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Let's Get You Noticed - Notes


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Social Business Coach and Advisor Dawn Jensen of Virtual Options Coaching and Training provided an overview of ways business can build momentum in creating online presence.
Here's some of the tools mentioned in the overview.

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Let's Get You Noticed - Notes

  1. 1. Virtual Options Coaching & Training Social Media Coaching | Social Business Training |Advisory Book: www. Notes from “Let’s Get You Noticed” Seven Steps to Expanding Your Business Presence Online 1. PREP - Ensure all Social Media Platform URLs are claimed a. b. 2. PLAN - Get Clear on Who You Are for the People You Serve a. Let Technology do the heavy lifting b. Use Social Media Mgmt tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, PostPlanner, or Edgar, e.g. c. Don’t be afraid to get help. It can be like adding jet fuel to the business 3. PRESENCE - Provide Consistent Branding/Channel Art/Social Media graphics a. b. Understand who you are for the people you serve and where they reside online 4. POSITION Understand What Your Business is there to do online for the business a. Ask for reviews (Facebook, Google+) and Recommendations (LinkedIn) b. Build your own Content c. Post Consistently 5. PIVOT - Invest time and money in building your own content a. Expand what’s working b. Focus main content on two to three platforms 6. PLATFORM – Your voice -Point of View Body of Wisdom a. Use LinkedIn Pulse to inform and educate b. Extend Your Presence on sites like Quora (answer questions) c. Remarket content on Medium, LinkedIn Pulse d. Look at guest posting and contributing opportunities Prep Plan Presence Position Pivot Platform