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Architecture (Humanities) (HUMSS)


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Summary About Architecture

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Architecture (Humanities) (HUMSS)

  1. 1. WHAT IS THE PRIMARY PURPOSES OF ARCHITECTURE?  Architecture is an art. WHAT IS ARCHITECTURE? Since the needs of different periods in history varied, different architectural styles evolved.  is to fulfill a need that lead to its creation..
  2. 2. STYLE • The style must accommodate and express the function of the structure. • It must also address the future. • It must also be able to provide for functions which are unknown at the moment of the construction.
  3. 3. FACTORS AFFECTING ARCHITECTURE • Materials used • Methods used in assembling the materials • Availability of material • Durability and beauty
  4. 4. MATERIALS • Stone and wood have long been used in architecture. • Brick has also been in use from very early times. • Concrete was known and extensively used as early as the roman period. • Other materials like glass and plastic materials are also used by architects today. Lintel Post Post-and-lintel - consists of two vertical posts for support (post) and a horizontal one (lintel)
  5. 5. • The arch is dominant in roman architecture. It is an architectural form built from pieces of wood called voussoirs with joints between them and are arranged in a semicircle. • Cantelever is any structural part projecting horizontally and anchored at one end only. voussoirs
  6. 6. MOST COMMON MATERIALS USED IN ARCHITECTURE • Wood It’s advantage - abundance - relative durability and high tensile and - compression strength Disadvantage - easily destroyed by moisture, insect and fire.
  7. 7. • Stone - is the material used in most of the great architecture of the world where permanence is desired. • Concrete - is a building material made of sand gravel mixed with cement. - high compressive strength • Steel - is a tough alloy of iron in variable amounts. - It is malleable under proper conditions and greatly hardened by sudden cooling.