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Digital Marketing Toolbox by Dawn Jensen


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Digital marketing tools, tips, and techniques by Social Media speaker Dawn Raquel Jensen @dawnrjensen of Virtual Options Coaching & Training @virtualoptions

Dawn is a social media coach, speaker, and digital marketing trainer who supports CEOs, leadership teams, and committed entrepreneurs in utilizing social platforms and tools to create visibility, establish wider credibility or become trusted advisors and industry leaders. For more information about Dawn, visit: or on Facebook -

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Digital Marketing Toolbox by Dawn Jensen

  1. 1. Digital MarketingToolboxTools, Tactics and Strategy
  2. 2. Dawn Raquel JensenSocial Business Catalystdawn@virtualoptions.netwww.virtualoptions.netWeb FanMe: @dawnrjensenWork: @virtualoptions
  3. 3. SlidedeckQ & AAdditional support
  4. 4. Digital Embassy & Outpost: OverviewVisibilityStart SmallCredibilityBuildDeliberatelyTribe BuilderBe Consistent
  5. 5. Research first: Litmus Test:Web Tools:•••
  6. 6. Research first: Litmus
  7. 7. Research first: Litmus
  8. 8. Research first: Litmus
  9. 9. Research first: Litmus Test:Web Tools:••• Tools:••
  10. 10. Digital Embassy & Outpost: OverviewVisibilityStart Small•Top Social Networks•Honed By Industry•Shaped by marketCredibilityBuildDeliberately•Content Curated•Dedicated Tools &Tech•Automatic systemTribe BuilderBe Consistent•Blogs•Posts•Engagement•Timing
  11. 11. Social Platforms:Digital Embassies and OutpostsWebsiteBlog(Hybrid) | © Virtual Options Coaching & Training 2012 |
  12. 12. About TwitterSix out of 10 small-business owners saythey believe social-media tools arevaluable to their companys growth—butmost arent impressed by Twitter Inc.
  13. 13. #1: Establish Your Online ReputationSocial media can help you create a stronger onlinepresence, so old news doesn’t turn up at the top ofsearch results.If you don’t control your brand, someone else may postinaccurate or derogatory information that could tarnishyour
  14. 14. #2 Control Responses During A Crisis• How a crisis is handled online makes a hugedifference to the future ramifications.• Monitor and respond to customers who writeon your wall or messages to resolve anyissues and let users know they’re heard.
  15. 15. #2 Control Responses During A Crisis• Set up tools and a strategy to monitor theconversation, so you aren’t surprised with theconversations happening about your brand.
  16. 16. #3: Monitor Conversations• Keep up-to-date with what is beingsaid about your brand online.• Monitor your brand for mentions withsocial media monitoring tools.
  17. 17. Other Tools to Use to
  18. 18. The Take-away• Social media is real-time• The faster your brand responds, the betteryour customer service will appear.• While people have the right to voice theircomplaints, it’s up to you to remedy thesituation.
  19. 19. The Take-awayTurn negative comments into positiveopportunities.Social media is public, your quality customerservice will be seen by other users and mayinfluence their purchase decisions.
  20. 20. Myth:“If I build it, they will come.”Develop a strategy to attract fans
  21. 21. Sample Editorial Content CalendarJanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugustSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecemberImportanteventsAmerican RedCross MonthAdministrativeProfessionals WeekApril 22-28Mothers Day,Memorial Day May28 Fathers DayIndependenceDay July 4 Labor dayBosses DayOctober 16 Thanksgiving ChristmasTopic #1Topic #2Topic #3Topic #4Topic #5QuoteArticle #1Article #2Article #3Article #4Seasonal EventsEvent #1Event #2Event #31) Set Strategy and Create …
  22. 22. Digital Embassies and Outposts Create Social Platforms Update Existing Information Connect F/F/F Social Sites Enhance Profiles & Pages
  23. 23. DigitalEmbassies& Outposts
