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Marketing Your Event Using Social Media


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This was a quick background talk given to the Women's Executive Exchange by Social Business Trainer and Digital Marketing Speaker Dawn Raquel Jensen at the Citrus Club in Orlando, FL . #SocialMedia #Events #Marketing #VirtualOptions #DawnJensen

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Marketing Your Event Using Social Media

  1. 1. Marketing Your Event Using Social Media Prepared by Dawn Raquel Jensen
  2. 2. Dawn Raquel Jensen Social Media Speaker Digital Marketing Coach Social Business Trainer
  3. 3. Your Events: Create a Social Promotion Plan
  4. 4. Planning & Prepping Your Event Before the Event • Unique memorable hashtag • Company/Org Hashtag • Eventbrite to Facebook Page During The Event • Live tweeting • Photos • Video • Live streaming After the Event • Email follow up • Feedback* • Photos • Social Recap
  5. 5. Event Marketing: Before Social Promotion Plan Highlight Guest of Honor Promote Content Offline Schedule Tweets for Day of the Event Use Targeted Ads (*Budget)
  6. 6. Highlighting Your Guest of Honor “Like as Page” Share their Page Twitter Handle Popular video or blog post Include hashtag Call to Action
  7. 7. Liking As Your Page…
  8. 8. Sample Social Promotion Plan Facebook Event page • Use descriptions filed • Include all relevant links • Introduce official hashtag Twitter Templates • Official hashtag • Trackable shortened URL • Official Twitter handles of notable speakers (@virtualoptions, @dawnrjensen) Pinterest Create Pinboards • Workshops • Guest Speakers • Artists • Venue • Flyer • Merch • Keywords & Descriptions Instagram Queue up • Photos from previous events • Flyer • Include official hashtag • Video Clips • Testimonials • Speaker shout outs LinkedIn Publisher • Post to Groups • Company Page • Create Showcase Page
  9. 9. LinkedIn Groups & Pages
  10. 10. Facebook Groups for Events
  11. 11. Social Promotion •  Create a Highlight Reel •  Use Visual Testimonials •  Empower Fans and Attendees with Shareable Assets •  Tweetables •  Instagram •  Pinterest Images •  Audio •  Video •  Articles •  Press Releases •  Blog •  Graphics
  12. 12. Social Promotion II •  Use Photos of Attendees for Social Posting •  Share picture of speaker with quote overlays •  Create a Group Featuring Event Speakers •  Intro or welcome video
  13. 13. Who are your event or brand ambassadors? Are you equipping them with information? Are you connected with them online?
  14. 14. Follow up – Follow on •  What’s next? •  Will your survey? •  Pre-sales for next event?
  15. 15. Social Platforms: Digital Embassies and Outposts Website Facebook LinkedIn Pinterest/ Instagram SlideShare Twitter YouTube/Vimeo/ Snapchat Yelp/Foursquare Vine/Periscope/ Meerkat *Google+ | ©2015 Virtual Options Coaching & Training |
  16. 16. @virtualoptions, @dawnrjensen Need help for your next event? Let’s Connect!
  17. 17.