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Social media marketing


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How hashtags have become a wonderful tool and opportunity for business owners and marketers to boost the effectiveness of their social media marketing strategies.

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Social media marketing

  1. 1. For decades the hashtag symbol was more commonly referred to as the pound sign (while others see it as the all-too-familiar crisscrossing lines used to play tic-tac-toe). In recent years, this seemingly ordinary symbol evolved into greater significance in a modern world slowly but surely being dominated by social media – as a cyber-appendage social media users attach to word strings of certain relevance.
  2. 2. The proliferation and use of hashtags have grown to tremendous popularity that the use of this symbol have become associated or even synonymous to trends and discussions in social media. Tagging keywords, phrases and other strings of texts and letters are what social media users do to track topics and conversations – and provide the ability to other users as well.
  3. 3. How will Hashtags benefit your business?They provide a wonderful tool and opportunity for business owners and digital marketers to boost the strength and effectiveness of their social media marketing campaign. Help Increase your brand awareness Help build relationships Increases brand loyalty # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #
  4. 4. Where hashtags became first used and where it is still very prevalent. They provide a remarkable tool for delivering highly targeted brand messages for brands and businesses using Twitter for social media marketing. You or your targeted audiences can join in on trending conversations which you can view on your Twitter page sidebars. Or you can check them out at and see which ones would be interesting or relevant to your targeted audiences.
  5. 5. It took a while for Facebook to catch on the hashtag craze, even after they incorporated its use back in June 2013. Just like with Twitter, Facebook provides a unique URL for each hashtag you and your targeted audiences can click on and get connected with. Instagram is another social network a steadily growing number of users are going gaga about and is one that is making use of hashtags to provide businesses with an effective tool for influencing and creating brand followers. Hashtags make your Instagram photos discoverable by targeted audiences, otherwise your photos will just remain private.
  6. 6. As your business grow more competitive through digital marketing, boost the effectiveness of your efforts by making use of new and more effective ways of generating interaction and engagement with targeted audiences. Hashtags proved to be a new and exciting way to do just this particularly in boosting your new or existing social media marketing campaign. When used properly, hashtags can be a very powerful tool for connecting with potentially thousands or even millions of targeted audiences worldwide.
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