  24. 24. Create Social CapitalEstablish & Enhance Social ProfilesBecome the trusted advisor in your niche byEducate | Inform | InspireEntertain | EmpowerManage the consistency between personal& professional
  25. 25. 1. Start SmallFoundation:5-7 Established WorkingDigital Platforms, Built out,Connected with TailoredContentTailor to top tier SocialMedia
  26. 26. Build Social TrustFactorBlogging, blog commentingQuora Questions & BlogParticipate in Linked in Groups or start oneVideo, PodcastingCreate Facebook Group
  27. 27. 2) Build Deliberately
  28. 28. “Fish Where The Fish Are”
  29. 29. Establish Social AuthorityConsistent PostsGuest PostingROI from Social CalendarRepurpose content and syndicateacross platforms
  30. 30. Build Social Authority : PodcastOriginal ContentPodcast Tools/Apps• Spreaker – 20 hours• Voicebo – 5 minutes• Audioboo – 3 minutesRSS | iTunes | Embeds
  31. 31. Video ApplicationsVineCreates 6-second short,looping videos• Unlimited uploads andfree• Instantly post videos onVine, then share to Twitterand Facebook• Find, follow, andinteract with people closeto youTout• Use your smartphoneas a real-timeinformation network• Creates15-secondvideo updates• Broadcast toFacebook, Twitter, orWebsite widget
  32. 32. 4) Be ConsistentBe consistent inwhat and whenyou post.Get on aschedule.Use tools to worksmarter, notharder
  33. 33. Extend Social Reach• Create additional layers of theSocial Media Cake• Other Digital Platforms– Slideshare– Pinterest**– Quora**– Instagram
  34. 34. Leverage Social Currency:ContentOriginal Content– Blog Posts– Whitepapers– Marketing Collateral– E-books– Reports– Podcasts– VideoCurated Content(my favorites)––––
  35. 35. 5) Work Smarter• Editorial or Social Mediacontent calendar• Time your posts usingprograms like
  36. 36. Curation Tools
  37. 37. Spundge.comSpundge is one of thebest collaborative andintelligent contentplatform
  38. 38.
  39. 39. create anewsfeedbased onyourinterests
  40. 40.
  41. 41. Work-Related: ProductivityTools
  42. 42.
  43. 43. is an application that provides"clipboard buffering" — that is, access to textthat youve cut or copied, even if youvesubsequently cut or copied something else.The goal of Jumpcuts interface is to providequick, natural, intuitive access to yourclipboards history.• Free• Allows you to store (andeasily retrieve)• 40+ copied or cut things fromyour clipboard
  44. 44.
  45. 45. our teamsquickly andefficiently.
  46. 46. www.getpocket.comWhen youfindsomethingyou want toview later,put it inPocket.
  47. 47.
  48. 48.• Manage your contacts for a holistic view of fan,follower and subscriber engagement• Create and send beautiful email newsletters• Manage your Twitter accounts and Facebookpages• Send text message alerts for special last minuteoffers
  49. 49. Swayy.comSwayy provides you thecontent you want on asimple sharing platformto engage your targetaudience.
  50. 50. www.friendsplus.meShare Google+ toFacebook, Twitterand LinkedinAutomatic reposts ofpublicly publishedGoogle+ activity toFacebook, Twitterand LinkedIn.
  51. 51.
  52. 52.
  53. 53. Movenote.comRecord video alongsidedocuments or picturesto create an integratedvideo presentation withslides.Creating presentations iseasy and fast. Simplyrecord video with yourdevice and swipe tosynchronize the slides tothe video. Presentationsare shared by sending alink to the recipient andcan be viewed withoutthe app.
  54. 54. most beautifullysimple way to manage,share, and deliverpresentations.Video link:
  55. 55.
  56. 56. SlidedeckQ & AAdditional support
  57. 57. SlidedeckQ & AAdditional support
  58. 58. Be a Social Media Firestarter!Get more clientsCreate greater impactMake more money through Social platformsAccess checklists, templates, presentations,resources, on-demand Q&A, and virtualtraining sessionsSign up or Special :Pre-launch price $19/month
  59. 59. Want a SocialBusiness CoachingSession?1. Fill out form2. Set your date
  60. 60. Questions??
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  62. 62. Digital MarketingToolboxTools, Tactics and Strategy