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Making public data relevant: Irish Hospital Waiting List Data


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A hackathon and workshop organized by Open Knowledge Ireland with support from the Irish Department of Public Expenditure and Reform.

The workshop takes advantage of the Irish Hospital Wait Time data that has recently been published in machine readable format for the very first time.

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Making public data relevant: Irish Hospital Waiting List Data

  1. 1. Making Public Data Relevant Health Data Ireland - Hospital Waiting Lists Citizen Workshop 25th March 2017 All Welcome Twitter hashtags: + #HealthDataIRL + #opendataIRL + #HospitalWaitingLists Follow and contact: @OKFirl by Open Knowledge Ireland
  2. 2. What is this? This is the 1st in a series of 4 workshops designed to make open (read public) data useful the Irish public. In December 2016 following a number of months of lobbying by our team the Department of Public Expenditure & Reform (in charge of the Open Data Policy for Ireland) together with the NTPF for the first time published Hospital Waiting List data on in machine readable format. Machine Readable = we can now use this data to explore how it may be useful for the general public and how it may help improve the lives of all citizens in Ireland. Objective: The overall objective of the 4 workshops over the course of the year is to engage the wider public and enable collaboration between those who have data, those who know how to put this data into use, those who can help to put data in context and the end user to develop the use case scenarios. 1. Workshop 1: 25th March 2017 - Identify potential use cases, initial recommendations on data quality, and hospital waiting times best practice research 2. Workshop 2: May - ‘Short list’ use case ideas, requirements gathering, draft concepts, wireframes, data cleansing & visualisation option selection, begin developing proof of concepts 3. Workshop 3: June - Data Feeds, Hosting options, design & functionality review & challenge, continue to build/develop 4. Workshop 4: September - Continue to build/develop proof of concepts & data visualisations, refine designs, document methodologies and collate final recommendations for furthering usability of hospital waiting list and other public/open data so it becomes useful for the wider public. Twitter hashtags: #HealthDataIRL #opendataIRL #HospitalWaitingLists Follow and contact: @OKFirl
  3. 3. Who Should Attend? Twitter hashtags: #HealthDataIRL #opendataIRL #HospitalWaitingLists Follow and contact: @OKFirl The workshop is hosted for citizens by citizens - everyone with an interest in doing something for the greater good of the Irish people and exploring how we can use public data on hospital waiting lists is welcome. Attendees will have support from and access to a range of subject matter experts and ‘end users’ - i.e. patients and citizens. We will use a proven concept of diverse group work where potential end users of hospitals (i.e. patients and other citizens) will partner with professionals in the fields of technology, digital, user experience, analytics, etc. to develop innovative ideas and use case scenarios for improving the performance of the current hospital wait times.
  4. 4. What you need to attend Your laptop Your story Your skill → Let us worry about the rest Twitter hashtags: #HealthDataIRL #opendataIRL #HospitalWaitingLists Follow and contact: @OKFirl
  5. 5. One Day Workshop Agenda Twitter hashtags: #HealthDataIRL #opendataIRL #HospitalWaitingLists Follow and contact: @OKFirl 9.30am - 10.45am Arrival, Opening & Formation of working groups around themes 11am - 12.15pm ● Working groups made up of patients, citizens and diverse groups of subject matter experts begin research, discussion and development of draft approach to chosen theme / problematic ● Groups have access to public data experts, patients and owners of public data to explore problems that need/can be solved using public data 12.15pm - 12.45pm Groups share approach they have discussed and can get input from wider audience 12.45pm - 1.30pm Lunch 1.30pm - 3pm Work continues in working groups + Coffee Break 3.30pm - 5.30pm Strategy session with all working groups (their insights from research, interviews and discussions) - Goal is to develop potential use case scenarios for the now public data on hospital waiting lists and a set of recommendations to increase usability of hospital waiting list data. 6pm Agree next steps for follow-up workshops & social get together to celebrate a day spent working for the greater good
  6. 6. What do we want to achieve? Twitter hashtags: #HealthDataIRL #opendataIRL #HospitalWaitingLists Follow and contact: @OKFirl 1. Ensure the newly published data on hospital wait times continues to be published - we think this can be achieved by creating scenarios where citizens will utilise this data on a daily basis - incentivising the regular publishing of this data. 2. Create an accountability mechanism which enables citizens to monitor performance on hospital wait times. 3. Creating useful tools for the citizen using public data such as hospital waiting lists: e.g. an app or web tool that let’s you see which hospital has got the longest wait times so you can select where you might want to get your treatment 4. Begin to create useful tools and scenarios for how public data can be used to improve the lives of all citizens to encourage public bodies and those that hold data to continue publishing high value data sets relevant to the public.
  7. 7. What is this? Twitter hashtags: #HealthDataIRL #opendataIRL #HospitalWaitingLists Follow and contact: @OKFirl Workshop 1 Identify options & opportunities to use HWL Data (e.g. web apps and data visualisations) Workshop 2 Short list ideas & proof of concepts. Begin requirements gathering & design. Workshop 3 Continue design & build as well as data match & merge and visualisation Workshop 4 Finalise designs, data visualisations, proof of concepts and recommendations for making HWL data useful Ongoing liaison with data owners (DPER, HSE, NTPF, etc.), and those that can put this data to use to benefit the Irish public. Inputs: Patient stories and experiences, public hospital waiting list data, subject matter experts and enthusiasm + data owners (HSE, NTPF, Dept. of Public Expenditure & Reform). Tickets Outputs: Proof of concepts, tools, products, and data visualisations that showcase the value of making Hospital Wait Time data publicly available to all citizens. Outputs of the workshop will be published and utilised to work with public bodies to encourage the building of tools and continued publishing of high value data sets that can improve the lives of all people.
  8. 8. A Citizen Centred Approach Our experience of progressing the number of public data sets available in Ireland from zero to 4,500 datasets by working with the government and public services and our history of providing advisory services at the forefront of the Open Data agenda in Ireland and beyond reflects that we’re hugely invested in this space. Our approach is to bring bright, committed talent together in order to use data that has been published (e.g. Hospital Waiting List Data) to create tools that are inherently useful to the citizen,i.e. the end user. There is a need to develop proof of concepts and use case scenarios in order to drive early adoption of publicly available data in Ireland and we are enabling the public bodies and services that own public data to do so. At the same time our purpose is to positively impacting on the life of Irish citizens by addressing the lack of impact Open Data has had on the social domain in Ireland to date. In other words it is time to put public data that is being collected on behalf of the public into use so that the public can benefit from it and we are doing just that by engaging the wider public community in that process. Twitter hashtags: #HealthDataIRL #opendataIRL #HospitalWaitingLists Follow and contact: @OKFirl
  9. 9. We hope to see you there! (Tickets) Any Questions? Twitter hashtags: #HealthDataIRL #opendataIRL #HospitalWaitingLists Follow and contact: @OKFirl Email: Twitter: @OKFirl Phone: Flora - 0851587423