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Amazon s3


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Published in: Technology
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Amazon s3

  1. 1. Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) Dayanand Shanmugham January 2013
  2. 2. Amazon S3 http://[BucketName][Filename]Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) enables us to store data in the cloud. We candownload data or use the data with other AWS services, such as Amazon ElasticCloud Compute (EC2).Features:• Storage as a Service: through Web Service API• Highly Scalable (Unlimited Storage Space)• High Data Durability (99.999999999%)• Highly Available (99.99%)• Server Side Encryption (Data at Rest)• VersioningS3 Basic Concepts: Object Buckets With Region - Geographical location where Buckets Amazon S3 service is available Objects(Storage Container) 1. Fundamental Entity in Buckets 2. Each Object has a unique Key
  3. 3. Proof Of Concept Demo Successful upload of Files of Size “8.6 MB and 7.7 MB” into “Amazon S3 Cloud Storage” using “Java Client Program” – APIs to do this from other languages (.Net, PHP, Python, Ruby) are available
  4. 4. Access Controls IAM policy and Bucket Policy gives Bob & Susan permission to Example#2: IAM policy gives Bob permission to use PutObject on access PutObject on bucket_xyz bucket_xyz & bucket policy gives permission to use ListBucket Example#3: Explicit deny always overrides an allow Example#4: Bucket policy denies upload object (s3:PutObject) permission to everyone if the request does not include the x-amz-server-side- encryption header requesting server-side encryption