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EATS Philly Takes to the Streets


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On April 23, EATS (Eat Along the Street) comes to Philadelphia, bringing with it, a bevy of dynamic chefs who will Throwdown in a culinary contest to benefit two children's advocacy organizations; as well as a cherry-picked roster of the city's popular food trucks. Read more and if you're inclined, click on the press release, alson here on Slideshare.

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EATS Philly Takes to the Streets

  1. 1. Behind  the  scenes  at  EATS  is  a  dedicated  team  of  volunteers,  united  by  their  love  of  children  and  a  common  desire  to  help  those  less  fortunate.  Founded  by  chef-restaurateur,  Moon  Krapugthong  and  kitchen  designer,  Judy  Spielman,  EATS  aims  to  feed  both  body  and  mind  through  multicultural  cuisine  and  education–whether  at  the  table  or  in  the  classroom.  Because  of  its  shared  mission,  Children’s  Village  is  an  ideal  partner.  On  top  of  their  individual  on-­‐the-­‐job  responsibilities,  these  dedicated  individuals  have  been  hard  at  work  securing  sponsorships  and  auction  items,  as  well  as  a  drool-­‐worthy  roster  of  chefs  and  mobile  food  trucks—efforts  aimed  at  making  EATSPhilly  2013  a  memorable  event  for  attendees,  participants  and  its  beneficiaries.  With  April  23  in  sight,  the  EATS  team  is  becoming  increasingly  excited  to  share  this  labor  of  love  with  the  community.  If  you’re  looking  for  something  fun—and  tasty—to   Moon  Krapugthong  &  Judy  Spielman  (L-­‐R)  do that  night,  consider  yourself  booked.  Just  don’t  forget  to  buy your tickets.    Tell  us  about  Wat  Bodd  Voraditth…      Wat  Bodd  Voraditth  (WBV)  is  an  orphanage  in  Anthong,  Thailand,  brought  to  Chef  Moon’s  attention  by  one  of  her  employees,  a  few  years  ago.  When  Moon  offered  her  a  birthday  gift,  this  young  woman  declined,  and  asked  for  a  donation  in  her  name  to  an  orphanage  in  Thailand  that  she’d  been  supporting.  Later  that  summer,  while  touring  the  country,  Moon,  accompanied  by  Judy,  made  a  stop  at  WBV.  It  was  love  at  first  sight.  After  spending  an  extended  period  of  time  with  the  children,  and  touring  the  kitchen  and  the  dormitories,  it  became  clear  to  both  that  outside  support   Judy  Joins  the  Girls  for  Story  Time  at  Wat  Bodd  Voraditth  was  desperately  needed.  It  wasn’t  until  they  were  back  in  the  states,  though,  that  they  came  up  with  the  idea  for  EATS.    
  2. 2. And  Children’s  Village...    Located  near  Philadelphia’s  Chinatown  community,  Childrens  Village  is  a  nonprofit  organization  providing  high-­‐quality  early  childhood  education  to  young  children  and  educational  enrichment  to  school-­‐age  children  for  families  of  all  economic  levels  and  diverse  backgrounds.  Most  of  the  children  enrolled  with  us  are  from  low-­‐income  families  and  learning  English  as  a  second  language.  We  strive  to  nurture  “the  whole  child,”  within  the  context  of  the  family.    We  are  committed  to  providing  nutritious  meals  and  snacks,  as  well  as  daily  opportunities  for  physical  activity.  This  dedication  was  the  biggest  attraction  to  Judy  and  Moon  when  they  were  seeking  to  identify  a  local  beneficiary  for  EATS.    Why  should  people  care  about  this  particular  charity  event?  At  Childrens  Village,  we  have  a  heightened  awareness  regarding  the  nutritional  challenges  faced  by  children  living  in  our  city—an  issue  compounded  by  rising  obesity  statistics  here  as  well.  The  more  funding  we  can  obtain  to  make  a  difference  with  the  children  we  serve,  and  to  help  take  our  message  to  the  larger  community,  the  greater  our  impact.  After  all,  an  early  care  and  education  center  is  the  perfect  environment  to  foster  lifetime  habits  of  eating  nutritious  foods.   Children’s  Village  School-Ager  Why  a  food-­‐centric  fundraiser?    Food  is  the  perfect  metaphor  for  nourishing  the  soul.  The  children  at  Wat  Bodd  Voraditth  are  just  like  children  everywhere;  they  want  hugs,  and  they  want  comfort.  They  want  to  feel  clean  and  healthy,  and  mostly,  to  be  taken  care  of.  Sharing  food  is  the  ultimate  symbol  of  hospitality.          How  did  the  partnership  between  EATS  and  Childrens  Village  come  about?  Children’s  Village  was  introduced  to  EATS  through  Judy,  who  wed  hired  to  redesign  our  on-­‐site  commercial  kitchen  and  storage  area.  Because  our  on-­‐site  kitchen  prepares  230,000  nutritious  meals  and  snacks  for  children  annually,  it  struck  Judy  as  an  ideal  way  to  elevate  the  EATS  mission.    How  influential  are  chefs  who  advocate  for  both  childrens  and  nutritional  causes?  Very.  So  many  become  celebrities,  with  enormous  following  across  all  traditional  and  social  media  platforms;  their  voices  are  heard  and  respected.  Jaime  Oliver  is  one  example.    
  3. 3. Why  do  you  believe  in  supporting  both  local  and  global  causes?      It’s  easy  to  keep  benefits  in  our  community,  and  there  are  many  reasons  to  do  so.  But  when  we  go  outside  our  city  limits,  into  other,  less  fortunate  countries,  it  lets  people  know  they  are  not  alone.  And,  it  reminds  us  as  Americans,  how  lucky  we  are.  Can  donors  follow  the  renovations  after  the  event?      Updates  will  be  made  on  Facebook,  and  on  both  the  EATS  and  Children’s  Village  websites.  We  want  donors  to  know  that  they’re  supporting  more  than  just  kitchen  equipment;  they’re  helping  to  build  a  food  program,  a  garden,  nutritional  improvements,  sustainability  and  independence  for  the  school.  In  Thailand  there  are  numerous  culinary  opportunities  for  those  who  have  the  funding.  Our  hope  is  that  we’ll  also  be  able  to  start  a  college  endowment  for  those  wishing  to  go  to  culinary/hospitality  school.  How  much  money  are  you  hoping  to  raise?    As  with  any  fundraising  effort,  we  want  to  attract  as  many  sponsors  and  guests  as  we  possibly  can.  It’s  still  a  tough  economy,  but  we  aren’t  afraid  to  aim  high.  Currently  our  target  is  at  least  $50,000.    Is  it  possible  to  take  a  tour  of  Children’s  Village?    Certainly.  (And  we’d  love  it!)  Simply  reach  out  to  Susan  Frankel  (215-931-0196;  or  Ellen  Saint  Clair  (215-92-1737;  to  arrange  a  visit.   Artwork  by  Children’s  Village  Preschoolers