Signature sourcing overview


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The Seven Second Connection - Providing Brand Power Coaching and Confidential Interview Preparation I work one on one with Individuals online. Together we define, fine tune and power up their Personal Brand Message, their Video Bio and their online Portfolio. Then we make all the right connections by linking their Brand Message to a Peak Performance Formula they design for themselves. To feel even more comfortable, even more confident and absolutely unstoppable when they hear the words "What do you do" IN SEVEN SECONDS.

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Signature sourcing overview

  2. 2. YOU ARE THE MESSAGEWhen we hear the words `What do you do`What message do we really deliverTo and about ourselvesPhysically, consciously and subconsciouslySometimes without words . . . IN SEVEN SECONDS
  3. 3. POWER UP YOUR TALENTwithDayleWhitesideAs Business Professionals we already have all the right pieces.Together we make all the right connections. I bring to the tablemy own brand of hard hitting business savvy mixed with highlycontagious enthusiasm – along with 20 years Executive Search,Professional Presentation Coaching and Personal BrandingExpertise. I find ways for us to feel absolutely unstoppable whenwe hear the words “What do you do” IN SEVEN SECONDS
  4. 4. You already haveall the right piecesYOUYour Skills,Experience,Knowledge,CompetenciesYour PersonalAttributes20 years ExecutiveSearch, ProfessionalPresentationCoaching andPersonal BrandingExpertiseOne on OneOnline CoachingCareer BrandingToolsYour IndividualStyleTogether we focus on, fine tune andpower up your Signature MessagePut a face to your services byfocusing on and thoroughlydocumenting your skills, areas ofexpertise, competencies, personalattributes and individual style –you have all the right pieces todefine and set yourself apart.
  5. 5. Togetherwe make all the right connectionsINTERVIEWPREPARATIONTHEDELIVERYDayleBRAND POWERPACKAGESTHE POWERLINKTHEBRANDMESSAGESPEAKER,WORKSHOPFACILITATORTogether we make all the right connectionswhen we hear the words What do you do.With one on one online Brand Power Coachingand Confidential Interview Preparation.Whether we’re being introduced, introducingour services or being interviewed, the messagewe deliver to and about ourselves can eitherdrive us forward or stop us dead in our tracks.Now its in our hands, to deliver the rightmessage to and about ourselves. But one sizedoes not fit all – call me and I’ll provide youwith a complimentary online preview so youcan see for yourself which package best fitsyour individual needs. Hear what you can dowhen you have the right tools in your hands.
  6. 6. POWERFUL INTERVIEW PREPARATIONA powerful web based Interview Preparation /Presentation Tool youcan combine with your Personal Brand Message that gives you a wayto match your skills and accomplishments directly to key hiringrequirements. Designed by successful Executive SearchProfessionals, you’re guided through a step by step process that givesyou a way to deliver the right message in a way that gives HiringManagers a reason to say “ How soon can you start.”Involved in Executive Search for a great many years myself, every yearI’ve talked with more than 1300 Business Professional about what theydo. Get the inside scoop on what companies today look for. Use dropdown menus, extensive reference libraries and smart messagingtemplates that give you a way to nail down the interview.Create a distinctive online Portfolio and set yourself apart. Save yourpresentation as a PDF or PowerPoint Presentation. Add audio.Includes an extensive interview workbook with complete step by stepinstructions. Use this proven package as a template you cancustomize each interview. Stay on point by tailoring your presentationto focus on how having or not having the benefits of your uniqueservices connect with and impact the hiring managers needs !Package includes a three month online subscription.Some people are content to let life choose the road theywalk on – Business Professionals choose for themselves.And know when its time to change their Career Path.
  7. 7. THE POWER LINKCreate your own MP3 audioRe-fresherMental PowerLinkingMake all the right connections. Link your Personal Brand Message toa Peak Performance Formula, one you’ve designed for yourself. Thatgives you a better way to be even more in control of what you chooseto focus on, and how those choices make you feel. When someoneturns to you and says “Tell me a little about yourself.”Rebrand from the inside out. With a little internal Executive Nip’Tuckof your own. Put a face to your services others can identify and connectwith, in a way that feels right to you. Create a mental map to get whereyou need to go today in business by instantly being able to feel evenmore comfortable, even more confident and absolutely unstoppablewhen you hear the words What do you do. IN SEVEN SECONDS.For 93% more focus and internal horsepower now we can putourselves out there in a way that feels right to us. Whether we need topower up to take action, or power down to relax and unwind – or forthose times when life, job searches and circumstances sometimes try toleave us all feeling a bit battered and shattered, to put ourselves andkeep ourselves where we belong . . . In the Driver’s Seat.Becomeyour ownSustainableResource.
