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What’s Up with Driverless Cars: A Panel Discussion


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These slides were presented on a panel by Dawn Marie Yankeelov, president of Aspectx and executive director of TALK, the Technology Association of Louisville Kentucky in August 2017.

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What’s Up with Driverless Cars: A Panel Discussion

  1. 1. A Look at Current National Legislation Presented By: Dawn Marie Yankeelov, President of Aspectx, and Executive Director, Technology Association of Louisville Kentucky
  2. 2.  Last week: Telsa developing a long-haul, electric semi-truck that can drive itself and move in “platoons” – self-driving tech into the electric truck  19 companies racing to put self-driving cars on the road by 2020, including Google, Toyota, Nissan  Partnership Example In 2016: Uber and Volvo agreed to a $300 million alliance to develop driverless cars. Uber has made a play for the self-driving car space by poaching staff from Carnegie Mellon University's robotics department.
  3. 3.  Federal Automated Vehicles policy in Sept. 2016 ◦ DOT Secretary Elaine Chao looking at revised report now  5 areas to be addressed:  Vehicle safety standards, liability, connectivity, and interoperability, data management, privacy and cybersecurity --Government Computer News, Aug. 9, 2017
  4. 4.  Number of Exemptions on what is required in a car (lift federal cap)  Examination of state laws because states are stepping up in the absence of federal regs  Autonomous measure moving through the House and a bipartisan group in Senate planning to release major legislative package after August recess  Focus on safety and consumer protections—industry would submit Safety Assessment certification  Congress not ready to give power to NHTSA* to require approval of developers of driverless cars  Assessment of vulnerability of cyber attacks on car data and movement—expect a federal advisory committee  --The Hill, August 7, 2017  * National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  5. 5.  Fast Company - Uber and Baidu are eating Ford’s dust in the race for self-driving tech Fortune - Ford pulls ahead of Uber and Waymo when it comes to self-driving cars Los Angeles Times - Tesla, Uber lag in driverless progress, study says; Ford is tops San Francisco Chronicle - Ford, GM and Nissan Lead Self- Driving Research The Washington Post - Who's winning the self-driving car race? It's not the company you think USA Today - Daimler's Mercedes, Bosch to deliver self-driving car by 2021 USA Today - Why your first self-driving car ride may be in a Ford Wired - Detroit is stomping Silicon Valley in the self- driving car race Wired UK - Ford is the leading self- driving car manufacturer – ahead of Waymo, Tesla and Uber