How much should a stair lift cost


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Stair lift cost may vary based on the user’s requirements. It is best to make a comparative study of the prices of the various stair lift models, warranty period and the cost of installation to get the best deal.

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How much should a stair lift cost

  1. 1. How Much Should a Stair Lift Cost?How much should a stair lift cost? The actual cost of a stair liftdepends on many important factors. This article provides informationon the various aspects that have an impact on the price of a stair lift.A stair lift is the best mobility option for wheelchair users and otherindividuals who cannot easily climb stairs. Thankfully, a wide range ofstairlifts are now available in the market to enhance the lifestyle ofpeople with disabilities.Stair lifts can be customized according to the user’s specificrequirements. In order to ensure the safety of users, these handicapstair lifts are provided with easy-to-use controls and advanced safetyfeatures such as: • Obstruction sensors which sense any obstacle in the path of movement and stop the lift automatically • Adjustable seat height • Seat belts and swivel lock system • Safety brake system • Non-skid footrest • Continuous pressure operation • Swing away arms • Padded armrests • Foldable footrest • Hidden gears • Infrared wireless remote • Constant pressure controlsFactors Affecting the Cost of Stair LiftLet us look at the major factors that affect the price of a stairlift. Ifyou want stairlifts of a top range and a great model, then you have topay a good price. There are so many models of stair chair liftsavailable in the market and their price depends on specific features,size, shape, quality, level of automation and more.Given here are some of the factors that affect the stair lift cost.
  2. 2. • The various functional and safety features integrated • Shape of your staircase and the length of your stairs • Whether the stair lift is battery powered (expensive) or AC operated • Whether it is an outdoor stair lift (expensive) or an indoor one • Whether it is a straight stairlift or a curved stair lift (expensive). A straight stair lift is less expensive. • The quality of stair lifts and accessories that you choose will also affect the stair lift cost. • The condition of the stairlift has an impact on its cost. If you want a cheaper stair lift, you can go for used ones. • Manufacturer: The stairlift manufacturer is another factor that governs the price of the product. The more popular the manufacturer, the costlier will be the stairlift unit. • Additional features, characteristics and technology incorporated in the machine also decide the cost. • The kind of service offered by the company is also a deciding factor, when it comes to stair lift pricing.How a Reputable Dealer Can HelpApproach a reputable dealer that has long term experience insupplying quality stair lifts. Your dealer can help you decide on theright stair lift, considering your budget and requirements.Contact:DAY Elevator and Lift50 Hempstead Gardens DriveWest Hempstead , NY 11552Call us: (800)758-5438E-mail: sales@dayelevator.com