  8. 8. The Power LinkPut yourself in the Driver Seat. Create a 30 second Audio Bio, an authenticVideo Bio and an Online Portfolio. Comes with a 3 month onlinesubscription to a proven Career Branding Package. Link your video andonline Portfolio to social media like linkedIN, Face Book, Twitter and otherProfessional Networks and Groups for 93% more Visibility, Credibility andConnectibility.The DeliveryThe BrandUsing a powerful web based Interview Preparation Package designed byand for Executive Search Professionals give Hiring Managers and DecisionMakers a reason to say How soon can you start. Get the inside scoop onwhat companies today look for. With easy to use drop down windows,extensive libraries pop down menus, extensive reference libraries, smartmessaging templates and a Users Guide. Includes a 3 month onlinesubscription. Create a professional Online Portfolio and PDF or Slide sharePresentation. Online Coaching with an Executive Search Professional andPresentation Coach gives you a way to match what you bring to the tablewith the hiring requirements. Now there’s a way to deliver the rightmessage to and about yourself and nail down the interview.Powerful Interview Preparation PackageBrand Power Packages Create a powerful positioning statement about how having or nothaving the benefits of your unique services connects with and impactsthe needs of others. Create at least three signature messages to use indifferent business situations. Using audio and video practice, practice,practice until you feel comfortable in your own shoes !In Seven Seconds, instantly trigger the kind of focus and internalhorsepower it takes to put ourselves and keep ourselves out there intoday’s tough business environment. Link your Brand Message to theproven formula Peak Performers use and become your ownsustainable resource. Performance Management from the inside out !ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL. CALL ME FOR ACOMPLIMENTARY ONLINE PREVIEW SO YOUCAN DECIDE FOR YOURSELF WHICH POWERPACKAGE BEST FITS YOUR INDIVIDUAL NEEDS.www.thesevensecondconnection.comEmail: dayle@signaturesourcing.infoPhone: 416 691-1889
  9. 9. Sample Online PortfolioProfessional Online PortfolioDefine and set yourself apart. Providing you withBrand Power Coaching and Confidential InterviewPreparation, together we define, fine tune andpower up your Personal brand message. Usingaudio and video we practice, practice, practiceuntil you feel comfortable in your own shoes.Once you’re ready, we put a face to your servicesothers can identify and connect with, in a waythat feels right to you. By creating a 30 SecondAudio Bio, an authentic Video Bio and set yourservices apart by creating an Online Portfolio.Link your Signature Message to social media likeface book, twitter, linked IN and professionalnetworks for 93% more Visibility, Credibility andConnectibility. Because now its in your hands!
  10. 10. SpeakerWorkshop FacilitatorTHE SEVEN SECONDCONNECTIONAlways interested in Speaking Opportunities with Business Groups,at Team Focus Meetings and Networking events, I provide highenergy interactive sessions. Sharing a three step formula that givesus a way to feel absolutely unstoppable when we hear the words``What do you do.`` IN SEVEN SECONDS.Provide on-site team focus meetings as a group facilitator, we focuson how their unique skills, expertise and Individual stylescollectively connect with and impact their companies needs. To seethemselves as part of the bigger picture and as a valuable asset tothemselves, their Team and their Company. Previously involved in10 in-house corporate Leadership Programs I`ve seen what we cando when we have the right tools in our hands.My name is Dayle Whiteside. Providing Brand Power Coaching andConfidential Interview Preparation online, I work one on one withIndividuals. Together we define, fine tune and power up theirPersonal Brand Messages. I bring to the table my own distinctivebrand of hard hitting business savvy mixed with highly contagiousenthusiasm – along with 20 years Executive Search, ProfessionalPresentation Coaching and Personal Branding Expertise.DayleWhitesideSPEAKINGNETWORKING MEETINGSTEAM FOCUS MEETINGS416 691-1889SPEAKINGNETWORKING MEETINGSTEAM FOCUS MEETINGS
  11. 11. Using audio and video wepractice, practice, practiceuntil you feel comfortable inyour own shoes.Practice builds confidence