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Nagap 2013 final


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Nagap 2013 final

  1. 1. Sharing the Campus CultureThrough Social Technology:Unifying the Academic & Extracurricular Experiencefor the Admitted StudentPresented by:Laura Zuppo and Davina Gould
  2. 2. Agenda Overview of Case Study: Stetson Law and Project Goals Explain and discuss content strategy for admittedstudent website Review approaches for using social technology toengage admitted students Share examples of assessment techniques Provide tour of the site Discuss lessons learned and tools you can use
  3. 3. Stetson Law Founded in 1900; Florida’s first law school University has main campus in DeLand, FL Decentralized admissions and enrollmentfunctions 763 FT and 227 PT law students Enroll new students in the fall only Average age 24 for FT and low 30s for PT Culture: Warm, collegial, active campus community Commitment to pro bono service Proud of experiential learning opportunities
  4. 4. Goals for Admitted Student Network One-stop shop for all admitted studentinformation Engage students by sharing Stetson’s friendlycampus culture through the online experience Takeaway: Assess, address and adjustthroughout the process
  5. 5. StetsonConnect Content Strategy Traditional website content Campus life and academic information Financial information Forms/documents How to prepare for law school Personalized informationbased on admitted student profile “Your Interests” pages
  6. 6. StetsonConnect Content Strategy New student announcements Event invitations/reminders Deadlines Housing, orientation and IT information Archived announcements for students admitted later in thecycle Multimedia content Videos Live chat with staff Online chats and chat transcripts Blogs
  7. 7. Content Strategy Approaches Integrate with post-admissionrecruitment plan Calendar/timeline Staff responsibilities/roles Integrate with “gap” and orientation content Develop mind-map/outline to organizecontent MS Word or Office outline tools MS Visio (flowchart software) Web search for “mind map software free”
  8. 8. Engaging admitted students Private social network technology Password-protected with administrator approval Personal profiles with photos and status updates Groups and discussion forums Direct messaging Email notifications
  9. 9. Engaging admitted students Interaction with Stetson community Admissions professionals Select administrators, faculty Student life, residential life, academic success Ambassadors and selected students Student social media group
  10. 10. Engaging admitted students Interaction with future classmates Entering student group Special interest groups: part-time students, internationalstudy, veterans, intramurals “Life Off Campus” forum Housing Activities in the community Places to eat
  11. 11. Assessment techniques Quantitative Compare user statistics against final enrollment data Student satisfaction survey (multiple-choice questions) Qualitative Student satisfaction survey (open-ended questions) Interviews and focus groups Comments from non-matriculants Comments from orientation leaders
  13. 13. Lessons learned Frame the conversation Streamline navigation for ease of use Designate roles Schedule announcements and content updates Ask for feedback/perform assessments Keep audience needs in mind Broaden constituent participation Remember to keep it personal and not lettechnology take over recruitment process
  14. 14. Tools you can use Private social networking tools/software Groups on major social networks Facebook, LinkedIn Open-source software JomSocial for Joomla, BuddyPress for WordPress Third-party private social networks Ning, SocialGo, Higher ed firms: Hobsons, Inigral Schools app
  15. 15. Participant Information Laura Zuppo, Assistant Dean of Admissions andStudent Financial Planning Davina Gould, Director of Publications and OnlineCommunications