Describing Places


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Describing Places

  1. 1. Different places There are different kinds of places, which we can describe: A room A house A city Etc.
  2. 2. Describing a room You can describe: • A bedroom •A bathroom •A kitchen •A living room
  4. 4. Useful words to describe a room When you describe a place, you can use the verbs: THERE/ IS , THERE ARE. Some adjectives and also place prepositions like:
  5. 5. Describing a room To describe a room you can name the objects that you see using prepositions, the verb have got and adjectives which can describe the objects. For example: I have got my own room. In my room there is a bed, a table, a chair, a wardrobe and a television. There is a window above the table. The television is opposite my bed so I can watch it when I am in bed. The wardrobe is on the left and my bed is on the right. There is a computer on the table and books, pens and cds are near the computer. There is a magazine and a camera on the bed.
  6. 6. Describing a house To describe a house you can respond to this questions: What is it composed of ? Where are the bedrooms? Do you have an attic? What about the garden? How many room are in your house?
  7. 7. For example: My flat is divided into two floors. On downstairs, I have all the important parts of the flat such as the kitchen, bathrooms, etc.. And on upstairs i have one room where I keep the washer and dryer and one big terrace. Downstairs, the floor is divided in eight rooms, four of them are bedrooms, other two are Bathrooms and then one kitchen and one dining room. I n my bedroom, I have a lot of things who for example one television, one play station 3, many trophies paddel,etc. In my sister´s bedroom, we have the computer and in the other two bedrooms are from my parents and my other sister. Normally we eat in the kitchen but on Sundays we eat in the dining room. In my flat i have one storage room and two parking garage.
  8. 8. Describing a City I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina Capital City It is a very very big province with huge population. Buenos Aires has many buildings which are very tall and big and some very luxurious. Also it has many stores, in Buenos Aires you can find whatever you want. There is a very beautiful beach, is a little far from the capital in a town called La Plata, Buenos Aires Capital City …
  9. 9. Adjectives to describe a city To describe a place you can use different adjectives like:  Ancient: a place that has a long history  Beautiful: very pleasing on the eye.  Boring: dull and not very interesting.  Bustling: a crowded, busy place.  Charming: nice, very pleasant.  Contemporary: modern, very up to date.  Cosmopolitan: somewhere with a rich and varied mix of cultures and languages.
  10. 10.  Exciting: fun, thrilling, with lots of enjoyable things to do.  Expensive: costing a lot of money.  Famous: very well know, celebrated, notable.  Fantastic: wonderful.  Fascinating: very interesting.  Huge: very big.  Lively: somewhere with lots of things going on.  Popular: liked by a lot of people.  Polluted: dirty, contaminated.  Touristic: visited by a lots of tourists.