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Social media 101

  1. 1. Networking to Wealth - Guide for Small Busineses on Social Media 101 Dawn Miller, Realtor®, CIPS Exit Realty Central 757-816-4122 Search: DawnMillerHomes Online @DawnMillerHomes on Twitter homes for sale:www.DawnMillerHomes.comComing Soon!www.ILiveinHamptonRoads.comYour Home Online on where to go,what to do in Virginia Beach andBeyond!
  2. 2. Online….More than you think…• media-revolution-video-2011/
  3. 3. Stats You Need To Know• If Facebook were a country, it would be 3rd largest between US and Indonesia• Youtube is # 2 search engine/website• Generation Y and X consider Email „passe‟• 1 in 8 couples married in US in 2009 met on social media• 78-90% of consumers trust peer recommendations• 34% of bloggers, out of 200k million, post opinions on products and brands. (of which 54% blog daily)• 80% of Twitter usage happens off the computer-posting ANYWHERE, ANYTIME! (ie: customer service, bad talking!)
  4. 4. Online & On Mobiles1. 5 Million Text Messages/day2. Smartphones are all about the „apps‟ and all social media have „app‟s3. 2012: 50 billion apps vs. 7 billion in 20094. Mobile Barcode Scanning rose 700% in 20105. Mobile-friend websites are a MUST these days6. Virtual business cards are popular-all contact info where you are online : and mobile-friendly! Combined with Traditional face-to-face networking and online networking – you can continue relationship without as much real face time!
  5. 5. Facebook Stat’s, Cont’d.
  6. 6. Facebook World‟s Most Popular Social Network Founded in Feb. 2004 •52% visit EVERY DAY, vs. 6% LinkedIn, 36% Twitter •22% from High School •12% are co-workers •9% college •3% never met before •Average AGE (2010): 38 years old •Fasting growing: 55-65 yr females More Facebook Stats & Success Stories:
  7. 7. Facebook Users• 206.2 million Internet Users in US: 71.2% are on Facebook• 35 year old+ represent 30% of entire userbase• 20-25 minutes a day is spent on Facebook• One of Fasting growing: 55-65 yr females• 700 Billion minutes a month are spent on Facebook P.S.: You can ‘friend’ me on Facebook:
  8. 8. Facebook Profile Types• Personal Facebook Profile – your personal page.• Fan Page - also known as business page Some people call this a “fan page” to separate it from their personal profile, which they mistakenly call their “Facebook page.” Fan page is non-personal use for businesses, public figures, authors, and others. Facebook calls this your official page. Connections are made when one person decides to like the page• Group Page - This is a tool that allows people to link up based on a common interest or cause. Connections are made when one person decides to become a supporter of the group. You might join a group focused on a television show, a sports team, networking group, small business center/complex or a movie and interact with other people who support it. THINK…everyone I email is on Facebook, so ADD them to a Group, share ideas, schedules, events, etc. accounts/FREE Ebooks (see link above!)I follow her on Twitter: @ SocialMediaDIY
  9. 9. Facebook Personal Profile• Be Yourself, BUT Be a “conservative version” of yourself• 80/20 rule: 80% personal, 20% business• 1 in 4 ratio – one post/update of your own and 3-4 comments on others• No more than 3 personal posts/updates a day• Completely fill out INFO section –all websites, email address, be personable• Do NOT always have „business‟ picture as profile picture• Post Pictures and Video• Tag people, business, products, events in your updates• “Like” people‟s status and other fan pages• Get the “app” if you have a smartphone-saves times, majority updates from there• MUST have a PERSONAL profile page in order to create a Business or fan page P.S.- SIX degrees of Separation is NOW 3! Thanks to Facebook and Social Media • its-only-3-thanks-facebook
  10. 10. Facebook Fan Pages1. Fan or Business Page is Indexable and searchable on Google.2. Stats show that Facebook users search for businesses, services just as much here as on Google.3. You can create a „vanity‟ Facebook URL: Ie: Your Fans can „tag‟ your business in their Status – you get mentioned and may create more „fans‟5. Your Fans can „check-in‟ to your business6. Promote your Facebook page on print materials7. Add applications, additional tabs for generate contact info/leads, offer more info, etc Tutorial on Creating a Fan Page: for-your-business-1/
  11. 11. Facebook Fan Pages Content1. Interact Interact Interact2. Post Specials – offer Discounts for „fans‟3. Post Pictures of New products4. Post Video of products, workers, behind the scenes5. Shout-out customers6. Post once/day to start; more with 500 or more fans7. Create Events (fill out info as much as possible)8. Other Tabs or applications can be created on fan pages for additional interaction9. Work to create a sense of community- post helpful content and incite comments
  12. 12. Promote Facebook Fan Page1. Invite from your Personal Facebook Friends List2. Facebook “search” box (enter in your type of business)3. Facebook Social Ads – the ads on right side. $15-20/day for 4-5 days4. Application that posts to your Twitter account5. Put on all print material6. Fan Page „widget‟ box that can go on all7. Social media accounts – see as example and tutorial : Settings: allow Fans to post pictures they take of your product/service to go to their wall and into their friend‟s feedTOP Small Business Fan Pages: facebook-pages-2011-winners/Example of Successful Fan page: - will post Facebook post straight to Twitter
  13. 13. 135 Million Professionals use this social Networking site to exact information, ideas and opportunities. More and more employers are using site to fine new employees Think of it as your „online resume‟ Only 6% of users log in every day101 Ways to use Linkedin:
