11 New Year's resolutions for PR Pros


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A good post from one of my favorite resources, PR Daily. Read. Digest. Live by.

Happy New Year!

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11 New Year's resolutions for PR Pros

  1. 1. | | MyAccount | Log In using Facebook | Log In | Cart | StoreHome Social Media Media Relations Crisis Marketing Writing & Editing Contributors Events Training Videos Advanced Search »11 New Year’s resolutions for PR andmarketing professionalsBy Carm Lyman | Posted: January 3, 2012 150 223 22 Like Share 1As we prepare to ring in the new year, let’s take a few minutes to reflect on what’s most important asa marketer or PR practitioner, particularly as the media landscape continues to evolve.Below are some reminders and/or resolutions related to our practice. These are simple rules. Andthe best part: they’re fairly easy to incorporate into working life, yet as guiding principals can make abig difference.Resolve to be a better writer—in 140 characters or less. In an age of tweeting, being succinctis key and helps in making your content viral.Resolve to think outside the confines of “traditional” PR. Instead of relying on an age-oldpress release, ask if a topic is better suited to a blog or social media post.Resolve to know your audience. “Beats” are fluid in these days of the continuous news cycle.Know your audience and their of-the-moment interests. Resolve to check your contacts’ latest postsand tweets before reaching out with an idea or topic.Resolve to be a storyteller. Some media deal in straight facts and figures; others paint with adifferent brush. Don’t bore with market potential for a new widget if that’s not their bag; instead tell Sign up for thethem what they want to hear, which typically boils down to how it will impact their reader’s life.Resolve to speak measurement upfront, not when asked by the client. What does theprogram, strategy or tactic youre suggesting really do to impact the bottom line? If you cant answer Your e-mail addressthat question, both qualitatively and quantitatively, then perhaps its not the great idea you thought it Yes, I accept Term of Use. swas. Terms of Use | Todays HeadlinesResolve to be SEO friendly. Why make it hard to find the product or messages you’re trying to Follow PR Daily on:convey? Think of keywords that matter and use them in your blog, release and outreach so they canget crawled and drive traffic.Resolve to be more visual. If a picture is worth 1,000 words then why not? Multimedia is the newtext; incorporating photos and video makes a story more impactful. Submit NewsResolve to stay ahead of the game. This is one of the hardest challenges in PR. As fires, last-minute deadlines and “urgent” requests fly into the inbox hour by hour, it’s important to dedicate a Related Articlesportion of the day to ensure you’re staying ahead—or at a minimum on track—of your regularlyscheduled program. Got New Year’s Eve plans? Foursquare unlocks your invite to a partyResolve to slow it down and clean up your act. In this age of short, snippy emails and social 10 PR resolutions for 2011media postings, its easy to post quantity over quality. Before you hit "send" take a second (or eventhird) look. It pays not to be sloppy.Resolve to clear your head. When the going gets tough, the tough can get stressed. And what Related Articles By Categorygood does a foggy, frenetic brain do when push comes to shove? Little. Theres something to besaid about the five-minute break. Try it. You’ll be better at your job because of it. Featured MarketingResolve to give good counsel. Tell your boss or client(s) what they need to hear, not what they Media Relationswant to hear. This can sometimes be intimidating, but its important, and only right. Weve all been converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
  2. 2. there—there’s an expectation that PR will simply take orders—but you know in your gut the effort athand will net nothing but peeved media and bloggers and worse, backlash that could damageseveral reputations, both the company and yours.Here’s to a happy and healthy New Year to you all.Carm Lyman is co-owner and president of Lyman PR, a consumer lifestyle communications agency.Based in Northern California, Lyman PR specializes in PR and marketing for consumer tech, mobiletech, music, b2b, hospitality and sports. She can be reached at carm@lymanpr.com, or follow her onTwitter @carmlyman or @lymanpr. 279 retweet Share 223 Like 150 22Popularity: This record has been viewed 24132 times.PRDaily.commoderates com ents and reserves the right to rem posts that are abusive or otherwise inappropriate. m oveComments (6)Sort by: Date Rating Last Activity Allen Fuller · 1 day ago 0 Great reminders, I am going to tape this list above my desk! Reply justinarium 1p · 1 day ago +2 Thanks for the great reminders. I think "Resolve to be a better writer" should stand alone, regardless of length. It seems to be a failing art. Im also curious why "thinking strategically" or "take an outcomes- based approach" didnt make the list? As practitioners seem to acquire an ever-increasing workload, so many seem to simply execute rather than executing for a reason. Reply 1 reply · active 1 hour ago Carm L · 1 hour ago 0 I absolutely agree that both are important to consider and act upon. Often times PR is play as a set of tactics. Strategy is key and of course without objectives or outcomes in mind, whats the point? Good adds! Reply Chris Di Salvo · 1 day ago 0 This is great information. I teach public relations at San Jose State University and will use this in my upcoming classes this spring. Reply Lala B. · 8 hours ago 0 Carm - great article...just one small error. In the phrase, "yet as guiding principals can make a big difference" principals should actually be principles. Reply 1 reply · active 1 hour ago Carm L. · 1 hour ago 0 Thanks for pointing that out, Lala. This goes with the resolution of resolving to be a better writer. :) ReplyPost a new commentEnter text right here!Comment as a Guest, or login: facebook converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
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