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Social Media: Personal Branding and Online Reputation by Dawn Jensen


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Personal Branding and Online Reputation Management presentation given to the International Association of Administrative Professionals by Social Media Speaker Dawn Raquel Jensen, January 2013 - @dawnrjensen, @virtualoption,

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Social Media: Personal Branding and Online Reputation by Dawn Jensen

  1. 1. Online Reputation Me: @dawnrjensen Work: @virtualoptions
  2. 2. Web FanEmail: Web: Linkedin:
  3. 3. Other recent interests..
  4. 4. HandoutFeedback FormQ & AAdditional support Me: @dawnrjensen Work: @virtualoptions
  5. 5. Research first. Do a Litmus Test: • • • Find out what’s been posted and being said about you, your business, and brand
  6. 6. Digital Embassy & Outpost: OverviewVisibility CredibilityStart Small Tribe Builder• Top Social Networks Build• Honed By Industry Deliberately Be Consistent• Shaped by market • Content Curated • Blogs • Dedicated Tools & • Posts Tech • Engagement • Automatic system • Timing
  7. 7. Social Platforms: Digital Embassies and Outposts Slideshare YouTube Twitter Pinterest Yelp FourSquareLinkedin Instagram WebsiteFacebook Google+ Blog (Hybrid) Site | © Virtual Options Coaching & Training 2012 |
  8. 8. #1: Establish Your Online Reputation Social media can help you create a stronger online presence, so old news doesn’t turn up at the top of search results. If you don’t control your brand, someone else may post inaccurate or derogatory information that could tarnish your reputation. Resources:
  9. 9. #2 Control Responses During A Crisis• How a crisis is handled online makes a huge difference to the future ramifications.• It’s important to monitor and respond to customers who write on your wall or send you messages to resolve any issues and let users know they’re heard.
  10. 10. #2 Control Responses During A Crisis• Set up tools and a strategy to monitor the conversation, so you aren’t surprised with the conversations happening about your brand.
  11. 11. #3: Monitor Conversations• Now that you’ve created and are updating several social profiles on behalf of your brand, you may find it a bit overwhelming to keep up to date with what is being said about your brand online.• Savvy businesses are monitoring their brand for mentions with social media monitoring tools.
  12. 12. Good Tools to Use to
  13. 13. The Take-away• Social media is real-time• The faster your brand responds, the better your customer service will appear.• While people have the right to voice their complaints, it’s up to you to remedy the situation.
  14. 14. The Take-away• Turn negative comments into positive opportunities.• Social media is public, your quality customer service will be seen by other users and may influence their purchase decisions.
  15. 15. Or as we like to call it..
  16. 16. Me: @dawnrjensenWork: @virtualoptions
  17. 17. Web FanEmail: Web:
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