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Simple Queue Service (SQS)    Dayanand Shanmugham                http:...
Simple Queue Service (SQS)                     enables us to store and retrieve mes...
Simple Queue Service (SQS)                        Case: Web Site For “Video Transco...
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Amazon simple queue service


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Amazon simple queue service

  1. 1. Simple Queue Service (SQS) Dayanand Shanmugham January 2013
  2. 2. Simple Queue Service (SQS) enables us to store and retrieve messages – this could be done betweenapplications or between distributed components of an application thatperform different tasks.Key Highlights:1.Message body can contain 64KB of text2.Messages can be sent, received or deleted in batch of 103.Retained in queue for up to for 14 days4.Secure sharing of queue data with other AWS AccountsSample Use Case with respect to how SQS, EC2, S3 and SimpleDB usedtogether is shown in next slide.
  3. 3. Simple Queue Service (SQS) Case: Web Site For “Video Transcoding”1.End users submit videos to be transcoded to the website2.The videos are stored in Amazon S3, and a message (“the request message”) isplaced in an Amazon SQS queue (“the incoming queue”) with a pointer to thevideo and to the target video format in the message3.The transcoding engine, running on a set of Amazon EC2 instances, reads therequest message from the incoming queue, retrieves the video from Amazon S3using the pointer, and transcodes the video into the target format4.The converted video is put back into Amazon S3 and another message (“theresponse message”) is placed in another Amazon SQS queue (“the outgoingqueue”) with a pointer to the converted video5.Metadata about the video (e.g., format, date created and length) is indexed intoAmazon SimpleDB for easy querying6.During this whole workflow, a dedicated Amazon EC2 instance constantlymonitors the incoming queue and based on the number of messages in theincoming queue, dynamically adjust the number of transcoding Amazon EC2instances to meet customers’ response time requirements.