HPAIR 2016_Dawn Chui_innovations in urban mobility (shared)


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HPAIR 2016_Dawn Chui_innovations in urban mobility (shared)

  1. 1. Innovations in Urban Mobility Dawn Chui August 2016 HPAIR 2016 Asia Conference
  2. 2. Copyright © TOFU Management TRENDS Urbanization and Sprawling in Cities Ageing Population and Concern to Well-being Decline of Consumerism and Rise of Environmentalism Social and Economic Sustainability Hot Trends Affecting Urban Mobility
  3. 3. Copyright © TOFU Management The vicious circle of urban decline Urban sprawl Longer journeys More cars More roads More congestion Decrease of city's attractiveness Declining quality of life
  4. 4. Copyright © TOFU Management Integration Route & Mode Information Fare Institution Seamless connection Real-time journey planner, Open data Interchange discount Governance, planning, law enforcement The Solution: INTEGRATION  Physical connection and linkage – seamless transport facilities  Efficiency service – minimize transfer, securing connectivity through hub & spoke  Economic imperatives – sustainable and affordable fares; efficient payment gateway and system  Technology-enabled information provision – real-time transit information allowing for journey planning  Administrative efficiency – governance, measurement, monitoring, and law enforcement
  5. 5. Copyright © TOFU Management Innovations for Passenger Satisfaction
  6. 6. Copyright © TOFU Management “Ultimately we want a bit more love, not everybody does love us yet, but that's our aspiration. It's a bit of a tough one...We're wanting to show our customers that we care about them, we're listening to them...” Lucy Whitehead Principle Planner Social and Digital Transport for London
  7. 7. Copyright © TOFU Management Safety Mobility Service Efficiency Comfort Reliability Speed PersonalizedInformation Collaboration Policy Automation Integration Ergonomic
  8. 8. Copyright © TOFU Management Automation: safer and more efficient Source: TMB Barcelona Source: Mercedes Benz
  9. 9. Copyright © TOFU Management Speed: mega city and megacity region transit
  10. 10. Copyright © TOFU Management Passenger Ergonomics
  11. 11. Copyright © TOFU Management Innovations in Information Provision
  12. 12. Copyright © TOFU Management Types of Data the Transport Sector Concerned Open data – Real-time transit data • Time of arrival / departure • Service disruption • Position of vehicles • Positions and status of elevators, escalators • Location of stations, shops • Planned schedules • Fare products • Price structure Personalized data – Private & Confidential (Consent) • Contacts information • Travel histories • Financial information Commercial Data – Copyright & Ownership (Agreement) • Third parties (e.g. banks, telecoms) • Shopping recency, frequency, monetary value
  13. 13. Copyright © TOFU Management Source: “The Benefits of Open Data”, Action Points, UITP, May 2014
  14. 14. Copyright © TOFU Management Who benefits?
  15. 15. Copyright © TOFU Management Showcase: London free and open data by default • TfL is funded by fare and taxpayers, transport information is thus public propertyPublic data • Any person needs travel information get whatever and whenever they wish to getReach • Enabling customers to make informed choices, making best use of network capacity Optimal use of transport network • Open data saves customers’ time, optimizes operators’ efficiencyEconomic benefit • Open for developers to build Apps, services, tools, stimulate growthInnovation
  16. 16. Copyright © TOFU Management 16 Examples of apps using TfL open data
  17. 17. Copyright © TOFU Management Collaborative Contribution • Working with businesses and academia to improve journey planning, road safety and service usability. 17 Source: Gov Lab, www.odimpact.org, January 2016
  18. 18. Copyright © TOFU Management Bus Information System In Seoul, transit data is fed to operators, academic, to jointly develop tools to enhance and improve service Source: Seoul Metropolitan Government
  19. 19. Copyright © TOFU Management Photo credit:: Seoul Metropolitan Government Transit data is centrally collected by Seoul Metropolitan Government, processed through the government-invested smartcard company, and shared openly for public access.
  20. 20. Copyright © TOFU Management KRRI has advised SMG with better night bus routes planning through the sharing and analytics of data, thus optimizing operation efficiency and enhancing passenger satisfaction Photo credit:: Seoul Metropolitan Government
  21. 21. Copyright © TOFU Management Innovations in Integrated Planning
  22. 22. Copyright © TOFU Management 22 What have these cities in common?
  23. 23. Copyright © TOFU Management Secrets of Success: Integrated Mobility Plans Vision: Long-term political vision1 Context: Transport geography, land use, growth plan 2 Challenges and policies: objectives, analysis of future scenarios3 Transport proposals: multimodal, delivering strategies 4 Expected outcomes: Analysis on impact of transport proposals5 Implementation plan: short-, medium- and long- delivery plans 6 Costs & resourcing: Identify fundiing sources for strategy7 Monitoring & reporting: framework of indicators, KPIs 8
  24. 24. Thank You!