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Tundra biome


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moss, lichen, tundra, arctic wolf, musk ox

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Tundra biome

  1. 1. Dawn Ingrid Atkins(201002868)
  2. 2. General (Tundra) About 1/5 of earth There is an Artic tundra & Alphine tundraArctic Tundra Alphine Tundra
  3. 3. Arctic Tundra In the Northern Hemisphere around North pole
  4. 4. Altitude & Tundra Biome Ranges from 300 - 11,079 feet in elevation Located in: far north of Greenland Alaska Canada Europe Russia
  5. 5. Temperature in a TundraBiome coldest of all biomesUnder the soil earth is frozen & never meltsSummer Winter•last short time (60 days)•3-12 degrees C•Warm enough for plants & animals toreproduce & grow.• very cold & long• -34 degrees C•T can drop to -70 C
  6. 6. Rainfall in Tundra Biome Annual rainfall = 15-25 cm About a m under top layer of soil – ground that is permanently frozen= PermafrostSummer Top level of soil thaws - for plants to grow &reproduce (dormant over winter) Permafrost NEVER thaws (plants = shallow root systems) When water soaks upper soil surface, ponds form &provide moisture for plants & small life forms
  7. 7. Animals found in the Artic Adapted to survive long cold winters extra layer of fat (keep them warm) In winter their fur = longer & thicker Many hibernate during winter= food is hard to find Others migrate to warmer places Animal populations fluctuate with the seasons Animals breed & raise their young in short summer
  8. 8. Animals in a Tundra BiomeArctic wolf Musk ox
  9. 9. Plants in Tundra Low growing (Trees don’t grow here) Group together (withstand winds & cold temperatures) Adapted so that photosynthesis can occur(in low light & cold Temperature)
  10. 10. Plants in a Tundra BiomeMoss Lichens
  11. 11. Interesting facts:Tundra Biome Tundra comes Finnish word means “treeless plain” Tundra = worlds coldest & driest biomes Nights last for weeks (winter) Summer- sun shines almost 24 hours a day (Arctic =Land of Midnight Sun)
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