IlSole24Ore: Business Information and CQ5, the missing link


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IlSole24Ore is a leading Italian Media company providing numerous information services. They have recently adopted Comunique to enhance their web presence and help them to effectively present and connect content and users. They were quickly up and running and leveraging comunique to integrate existing systems and content.

Tim Price, Product R&D CarsoliLab, IlSole24Ore

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IlSole24Ore: Business Information and CQ5, the missing link

  1. 1. Business Information and CQ5: the missing link. Enabling editors and users to connect to content. Day Software IGNITE - Berlin 03/11/2011
  2. 2. Ignite Ilsole24ore and CQ5 Tehe Missing Link 11/11/10 Pag 2 The 24Ore Group and IlSole24Ore Newspaper The most well known product is the Il Sole 24 ORE, financial and economical daily newspaper which started pubblication in 1965 after the merger between: Il Sole (1865) and 24 ORE (1946) The 24Ore Goup is a major Italian Media and Editorial Group which is a reference point for the Italian professional and business sectors, with: • over 140 registered news pubblications, • una vasta rete di corrispondenti, • 15 data banks with 43.000 subscribers • 30 software product lines with 15.000 users • 7 offices in Italy e 9 worldwide, • 8 printworks, 2 of which owned. • a turnover of 502,7 milion € in 2009 • well established web presence via site with around 1 milion registered users and over 4 milion unique vistors per month
  3. 3. Ignite Ilsole24ore and CQ5 Tehe Missing Link 11/11/10 Pag 3 Web Publishing Needs Integrazione and Extendibility • Must Fit In and connect with existing processes and products. • Many of the different editorial product lines are currently based on different CMS, stores and publishing workflows. • Some consolidation is underway but it is medium / long term process. • There is a need to connect content: • Cross linking and correlation of documentation in the web products • Support Editors to find and reference content. Efficient and Full Functional WCMS • Necessary to reduce the need for ad hoc software devopment. • out of the box functionality • open development support • Ease of Use. • The authoring tools are for use by editorial as well as business users. • Wysiwyg, in place editing… • Typical pure open source solutions are not sufficient in this respect. • . Interactive cabalities • ugc and social capabilities • Must still provide calability and reliability The continual expansion of our online product lines underlined the need for state of the art web publishing and management tools to extend our existing web publishing systems. In Q1 2010 we selected Day Comunqué (CQ5). In the following slides are a series of examples of the experience so far as related to these needs
  4. 4. Ignite Ilsole24ore and CQ5 Tehe Missing Link Efficient WCMS - Hub website 11/11/10 Pag 4 Publish Author RSS NewsletterMain website • New Website required to aggregate content from several sub sites and crosslink to new main portal site. • Editors quickly trained and publishing. • Online in time to meet fixed deadline in 2 months from info design to release.
  5. 5. Ignite Ilsole24ore and CQ5 Tehe Missing Link Interactivity and Integration – User Comments 11/11/10 Pag 5 CQ5 Moderator Article s comments Website user Website published from existing CMS CQ5 was used to implement onlineuser commenting functionality for our news articles The comment functionality works also with articles published from other CMS. The moderation and comment viewing functions are in CQ5 Necessary to support significant traffic and required significant attention to optimisation of cacheing.
  6. 6. Ignite Ilsole24ore and CQ5 Tehe Missing Link Integrating with Existing Databank Content Store – Before •  The Databank Content is stored in an internal Content Store (DBUnico) based on a Microsoft SQL Database containg over 5 milion accessable documents. •  The documents are published via automated asincronous publishing workflows which transform the content and submit for indexing. •  No direct control over website layout or preview for editors. Automated  Batch  Publishing  Authoring Web User DBUNICO CODETransformWrite Read Databank Product Publishing
  7. 7. Ignite Ilsole24ore and CQ5 Tehe Missing Link Integrating with Existing Databank Content Store – After CQ5 has been added to to the tools available to the editors to enable then to publish directly to the web. A Connector Component is added to the CQ5 desktop to allow editors to navigateand search for documents in the Content Store. The documents can be: •  Linked to the version published in an existing online product •  Encapsulated in aweb page and the content is accessed online via the existing JSON REST API so the content is not duplicated and updates are automatically available in the websites as well as the databanks. •  Copied into CQ5 losing the link with the original document (discouraged) DEA Web User DBUNICO CODE CQ5  Author  Instance   Write Author Web User Read CQ5  Publish  Instance   Publish RESTAPI
  8. 8. Ignite Ilsole24ore and CQ5 Tehe Missing Link Editor View • When editing content in the wbsites, editors can select a connector component to access the company s content stores • They can browse, search, select and proceed to publish the chosen documentation
  9. 9. Ignite Ilsole24ore and CQ5 Tehe Missing Link Vista Prodotto – Legal Portal The First live site to use the connector goes live 15/12/2010 The referenced documentation can be published: - As elements directly n the web pages in parts of lead articles - As links to viewer pages to consult the whole document in the site. - As links to the document in other sites/products where it is already published. - The actual content is not transferred into CQ5 except for selected metadata to boost SEO.
  10. 10. Ignite Ilsole24ore and CQ5 Tehe Missing Link Semantic content relations – Topic Site (Argomenti) 11/11/10 Pag 10 Publish Author Cogito • The site publishes pages on topics of interest • People • Companies • Places etc. • Editors insert topics in CQ5 • We use Sematic Tecnology from Expert System Cogito combined with our IR Search systems to extract relevant content for the topics and republish in CQ5 • Author builds content page for related topics. • Editors can insert additional content in the pages for important topics. • The pages are tagged in the news sites.
  11. 11. Ignite Ilsole24ore and CQ5 Tehe Missing Link Integration - User Authentication and Authorization 11/11/10 Pag 11 Publish Author SSO Server Accounting Dispatcher(Cache) Paying user Company wide Company wide Necessary to allow access to protected content to paying users. The Company SSO Server provides Authenticationa User Profile Control The Aoounting Server provides Authorisation for Content Access via Web Service Interface. CQ5 Components have been developed to integrate to the systems.
  12. 12. Ignite Ilsole24ore and CQ5 Tehe Missing Link Search Engine Integration 11/11/10 Pag 12 Publish Author Result presentation layer Search Engine The Search Engine is Comapanywide and allows users to search across sites and products Content published to websites from CQ5 is added to the indexes of the Company Search Engine. The Company Search Engine combines Fulltext Search and Semantic technolgies to optimise searches and result display.
  13. 13. Ignite Ilsole24ore and CQ5 Tehe Missing Link Lessons learned -  Skill your key people – day training -  Get Service Support Processes including change management in place early and enforce adequate test steps. We have different site development teams and suppliers contributing and need to garantee the stability of the production systems. -  Plan and check the architectural analysis, avoid settings which may limit future compatibility or interfere with other sites, carefully check the use of the cache. The CQ5 architecture is dynamic and the publishers need protecting. -  Certify the installation 11/11/10 Pag 13
  14. 14. Ignite Ilsole24ore and CQ5 Tehe Missing Link Conclusions Ease of Use So far the editors have been able to start using CQ5 quickly and feedback is positive. Integration A number of projects have been released to date which demonstrate flexibility in integrating with existing infrastructure. We plan to continue, using CRX directly, publishing video to Brightcove…. Efficiency and Feature We manages to get started quickly and have used some CQ5 features. We expect to do more and to continuously improve our competence and hence usage, stability and efficiency. Content Linking CQ5 together with our IR and Semantic technology services is helping editors and users to find, publish and link content.