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Building Social Media Influence and Authority: First Steps


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Business owners and entrepreneurs need to take stock in or audit where they are and what they share online. Here's a primer on the first steps to do so even if you are starting out or have been posting on social media for a time. Start small. Build deliberately. Be consistent.

Social Business Trainer and Social Media Coach Dawn Raquel Jensen speaks to the Greater Orlando Organizational Development Network at Rollins College in Winter Park, FL

Dawn delivers dynamic, interactive, and educational training and lectures as a sought-after international speaker, and social business trainer. She's trained thousands of people on technology, social media and digital platforms since 2005, she provides support to CEOs, C-Suite Executives, business owners, and leadership teams in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

Dawn provides direction, platform, and a path through strategic digital marketing practices to create clients as digital thought-leaders and tribe-builders. She works with authors, coaches, speakers, and trainers to provide a cohesive, connected and powerful online presence. Dawn also resides as an outsourced social media consultant and digital marketing strategist, or Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer for select companies. She provides long-term, big-picture social business intelligence and training through strategic digital marketing practices creating clients as thought-leaders and tribe-builders.

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Building Social Media Influence and Authority: First Steps

  1. 1. Building Social Media Influence and Authority Presented by Dawn Raquel Jensen Virtual Options Coaching & Training
  2. 2. What We Will Cover  What tools you need to use before getting started  Ways to interact as your business page and what you should post  Creating good content and interactive posts
  3. 3. Slidedeck Q & A Presentation download
  4. 4. Dawn Raquel Jensen Social Media Speaker Digital Marketing Coach Social Business Trainer
  5. 5. Consider… Where do your clients and prospects reside?
  6. 6. Your 30,000 Foot View
  7. 7.  Where Is Your Business Focus What You Need to Know The 80/20 Rule
  8. 8. Research first: “Real-time” Data The Litmus Test
  9. 9. Research first: Real-time Data
  10. 10. Research first: Real-time Data
  11. 11. Research first: Baseline Alternative:  Your Business  Competition  Industry News  Influencer & icons  Trends  News & Noteworthy
  12. 12. Establish or Enhance Yourself & Your Company Presence Social media can help you create a stronger online presence, so old news doesn’t turn up at the top of search results. Resources: (Business) (Personal)
  13. 13.  Establishing An Online Presence Litmus Test Complete Data Collected Now We Have A Baseline
  14. 14. Note: “Naming Conventions” Check & Secure It – Can Pay to Play
  15. 15. Building Out Embassies & Outposts
  16. 16.  Personal & Business Branding Building Authority
  17. 17. Approach: Building Social Capital Inform Educate Empower Advocate Entertain Inspire
  18. 18. Digital Embassy & Outpost: Overview Visibility Start Small Credibility Build Deliberately Tribe Builder Be Consistent
  19. 19. Who are you for the people you serve? Does your online presence reflect that?
  20. 20. The 3-Step Social Business Process™
  21. 21. Social Platforms: Digital Embassies and Outposts Website Facebook LinkedIn Pinterest/Instagram SlideShare Twitter YouTube/Vimeo/Snapchat Yelp/Foursquare Vine/Periscope/Meerkat *Google+ ©2016 Virtual Options Coaching &
  22. 22. Sketch it Out Website Facebook Twitter PLATFORM Instagram Pinterest Google+ LinkedIn USE WHAT WORKS WITH THE WAY YOU DO BUSINESS
  23. 23. Your Content: Your Authority  What do you do that makes you unique in your industry?  How do you showcase that?  Your Fabulous Five!  Who are they?  Where do they reside?  Does your content convey your platform?
  24. 24. Types of CONTENT  Photos —stock photos or Instagram pics  Video — YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia embedded right into a post or shared directly to social media  Infographics — visual information, either super long and meaty or bite-sized and informative  Memes — popular memes customized to fit the context of your post or update  Graphics — images that complement the content, quotables  Presentations  Screenshots
  25. 25. Quick Content Examples
  26. 26. Digital Embassy & Outposts: Overview Visibility Start Small • Audit Your Business • Secure Your Name • Establish a Presence Credibility Build Deliberately • Build Digital Blueprint • Optimize Profiles • Create a Strategy Authority Be Consistent • Content • Tools/Automate • Publish
  27. 27.  RESOURCES Create Your Own Content Build a Resource Library
  28. 28. Canva
  29. 29. Social Media Image Maker
  30. 30. Photo Editing: Pilxr
  31. 31. Questions? Concerns? Have questions? Schedule a Call. BONUS: E-book Download Presentation: OR JUST ASK ME NOW!
  33. 33. Establish Social Authority  Consistent (Blog) Posts  LinkedIn Pulse  Deep Captions  Embedded SlideShare  YouTube Videos  Guest Posting  Creating Content Calendar  Repurpose/Syndicate Content Across Platforms
  34. 34. The 3-Step Social Business Process™
  35. 35.  Have a Editorial or Social Media content calendar to plan your posts  SAVE Time your posts using programs like     Work Smarter: Plan, then Time it
  36. 36. 1. Be consistent in what and when you post. 2. Get on a schedule. 3. Use tools to work smarter, not harder Take-away: Be Consistent
  37. 37. SOCIAL MEDIA ACTIVTY To start off, it’s good to know what the definition of “active” is. In terms of posting it’s:  2-3 x a day on Facebook  5-10 x a day on Twitter  1 x a day on LinkedIn  1-2 x a day on Google+  50-100 pins on Pinterest  1-2 x a day on Instagram Example of “Active” Posting. Ask: (80/20 Rule in Mind) What results am I seeking? Am I using lead magnets? What are the first next steps?
  38. 38. SOCIAL MEDIA DAILY ACTIVTY Every day you want to:  Have conversations with people on Twitter  Comment on blog posts  Take part in discussions in Facebook groups  Comment on Instagram photosREMEMBER YOUR JOB IS NOT TO POST… YOUR JOB IS TO ENGAGE
  39. 39. IDEA: Leverage Social Currency Original Content  Blog Posts  Whitepapers  Marketing materials  E-books  Reports  Podcasts  Video Curated Content  
  40. 40.  Other Digital Platforms  Slideshare*  Quora** - Showcase  Stumbleupon – Vote  Reddit – Crowdsource Popularity Next Steps: Extend Social Reach
  41. 41.  Social Business Next Steps CONSISTENT ACTION OVER TIME
  42. 42. Dawn Raquel Jensen Want this presentation? Simply provide a business card or email.
  43. 43. Questions? Concerns? Have questions? Schedule a Call. E-book/Presentation Download OR JUST ASK ME NOW!
  44. 44. Let’s Connect! @virtualoptions
  45. 45.