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Locum Solution for General Surgeon Shortage


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CAGS aims to create a centralized co-ordination of locus for the provision of surgical care to remote and rural locations

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Locum Solution for General Surgeon Shortage

  1. 1. A Centralized Co-ordination of Locums for the Provision of Surgical Care to Remote and Rural Locations A CAGS Pilot Project
  2. 2. The Problem Canada, as the 2nd largest country in the world by area, poses a unique geographic challenge to the delivery of universal health care to all Canadians
  3. 3. The Problem Most Canadians live in a very narrow band close to the border with the USA The vast majority of the country, though is sparsely populated The question arises: “How do we provide care to those living in remote areas when population density doesn’t warrant significant health care infrastructure?”
  4. 4. How do we provide care for those Canadians living in the the black area on the map?
  5. 5. CAGS Locum Office Pilot Project It is NOT realistic to have a low volume solo surgical practice in a remote location It may be feasible to have a remote site covered by an ongoing rotation of several surgeons
  6. 6. CAGS Locum Office Pilot Project This model has proven effective in the province of Quebec There are obstacles to providing inter-provincial locum coverage
  7. 7. CAGS Locum Office Pilot Project CAGS is proposing the creation of a centralized office to manage locum coverage across the country This office would aid in matching appropriate candidates to sites that are in need of coverage The office would aid the locum surgeon with the necessary paperwork, etc. to do the job
  8. 8. Trial Site – Thompson, Manitoba
  9. 9. About Thompson Located in Manitoba’s north, Thompson is a mining town of about 13,000 people with a catchment of around 25,000 people
  10. 10. Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) as seen in Thompson
  11. 11. Pisew Falls, Near Thompson
  12. 12. About Thompson Thompson already has Ob/Gyne coverage Anaesthesia is provided by a mix of FRCSC trained and GP anaesthetists Currently, Thompson is staffed by a combination of locum coverage by surgeons from Winnipeg, and a part-time local surgeon
  13. 13. Dates Available • Coverage is needed for the following weeks: – September 22 to October 6 – November 2 to November 17 – December 1 to December 11 – December 22 to January 2 – 2018 not yet organized
  14. 14. Business Details Room and Board is covered Travel expenses are reimbursed Details of remuneration still being worked out Current Remuneration: Weekdays: $1200/day Weekend/Holidays: $2000/day On-call Shifts: $595.94
  15. 15. Issues to Resolve CAGS is working on the details of licensure across jurisdictions Currently, the CAGS office will assist in helping surgeon from outside Manitoba acquire the essential documents Work is being done to reduce the amount of paperwork and fees associated with licensing
  16. 16. The Goal CAGS hopes to create a centralized Locum Office housed at CAGS If we can keep Thompson, Manitoba fully staffed for the next year, we will have proof of concept Once proof of concept is established we can expand the program to other areas of Canada, helping to ensure access to surgical care for all Canadians
  17. 17. Contacts for Questions • At CAGS – Dawn Wilson Office Phone: 613-882-6510 – Dr. Brent Zabolotny Cell Phone: 204-292-0526 • In Winnipeg/Thompson – Dr. Brent Anderson • Medical Director Northern Health Region – Dr. Deborah Mabin