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Black Belt Tactics for Social Business


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Social Business Speaker and Outsourced Advisor Dawn Raquel Jensen speaks to Rollins College on Tools, Tips, and Techniques to Build Business, Influence and Leadership Online.

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Black Belt Tactics for Social Business

  1. 1. Black Belt Tactics for Social Business Presented by Dawn Raquel Jensen Tools, Tips, & Techniques to Build Your Business, Influence & Leadership Online
  2. 2. Dawn Raquel Jensen Social Media Speaker Online Marketing Coach Social Business Trainer
  3. 3. What is Social Business? How Does it Apply?
  4. 4. Take a Snapshot of Your Online Presence 4
  5. 5. 5 The Power of Facebook Live • More than 100M hours daily • 700% growth in views since launch • People spend 3x longer watching live video than recorded video
  6. 6. 6 Ways Social Media Can Integrate into Everyday Business (& Not Drive You Crazy*) Facebook Live FacebookPage Integrations Examples: • Client Testimonial • Client Wins • Sharing the Prep Sessions • Real-time Q&A • Educational Outreach
  7. 7. Microsoft: LinkedIn Acquisition Means Integration
  8. 8. Social Business System™ Steps : Prep Plan Presence Position Pivot Platform Building Online Influence & Authority
  9. 9. SOCIAL BUSINESS STRATEGY MAKE IT EASY TO BE FOUND Building Online Influence & Authority 1. Find Your Business 2. Claim Your Listings 3. Optimize Your Information
  11. 11. Social Business Platforms: Choose Primary & Secondary Website Facebook LinkedIn Pinterest Instagram SlideShare Twitter YouTube *Google+ ©2017 Virtual Options LLC
  13. 13. SOCIAL BUSINESS STRATEGY: PATH WHO YOU ARE FOR THE PEOPLE YOU SERVE First Steps : OPTIMIZE Your Information •Obtain/Create Vanity URLS •Know Your Keywords •Identify Your Hashtags ## •Full and Complete Profile Listings
  14. 14. SOCIAL BUSINESS STRATEGY: PATH WHO YOU ARE FOR THE PEOPLE YOU SERVE Next Steps : ASK For Reviews & Testimonials • LinkedIn Recommendations • Facebook Reviews • Google Reviews • Yelp • Trip Advisor
  15. 15. YOUR SOCIAL BUSINESS APPROACH Inform Educate Empower Advocate Entertain Inspire
  16. 16. SOCIAL BUSINESS STRATEGY: PATH ##HAIL TO THE HASHTAG## Deeper Dive: Example of the Use of HASHTAGS Can be incorporated when: • Conversations with people on Twitter • Comment on blog posts • Discussions in Facebook groups • Comment on Instagram photos • Describing your photos or content
  17. 17. Organizations are on social media primarily for brand awareness. Only 1 in 5 businesses (21%) said to use social media for customer support Resource: Social Business Trend: Social Media as a Customer Service Tool
  18. 18. MEETING CLIENTS WHERE THEY ARE Consider: Instagram - Added 100M Users in Six Months 90% are younger than 35 More ACTIVE than Snap Chat  Business pages  Stories  Drafts  Live video  URL links  Hashtag “Legacy” 18
  19. 19. Use Messaging Apps 19 Meet Clients/Customers/Patrons where they are
  20. 20. 20 Source: Facebook50 Million small businesses use Facebook Pages to connect with customers 4 Million of those businesses pay for FB ads
  21. 21. SOCIAL BUSINESS STRATEGY: POSITION HOW DO YOU SHARE WHAT YOU DO? First Steps : DIRECT from 30,000 Feet •Identify It •Find it (Curate it) •Create it •Manage it
  22. 22. SOCIAL BUSINESS STRATEGY: POSITION WHAT DO YOU SHARE ABOUT?Deeper Dive: IDENTIFY Your Own Content • Photos • Video • Infographics • Audio • Articles • Graphics • Presentations • Screenshots
  23. 23. SOCIAL BUSINESS STRATEGY: PIVOT YOU. ONLY BETTER, BROADER & DEEPER •Focus On What Works, Forget the Rest •Use social media management tools • • • • • First Steps : AUTOMATE Your Social Media
  24. 24. FACEBOOK Find What’s New, Next & How it May Apply to Your Business or Business Approach
  25. 25. SOCIAL BUSINESS STRATEGY: PIVOT LET TECH DO THE HEAVY LIFTING • Helps save time • Allows more time for engagement • Boosts your online presence • Reduces effort • Helps maintain consistency • Keeps you organized • Widens your reach AUTOMATE PART OF YOUR PRESENCE
  26. 26. SOCIAL BUSINESS STRATEGY: PLATFORM LEVERAGING YOUR BUSINESS AND BEST PRACTICESFirst Steps : ENGAGE. BUILD. BROADEN. • Build a Social Business Strategy • Make it Cyclical • Goals and Milestones by Quarter • Small but Significant First Steps • Consider “You” as Content
  27. 27. EXAMPLE CONTENT BY PLATFORM Next Steps : ENGAGE. BUILD. BROADEN. Repurpose Content
  28. 28. Take Clients/Prospects ”Behind the Velvet Rope” Integrate Your Business • Helps Tell the Story • Shapes Narrative • Reinforces the Information Engage the Expectation • Outreach • Responsive • Immediate Link clicks account for 92% of all user interaction with tweets.
  29. 29. Clients Skew Younger? Consider: Snapchat- Revenue Close to $1 Billion 29 Snapchat has broad reach among young millennials and those in Generation Z Quick Direct Immediate
  30. 30. Top Social Business Integration Strategies Social Business RECAP • Prep • Presence • Path • Position • Pivot • Platform 1. Claim all necessary (not available) social platforms 2. Focus on top two or three platforms 3. Set up system which works for you 4. Ensure all directory listing are updated 30 Prep Plan Presence Position Pivot Platform
  31. 31. Questions? Presented by Dawn Raquel Jensen Virtual Options Coaching & Training
  32. 32. Dawn Raquel Jensen Social Media Speaker Online Marketing Coach Social Business Trainer Dawn is the trusted advisor and social business strategist providing big-picture social business intelligence practices creating clients as leaders and industry influencers. @virtualoptions
  33. 33. Download this Presentation & Notes
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