste? We help find people who make the ingredients that go into products. Hey, Good Lookin’. We create attractive package designs for all kinds of products. Trial and Engagement. We help accelerate the sales of products through trial and engagement and bring excitement to the shopping process. In other words, retailers and brands work with us to perform product demos, in-store events, mobile tours, grand openings, and other kinds of experiential activations. No Out of Stock Signs Allowed! We work with retailers to make sure that the right products are on the right shelves in the right place at the right time. Don’t you hate it when your favorite item is out of stock? We work with retailers to make sure that doesn’t happen. Wicked Smart. We have the knowledge, training and expertise to do everything here, and more. “The best part of working at Daymon is the ability to touch multiple facets of the business. From strategic consulting to execution, working at Daymon allowsyoutodeeplyunderstand the whole retail process.” - André Santa Clara, Associate Business Manager and part of #TeamDaymon since 2016 Making sense of the dollars and cents.
  8. 8. If you had to describe what we do here to your friends, at a party or even to your parents, we know there would be a hundred different ways to explain what we do, and you still might not cover it all. So, here are a few ideas to get you started. At Daymon, we handle just about everything in retail that you’d never think of as a shopper. Let’s take an average trip to the grocery store, shall we? • While you peruse the frozen aisle, you notice that the products are stacked neatly in a certain way on the shelves – that’s us. • Taking a few steps further, you pick up a new yogurt brand that’s packaged in a way that makes it easy to take while on the go – that’s us. • Let’s now go to the pasta section (mmm, pasta). Turns out that your favorite retailer has its own brand of pasta that looks delicious– that’s us. • The nice woman wearing an apron behind the cart in the next aisle offers you a sample of goat cheese paired with gluten-free crackers – that’s us. • Moving onto the veggie section, suddenly a flash mob breaks out, and the people standing next to you who you thought were regular shoppers are actually acclaimed singers who can’t stop harmonizing about the retailer’s fresh department – that’s us, too. We do so much more beyond even these examples, but to put it simply, we are ingrained in the everyday shopping process. To summarize: We are a retail services provider, meaning we don’t sell products – we sell services. How to explain what you do at a cocktail party.
  9. 9. “My advice for any new associate would be to learn the business and be able to articulate clearly the value we provide our partners.” Grab an oar! Success at Daymon isn’t complicated, so don’t overthink it. Step 1: Know what your goals are. Step 2: Stop, collaborate and listen. Step 3: Work together as One Daymon. Step 4: Execute and get it done. Step 5: Repeat steps 1-4. Nodding the head does not row the boat. - Irish Proverb - Avi Rothkopf, Vice President and part of #TeamDaymon since 2002
  10. 10. Here are a few tips for making your career at Daymon as successful as possible. There’s no magic key, but good human beings tend to do very well here. • We like to win. So, plan to win. • Be accountable and guarantee your results. • Have a strong track record. • Be relevant and up to date. Don’t be stale. • You’ll have tough days. Accept that now. • Persevere. • Target the right clients. • Learn our clients’ business better than they know it. • Bring up the tough issues. • Be specific. • Find anyone who can help. • Persevere. • Ask for the order. • Have a plan for the next 3, 6, 12, 24, and 36 months – and work it too. • Show a) results, b) insights and ideas, and c) teamwork. • Make a bold promise—and deliver on that promise. • Demonstrate confidence and humility. • Persevere. Hint, hint. - Ashley Zopfi, Associate Recruiter and part of #TeamDaymon since 2010. “What I’d recommend to any associate is to raise your hand for stretch opportunities whenever possible! However, I would definitely advise against wrapping your coworker’s office and all its contents in aluminum foil. Let’s just say payback isn’t pretty!”
  11. 11. “We have a great team and a great culture that encourages thinking outside of the box. This gives us each the opportunity to grow, professionally and personally, bringing our strengths to the table to create success!” Our promise. Work is only a chore if the business we’re selling isn’t worth it, or if we don’t think it is. If what we do is valuable, then it sells itself. Here’s our guarantee to clients. A strong track record. Hard-working teams. A sense of urgency. Results that are faster and better than any competitor. An understanding of their business and the market. The ability to convert understanding into insights, sales and smart recommendations. Alignment and collaboration. Expertise. We know our stuff and we know what’s coming. Commitment to their needs. It’s all about our customers (not us). Solutions that are flexible and customized to each client. A clear value for their investment. - Joshua Willard, Business Development Manager and part of #TeamDaymon since 2015.