  14. 14. 1. Target Searches- zip codes or by title of decision makers2. Track who’s been looking at your profile3. Research for business you’re trying to win and generate industry info4. Provide Information5. Participate in Groups6. Set up a Company Page7. Post Updates8. Find previous co-workers9. One or two connections away from ‘warm’ lead/call10. Get Mobile App
  15. 15. Twitter 200 Million Users with 36% daily use “Biggest Online Cocktail Party” Micro-blogging Platform 140 Characters –text, video, pictures, links What is Happening: I am in #socialmedia seminar 4 #smbiz w/ @dawnmillerhomes #hrva #realtor cc:@exitcentral RT plz! My Twitter Name : @DawnMillerHomes
  16. 16. Twitter1. Think of it as a Text message (with picture, video, link)2. Send out @ message, (or mention message) to a particular follower/name (they see it and everyone else sees it)3. Direct Message – DM – is a private message like email4. Use a # hashtag when talking about a topic, industry, idea, area : #hrva –Hampton Roads Virginia5. If you post more than 5 times/day on Facebook – you need Twitter!6. Say what‟s on your mind in creative way! Small talk, My Twitter followers are my NEW BFF‟s. It is OK to miss some of their updates as they are short/sweet, and gone in 60 seconds
  17. 17. How to Make Twitter Easy1. Automate your Tweets through –or -schedule tweets, update multiple social media accounts at once, shorten URL‟s.2. Use Mobile/smartphone app : UberSocial3. Only Have 1 Twitter account for each business4. Small Talk and share– business is boring, find „crafty‟ way to talk shop5. Use picture of YOU, not logo (it will avoid spammers)6. Fill out profile, bio – and search for followers with common interests, industries7. Think of a Tweet as a text message. to Use Twitter for Business step?src=related_normal&rel=5562699
  18. 18. Automate & Schedule Your Tweets & Posts• Try – FREE download to computer (with online cloud-login anywhere!• Will schedule, automate, feed, etc. your Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin• Unlimited Users and Profiles/accounts for Facebook/Twitter (personal and unlimted fan)• Schedule on your Smartphones, too!• Location Targeting! Connect with people in same place as you!• Ps- Abbreviations you should know:
  19. 19. Twitter for Small Business1. Use Hashtags to define what you are talking about, gain followers2. Hold Contests/promotions/coupons with link to website3. Tweet INFO with a link to your site- think of it as a „teaser‟4. Link your Blog to Twitter account5. Use to find followers/users anywhere!6. Use or to „get listed‟ yourself and get more followers7. Live Tweet events! Ie: Sporting events, seminars8. Participate in #FF – Follow Friday, #TT, Travel Tuesday, Trending Topics, #TTOT, #hrva, #vabeach, #smbiz, #rva (Richmond VA)9. Participate in Twitter Chats – a list here: Look for Twitter in other medias to engage in conversation (i.e.: CNN‟s Black in America, BET, ESPN)11. Twitter is a great way to find ways to be a guest blogger or find some12. Tweet when you did something COOL! With a picture and Video!13. Make Twitter Name same as your business or same as other profile names
  20. 20. K40 #1 site for Online Entertainment #2 most visited website 15-20 minutes a day spent watching videosIdeas on What to Video: Youtube Set-up Tutorial:
  21. 21. Check out a Video I did with Dawn Crocker about training: Consumers are looking for „real‟ video, non-commerical-ish, something real2. Video content is all around us! Pretend your new to the area, or new to your type of business3. What makes you unique? What are you own hobbies?4. Introduce your staff- waving „hi‟ to camera or 20-40 seconds speaking5. Keep video under 3 minutes6. Do a tutorial/ how-to with screen capture programs, Jing7. 10-second tempting video –teaser video8. Customer testimonial9. Show-off office, demonstrate new product10. Go behind the scenes-video is watched when it is not a commerical11. “More Value, less advertising” small.html
  22. 22. Video and Hyperlocal: 2k12 Words for more $$$1. Don‟t Wait to Get fancy equipment-just start!2. Try „one-shot, no-editing‟ videos3. Use „video‟ on digital camera or on smartphone w/ direct upload to Youtube4. $100 Flipcam with basic editing software5. Webcam within computers to record and send direct to youtube6. Screen-sharing programs, Jing, for „tutorial‟s, send direct to youtube7. $3-30 tripods for smartphones and cameras- (bendable „pods)8. to turn pictures into video –free to $60/year9. – video creating and sharing site10. Create QR Code and link it to a video11. Remember: A Video will be watched more than same info in a blog, letter,etc.12, When video is upload to youtube, you have link and HTML code for social media My Channel:
  23. 23. BlogsBlogs are NOW people‟s sole websites! Type of site that is updated frequently, interactive, informational, commentary. Blogging is basically keeping an online journal. Blogging sites have become increasingly popular, where people can write, or rant, about whatever subject they want, for anyone to read. There are over 200,000,000 blogs, of which 54% blog on a daily basis. “Word of Mouth, Becomes WORLD of Mouth” Blogs enable customer loyalty, instant feedback, you can share your knowledge and position yourself as expert, can capture more consumer contact information from other social medias. Vendors, industry peeps can help write blogs and increases your creditibility Remember: 78-90% of consumers trust peer recommendations, only 14% trust advertisements- Blogs are not advertisements but you can still control what is being written, then monitor comments Can you Believe this Newspaper in Iowa is a Blog?!?
