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Turning Silver into Green


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Press Release: Main Line Chamber of Commerce's GO Green Makeover Contest - a project to help area businesses learn about sustainable practices and resources, and how saving energy, saves money.

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Turning Silver into Green

  1. 1.                    TURNING  SILVER  INTO  GREEN:  Main  Line  Chamber  of  Commerce  awards  Ardmore  law  firm  Silver  &  Silver  a  money-­‐saving  green  makeover—&  15  minutes  of  fame    ARDMORE,  Pa.  (January  13,  2012)  Unless  youre  Kermit  the  Frog,  Sesame  Streets  most  popular  Muppet,  proclaiming  it  "isnt  easy  being  green"  wont  get  you  a  lot  of  sympathy  these  days.  Which  is  why  Main  Line  Chamber  of  Commerces  GO  Green  Committee  has  embarked  on  a  project  to  help  area  businesses  learn  about  sustainable  practices  and  resources,  and  how  saving  energy,  saves  money.      Accompanied  by  a  team  of  energy  efficiency  experts  and  a  video  crew,  GO  Green  committee  chairs  Roderick  Wolfson  and  Béke  Beau  will  take  over  Silver  &  Silvers  100-­‐plus-­‐year-­‐old  building  on  February  1  for  a  comprehensive—and  on-­‐air—energy  audit.  Scripted  as  a  home/office  improvement  reality  television  show,  the  video  will  document  the  teams  top-­‐to-­‐bottom  assessment,  which  will  include  thoughtful  dialogue  about  the  merits  and  how-­‐to  of  sustainable  renovations  and  a  concrete  strategy  to  increase  energy  efficiency  and  reduce  energy  costs.      Though  the  video  will  be  edited  down  to  a  5-­‐minute  short,  the  raw  footage  will  be  available  to  Silver  &  Silver  for  future  reference.  Along  with  the  energy  audit,  Silver  &  Silver  will  have  the  opportunity  to  work  with  and  purchase  products  from  these  experts  at  a  reduced  cost.  By  transforming  one  of  the  Main  Lines  most  reputable  firms  into  one  of  its  greenest,  and  sharing  an  important  part  of  the  process  via  the  video  (a  screening  is  planned  for  February  21),  MLCCs  GO  Green  Committee  will  achieve  its  overarching  goal  of  showing  businesses  how  they  can  integrate  environmental  thinking  throughout  their  operations.      Along  with  the  video  screening,  the  February  21st  event  will  feature  a  discussion  on  greening  commercial  properties,  along  with  a  green  business  networking  reception.  The  green  experts  involved  will  discuss  applying  the  lessons  shown  to  other  businesses.  This  is  a  great  event  to  learn  more  about  energy  efficiency  and  meet  many  green  experts.  The  event  is  free,  but  pre-­‐registration  is  required.    Food  and  drinks  will  be  provided.    The  site  of  the  event,  Villanova  Universitys  Driscoll  Hall  is  a  LEED-­‐certified  gold  medal  building.    More  information  is  available  at  MLCC  GO  Green  Makeover  Event.    MEDIA  CONTACT:  Dawn  Elyse  Warden  The  Whole  Enchilada  PR  (267)  250-­‐8005  ###