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Who WE Are: the warden ettinger group


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...a 5Ws "fast facts" from the recently rebranded • warden ettinger group • a public relations, social media and copy/writing firm in philadelphia, pa.

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Who WE Are: the warden ettinger group

  1. 1. who WE are:Dawn Elyse WARDEN-Reeder + Kimberly ETTINGERwho WE work with:Our clients fall primarily in the lifestyles and consumer sectors. We also haveexperience with nonprofits, magazines (print and online), and through TheWhole Enchilada PR, a variety of culinary and hospitality-focused clients.A diverse writing background, combined with the growing need for qualitycontent creation/marketing inspired us to launch our newest service, the wordexchange.what WE do:Public Relations • Social Media • Copywritingwhy WE do it:Because innovative, engaging, hip, fun, helpful, philanthropic, entrepreneurial,good-tasting, good-looking, educational and distinct brands, products andservices get our hearts (and mouths) racing. (READ: we cant help ourselves.)where WE are based:The City of Brotherly Love (aka Philadelphia, PA)when WE do it:24/7: full-service public relations, particularly in our niche, requires a WE do it:A meaningful PR and social media campaign starts with a clear understandingof your products, your services, your significance, and of course, yourcustomers (existing and desired). Armed with exciting New Media “tools,” anda respect for time-tested, traditional PR methods, we have one goal in mind:getting you noticed—and for a lot longer than 15 minutes.