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  1. 1. International Organizations
  2. 2. Intergovernmental Organization IGO Non-governmental Organization NGO • established by treaty • is a legal entity w/ int’l legal status - can enter into treaties • probably has a legislative body (of gov’t representatives) • may have a dispute resolution body • may have an executive body (secretariat) • no international legal status • non-governmental representatives • may serve consultative role to IGOs • some are very influential
  3. 3. • facilitating and participating in treaty making • producing soft law via non-treaty obligations from resolutions, declarations, etc. IGOs play a role in creating international law:
  4. 4. international agencies
  5. 5. International agencies Other subject headings to consider: • intergovernmental cooperation • international organization • regionalism (international organization) • or search by ind'l organization name
  6. 6. atomic .int
  7. 7. But rememb er that many int'l orgs have a domain of .org instead of .int
  8. 8. Periodical Articles •Lexis & Westlaw • LegalTrac • Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals • Index to Legal Periodicals
  9. 9. Columbia International Affairs Online • gathers working & occasional papers from research institutes, NGOs, foundations and conferences • includes much full text even w/o a subscription
  10. 10. Directories and Research Guides
  11. 11.
  12. 12. provides information and links to helpful IGO and NGO resources
  13. 13. Concise source of information about int’l organizations, including IGOs, NGOs, and others: •address •Purpose •Publications •consultative status •relations with IGOs
  14. 14. The Union of International Associations publishes the Yearbook of International Organizations and provides an online version (subscription only). Other resources on the site are free, however. The Law Library gets the yearbook in print occasionally and the Main Library gets it every year.
  15. 15. United Nations United Nations
  16. 16. UN Research: getting started
  17. 17. General Assembly Resolutions
  18. 18. sudan
  19. 19. PDF of the document
  20. 20. UN Official Documentation System - ODS
  21. 21. Draft documents are produced as “masthead” or “mimeographed” docs - we buy and shelve in the Basement by their document #, e.g., “A/55/582/Add.1” Resolution #
  22. 22. Sample UN Document Numbers
  23. 23. Access UN - index to UN documents - does contain some full-text but is mostly just an index Get to Access UN through GIL or through GALILEO Access UN Access UN
  24. 24. Use the document number to search further online or to find print copy in the Basement
  25. 25. •the official records for that UN entity, e.g., GAOR is the official records of the General Assembly, SCOR is for Security Council Official Records; or • the online version •See Rule 21.7.2 •The Main Library subscribes to the official records •We purchase selected official records, including the supplement coming out after each GA session containing all resolutions and decisions from that session •Bluebook requires that you cite UN resolutions to:
  26. 26. Supplement to GAOR containing resolutions
  27. 27. TITLE: Yearbook of the United Nations The The Yearbook of the United Nations details the many activities of the Organization and its organs, programs and bodies, as they are carried out in all corners of the globe. Each volume is fully indexed and reproduces all major General Assembly, Security Council and Economic and Social Council resolutions issued during the year.
  28. 28. Some UN resolutions available in Djonovich collection:
  29. 29. International Tribunals •International Court of Justice •Regional courts •International criminal tribunals •Int’l Tribunal for Law of the Sea
  30. 30. Books, articles, working papers, news re conferences and other int’l tribunal activities
  31. 31. Legal Consequences of the Construction of a Wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, Advisory Opinion, 2004 I.C.J. 136 (July 9). Citation per Bluebook Rule 21.5.1:
  32. 32. Info re Westlaw database for ICJ decisions
  33. 33. Info re Lexis database for ICJ decisions
  34. 34. World Trade Organization we have many titles in Law Library with this subject heading
  35. 35. WTO site is great source for documents
  36. 36. agreements Dispute documents e.g., panel reports
  37. 37. WTO database search by subject: click on the subject (issue)
  38. 38. Hyperlink
  39. 39. The downloaded document is in Word
  40. 40. Westlaw info page on WTO/GATT Panel Decisions
  41. 41. Lexis GATT/WTO panel decisions info note
  42. 42. EMAIL ALERTS and RSS Feeds to keep you current Just another representative IGO – look for these types of features on IGO sites
  43. 43. NGOs
  44. 44.
  45. 45. Human Rights Documents database • human rights documents of NGOs • 1980 to late 2000s • includes “grey” literature • linked from Research Resources