  12. 12. What frustrates us. What excites us.Knowing that we can – and are – reinventing category management. Being experts at two things: competition and consumers. The future of retail. Keeping pace with the industry (it’s already changed from the time you started reading this). Re-signing a former customer. Expanding the company into new geographies. Telling our story. “Category Management is the process retailers use to manage related groups of items as a single business unit. Examples of categories are detergent, pasta or cereal. Analytics is an important part of category management. We help find insights that retailers can use to build a better assortment, merchandise products in a way that consumers find more appealing, and drive greater sales and profits.” Order takers. Slow decisions. Small thinking. Lack of commitment. Playing victim. Knowing but not doing. - Joe Cook (a.k.a. Joe Data) Senior Director of Insights and part of #TeamDaymon since 2001. “Becomfortableinrollingupyoursleeves. There’s not much time for idleness or for expecting that someone else will do your work for you.” - Tom Connell, Director of Human Resources and part of #TeamDaymon since 2014. ! !
  13. 13. What guides us...Is what our customers say about us. We want to be invaluable to retailers and suppliers and be the reason for their success—and the way we do that is by knowing that it all starts and ends in our industry with shoppers. We strive to better connect the companies who work with us to shoppers through experience, strategy and technology. Ultimately, the strongest culture is created when everyone who works here believes in what we do, and believes so strongly that they sell us every day. Then we are exceptional! “Be entrepreneurial! Try to think outside the box on how the company can improve and grow in this fast-changing market. Share your thoughts with senior management, your ideas will be listened to and appreciated.” - Kristina Vadeikaite, Senior Business Manager and part of #TeamDaymon since 2010.
  14. 14. There are many parts that make up Daymon, and it may feel complicated at first. It’s important to remember the three Cs when writing or talking about our company: Clear, Consistent and Conversational. Be Clear: We’re not talking about aerospace engineering here, so let’s not complicate things. When in meetings, or writing emails, be as clear and concise as possible about what you have to say or what you need. Be Consistent: What we do shouldn’t be like a game of telephone. Anyone who works here and explains what we do should give the same type of answer. This presents us as one united force – One Daymon. Be Conversational: In your written communications at work, write the way you speak. Whatever you do, just don’t use corporate jargon. Every time someone at Daymon uses corporate jargon, a snack gets taken out of the break room. Don’t make the office snackless. “Work hard and play hard. While customer service is our #1 priority, I always encourage new employees to have a little fun at the job too, get to know your coworkers, and make new friends!” The three C’s. Sharon Youngkrantz, Senior Recruiter and part of #TeamDaymon since 2012.
  15. 15. Our brand. There are a few simple things to keep in mind when it comes to Daymon branding. 1. We have teams who have already done the heavy lifting when it comes to the company image, so there’s no need to reinvent anything. What follows here are some specific guidelines. 2. Once you get settled, login to our intranet which is called The Register. It can be found on Associate Login. Click on Brand Assets and there you’ll find all the approved versions of our logo, templates for your email signature, PowerPoint presentations and directions for ordering business cards. You’ll also find all the specific brand guidelines for logo usage. 3. If you are assigned to a specific business unit, like Interactions, CDS, SAS or Omni you’ll find appropriate logos for your email signature on The Register as well. 4. Our business can be complicated, but only if we let it. Daymon is one company that provides services that engage shoppers and creates sales within the retail environment.
  16. 16. Let’s hang out. We’ve come to the end of our time together, and it’s time for you to fly out of the nest and take on the Daymonverse by yourself, little bird. However, we’re not kicking you out on your own without giving you a ton of resources you can read, follow, join and participate in that will keep you connected and always learning about this great company of ours. Website .com Welcome to our online home. You can always learn something new on
  17. 17. Get Social! Publications Intranet From case studies to health benefits to quarterly business updates, The Register is where you go to be in the know. Retail News Insider, Daymon’s award-winning publication, explores best practices and news affecting the retail environment - we’ve got our finger on the pulse of today’s change drivers! Retail Perceptions is one of the top sources for retail leaders around the globe. This quarterly publication takes an in-depth look at newsworthy retail topics utilizing advanced reporting and analytics to communicate real-time information on consumer behavior. We’re a pretty social bunch of people, don’t be shy, join the conversation! daymon-worldwide
  18. 18. You’ve got this! Hopefully you are starting to understand that everything we do here at Daymon is possible because of people just like you. Whether you are working in one of our offices, remotely from home or in the field, life at Daymon gets better the more people you know. So, go and introduce yourself to someone new – we are more connected and share more in common than you’d think. Don’t keep your experience to yourself! Share something from your first day, a selfie or a photo of your day at Daymon on one of our social channels. Be sure to tag us (the links are on the previous page) and include the hashtags #TeamDaymon #FirstDay. “Don’t be a spectator! The rewards are sweet for those who play the game.” - John Borce, Director of Financial Planning Analysis and part of #TeamDaymon since 2014
  19. 19. Parting thoughts. “My advice to you is to soak up as much as you can about what we do and where we do it. Meet as many fellow associates as possible, apply your ingenuity and make great things happen!” - Jim Holbrook, CEO and part of #TeamDaymon since 2015