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Tips on how to use LinkedIn to manage and grow your professional network. Learn how to use all the features of LinkedIn to prospect, network and showcase your credibility and expertise. Give your LinkedIn profile a makeover to present your business self in the best possible way.

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How to Guide on LinkedIn

  1. 1. LINE OF BUSINESS 1How-To Guide on LinkedIn
  2. 2. Table Of Contents2Social Media•LinkedIn Statistics & Demographics•What can LinkedIn do for Me?•Step 1: Setting up Your Profile•Basic Info•Tips on What to Write for each Section•Tips on a Great Profile•Other Sections you Can Add•Step 2: Connect•Join Groups•Recommendations & Endorsements•Post an Update•Profile Stats•LinkedIn Visualization
  3. 3. LinkedIn Statistics• 101,000,000 members worldwide• 70% of LinkedIn members are aged 25-54• The industry sector with the largest presence is IT followed by Finance• 95% Are College Educated, 37% Are Post-Grads• LinkedIn Is Ranked #1 For A25-54 HHI $150K+ (Index 338)• 24% Have A Portfolio Value of $250K+• 56% Have An Account With An Online Brokerage• 60% Have An Account With An Offline Brokerage3Social Media
  4. 4. What Can LinkedIn Do for Me? Establish & control your professional profile Connect with clients, colleagues, vendors & prospects Stay top of mind with your connections and network Build credibility with recommendations &endorsements Join and participate in groups to network & prospect Showcase your expertise and knowledge4Social Media
  5. 5. 5Step 1: Setting Up Your ProfileMake a GREAT 1stImpression•Upload a professional headshot•Connect your profile to your company page when prompted•Create a headline of what you do with keywords people search for•Your headline will show with your picture to others in the news feed•List your last few jobs and responsibilities to build credibility•Complete the Summaries & Specialties Sections of your Profile•Join Groups on LinkedIn to match your industry•Add any associations you belong to & personal interests•For more info on how to create a great profile, click here:•And for a video:Social Media
  6. 6. Basic InformationYour headline will be seen with your name, this is yourchance to let people know what you do in one phrase.6Social Media
  7. 7. Tips on What to Write for Each SectionPersonalizeyour Profile7Social Media
  8. 8. 8Tips on a Great ProfileSecure your Vanity URL1. Edit Profile2. Click “Customize your public profileURL”3. Choose your real name as yourURL4. Add this to your email signature andany social sites your onCustomize the Websites on yourprofileAdd any landing pages (up to 3 othersites)Make your Profile Viewable toEveryoneVisit LinkedIn’s TrainingCenter for more detailson how to set up aprofile: Media
  9. 9. OverviewSectionsCertificationsLanguagesPatentsPublicationsSkillsApplicationsBlog FilesCreative Portfolio DisplayE-BookshelfEventsGoogle PresentationHuddle WorkspacesLawyer RatingsLegal UpdatesMy TravelPollsProjects and TeamspacesReal Estate ProSAP Community BioSlideShare PresentationsTweetsWordPressOptional Sections you can add to your profile9You can connect to our blog when it’s up throughWordPress, or show people what’s on your reading listwith E-Bookshelf. Click for more: Media
  10. 10. Step 2: Connect• Connect w/Colleagues first to build up your connections• Under Companies, Search for Webster Bank & Webster Financial• Connect with your Business Partners & Investors• Connect with Prospects• Join relevant Groups on LinkedIn to exchange ideas and information• How to Find People• Type the person’s name in the search bar• Upload your email contacts through the Add Connections• Once you find someone you know, click Add to my Network10Social Media
  11. 11. Join & Participate in GroupsStep 1: Find Groups• Go to Profile  Groups to find relevant groups• Search keywords under Group Directory• Click on Groups You May Like to browse• Create your own group to spark conversation and network• Once you join or create a group, participate in the conversationStep 2: Participate• After joining a group, add value to the conversation & participate• Great source of leads or access to industry knowledgeSocial Media 11
  12. 12. Build Credibility with Recommendations & EndorsementsSocial Media 12• The most powerful form of socialmarketing is when someone else sellsyour product for you• Recommendations and Endorsementsshowcase your credibility to the world• To get a Recommendation orEndorsement, try giving them out first• Recommendations & Endorsementsare shared in the LinkedIn news feed• Go to Profile  Recommendations tomanage yours & ask or give one• Click here to learn about Endorsements• If you’re governed by FINRA, read this
  13. 13. Post a Status Update to Your LinkedIn Network to Stay Top of Mind• Update your LinkedIn network with a status update and let them know what you’vebeen working on, what news you recommend, or to spark conversation• LinkedIn status updates are similar to Twitter & Facebook status updates• You can push your tweets from LinkedIn to Twitter, or send your LinkedIn updatesto your Twitter feed by installing an app• LinkedIn now has the capability to @ mention someone like Twitter• You can also comment, like, or share other people’s updatesSocial Media 13
  14. 14. View Your Profile Stats & Ask for Introductions14See who’s looking at your profile.Located on the bottom right sideof your Home page.Social MediaThe power of LinkedIn is in theconnections of your connections.See who you’re connected to and ask forintroductions.
  15. 15. 15LinkedIn Visualization of my NetworkSocial MediaThis is a visualization of my LinkedIn network and howeveryone is connected. Get connected!
  16. 16. Thank you!Dawn MeleskoSocial Media Community ManagerWebster BankO: (203) 741-4783 with Webster Bank Media