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Rooms with a view...via Dreifuss Fireplaces


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Rooms with a view...via Dreifuss Fireplaces

  1. 1. C-Views: The hottest trend in direct vent fireplaces Architects, builders and designers know, that the art of creating memorable spaces, whether commercial or residential, is a delicate balance of innovation, quality craftsmanship and efficiency. And, it’s about authentically channeling the sensation of hospitality and entertainment... Look around you—businesses everywhere are raising the bar for both aesthetics and ambiance,deftly juxtaposing intimate accents such as cozy lounges with more public-feeling communal tablesand computer hubs. At home, we’re adding more commercial details such as multi-media rooms, sleekbars and even resort-like swimming pools. This desire for comfort wherever we go has been a boost forcompanies such as ours, and leading industry manufacturers who specialize in combining sophisticatedstyle with functionality. Our exclusive Montigo line is a perfect example of this delicate balance. Made in the United Statesand Canada, these gorgeous fireplaces exude quality, beauty and warmth. If you’re unfamiliar with thiscompany and its high-end commercial custom fireplaces, you—and your clients—are missing out. Designed to achieve all the balance of form and function described above, Montigo’s C-View linearfireplaces are the ultimate design tool. Along with unparalleled styling, Montigo units feature COOLPACK technology, reducing the surface temperature of the glass to less than 110°F, crucial for publicspaces. As a certified dealer, and installation specialists, every member of our team has worked with Montigo’sengineers to ensure that each fireplace is built to satisfy the customer’s dreams and installed efficientlyto meet all safety requirements. Additionally, each standard Montigo fireplace is manufactured, testedand certified according to CSA guidelines, ensuring optimum quality and safety. But what your client is going to care about the most is the reliability, ease of operation, flexibility ofplacement, as well as the look and feel of the flame. Harnessing your inner Zen is as easy as hitting theremote. We invite you to visit our website and our showroom to learn more about Montigo gas fireplaces.And, if you need a little Zen of your own, why not window-shop our Google+ account, where you’ll finda gallery of tempting photographs. 6610 Hasbrook Ave. | Philadelphia, PA | (215) 924-3500 |