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Linkedin testimonials


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What people say about our Workshops and 121 sessions

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Linkedin testimonials

  1. 1. What  people  say  about    BizLinks  training…..         Nick  Smith    Smudge  Creative  Design                                                        121  Training  Session  January  2013.    Dawn provided a comprehensive detailed approach on how to maximise the potential of myLinkedIn account. She offered a thorough and detailed strategic plan, breaking down in to simplesteps the best way to make connections and to help increase the company profile to the benefits ofme and my business. It certainly highlights the potential of LinkedIn and I would fully encouragepeople to spare 3 hours of their time. Great value for money. Beccie  Varney    Making  a  Difference                                                        121  Training  Session  January  2013.Dawn has enlightened me into the benefits of LinkedIn I am now a true convert! The one to onesession I attended today has given me a great in depth understanding of how to benefit fromLinkedIn. Her style and approach is very personable and she makes it really relevant to yourbusiness. The most valuable tip from today is how simple it is to use and which groups to join andhow to make the most of them. I would recommend Dawn to all of my contacts and clients - thanksand hope our paths cross again!                                                  Jane  Morcom    Centrick  Property                                                      Linkedin  Workshop  November  2012I recently attended a Linkedin workshop provided by Dawn and found it hugely inspiring andexcellent value for money. I found Dawn to have an incredible depth of knowledge which enabledher to answer any questions I had with expertise. She was not only a wealth of knowledge inLinkedin but I was impressed with her ability to pick up on the core values and benefits of thebusinesses of the delegates. This meant she was able then to expertly guide us on building abetter Linkedin profile and carry this through to all the key areas of Linkedin. 
I felt she really helpedme to understand and be able portray to others, the real value of Linkedin. I have no hesitation inrecommending Dawn as an excellent Linkedin Coach.