  24. 24. Blog Use – pay monthly hosting, get your own domain Example of Wordpress site: Did you Know you can Blog on Facebook (notes tab) and Google? ( Simple, Free and Easy Blog Platform with Templates NOW mobile friendly; can post blogs via emailList of FREE blogging sites: Step by Step Video Tutorial on how to Start a Wordpress blog: My NEW blog, coming soon:
  25. 25. Google
  26. 26. Google97% of consumers search for local businesses onlineGet Google places – list your business for free on google. ADD description, hours, pictures, video, free google phone number, calendar, doc‟sWhy Small Businesses Should Use Google+
  27. 27. Tips, Tricks, ToolsSharing and Researching Presentations in Slideshare-Converts PDF info HTML, and a hyperlink ,can embed, sharethroughout social mediawww.slideshare.netReceive and Send large Files: www.yousendit.comSimple, effective small business marketing site:www.ducktapemarketing.comFile Sync Tool: www.dropbox.omImage sharing and hosting tool: recorder and editor for podcasting: www.audacity.comCreate Videos from your images: www.Animoto.comComputer Screen Capture software: www.surveymonkey.comMaking HTML/online ads:“Mini-relocation guide” -Offer specials, people can check-in and goes to all social media:
  28. 28. Tips, Tricks, ToolsFREE QR Code Creator: www.smartytags.comFREE individual, mobile-friendly property website with 1-800-call capture phone number, QR code, HTML creator for ads –your Tidewater Mortgage loan officer! (but wait-there‟s more-ask them!)FREE automated marketing system to your real estate clients- courtesy of Vintage Title! Digital doc‟s online, e-marketing regularily! But Wait! There‟s more! SEE Vintage Title for more info! Real Estate Book – NEW and upgraded offerings! Mobile- friendly property site, QR Codes, upload additional pictures online, Text codeHow about „places‟ online for subdivisions, neighbor interaction? Ie: Group page or Fan Page on Facebook. Or websites like –social networks for communities
  29. 29. Tips/Tricks/ResourcesI-phone users: –picture app. 2k12 app of the year in the making!Shorten & share your URL‟s/website links: www.bit.lyPersonalized speaking Avatar/profile to use in social media: www.voki.comMindmapping tool: www.freemind.sourceforge.netPhoto-editing tool: www.picnik.comArticle on Niche Networking Status/Profile Updates: http://www.statusupdate.netFan Page naming: your brand, see what others are saying about yourproduct/service in real time: and
  30. 30. Thank you!I‟m just a “small business” like yourself using social media to promote real estate. I love being social, so I love social media. I probably spent the first 2 years doing it wrong, and now I just post, comment, update, upload, etc what I feel is interesting and helpful. And more importantly, try to interact, comment and help others! My Video channel and Blog is what I need the most help with and strive to get better in 2012! If you‟re like to feature your business, product, service, charity, on my channels, sites, and social networks- for FREE- let me know!Help keep me accountable! Video and hyperlocal are taking over! And Ask me any questions…social media, online networking , Caribbean, Virginia Beach or real estate! Dawn Miller Exit Realty Central @DawnMillerHomes on TwitterP.S.: I LOVE the Caribbean. I could probably help you sell, promote, marketing, publicize your business, product, service there….P.P.S: I love Virginia Beach/Hampton Roads area too! I‟m a full-time Realtor and I am really good at what I do!