Home elevators with environment friendly features


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Green elevators are a great means of transportation and provide eco-conscious homeowners a green solution. Green elevators come with a range of environment-friendly features that can reduce energy consumption and save space, time and money.

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Home elevators with environment friendly features

  1. 1. Home Elevators with Environment-friendly FeaturesGreen Elevators with Eco-friendly FeaturesGreen elevators are designed as energy efficient home elevator systems thatprovide world-class ride quality, comfort and eco-friendly service in yourhome. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor purposes, these environment-friendly home elevators offer better mobility to every member of thehousehold, especially children and physically challenged.Home elevators with environment-friendly features are available in a widevariety of options as regards elevator style, sizes, technical options, weightcarrying capacities and design, so that the clients are not compelled to forgoan innovative look for their elevators for energy and cost savings. Thebenefits of using residential elevators with environment-friendly features aremany. Installing these green elevators can considerably reduce the amount of energy wasted; increase environmental conservation and save your time and money by maximizing elevator efficiency. Such elevators have a longer lifespan when compared to other types of residential elevators. Why Choose Eco-friendly Home Elevators? The use of LED lights in green elevators reduces the amount of energy consumed and they last longer than incandescent lights. When compared to incandescent lights, LED lights require less installation time and less long-term maintenance, thus saving time and money. Green elevators alsofeature sensors installed in the elevator cabs which enable the LED lights to
  2. 2. turn off when the elevator is not in use, avoiding unnecessary usage ofpower. Ultimately, the usage of LED lights helps you to reduce operatingcosts and negative environmental impact.Another specialty of eco-friendly residential elevators is that these use nohydraulic oil. Normally, hydraulic elevators require 20-25 gallons of hydraulicoil to maintain smooth functioning capabilities. If this oil permeates watersources, it can become an environmental hazard. In environment-friendlyhome elevators, instead of hydraulic oil, vegetable-based fluids and highly-refined petroleum based fluids are used which are more environmentfriendly. Since, environment-friendly elevators dont use any contaminatingoil products, you don’t have to worry about the possibility of leaks, unstablehydraulic valve operation, or frequent relieving.Another reason why customers prefer eco-efficient elevators is because theyhave energy saving elevator drives that utilize energy in the most efficientmanner. In energy efficient drives, it is possible to recycle energy that istypically wasted. These energy saving drives offer enhanced features andperformance, which makes green elevators, a highly beneficial andenvironment friendly option.The Machine Room-Less (MRL) design of eco-friendly residentialelevators makes the most efficient use of your home’s living space. Itreduces material use and saves valuable space. Apart from that, it requiresless energy than most elevator systems.Above all, green elevators feature several user-friendly operating and safetycontrols such as non-skid platform, surface-mounted telephone jacks, overspeed governor, automatic car gate opener, automatic homing, batterybackup light, optional uninterruptible power supply (lowering), and more.The Destiny Gearless home elevator from ThyssenKrupp Access andINCLINATOR® LX are some of the most practical environment-friendlyoptions. Consult a reliable elevator supplier and choose the bestenvironment-friendly residential elevators available. Whether upgrading yourexisting elevator system or installing a new elevator, choosing greenelevators is more beneficial for home owners.Contact InformationDAY Elevator & Lift50 Hempstead Gardens DriveWest Hempstead, NY 11552Ph: 1-800-758-5438Email: sales@dayelevator.com