BBFC Guidelines


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BBFC Guidelines

  1. 1. BBFC Ratings System<br />The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) had begun in 1912, when the certificate ratings were Universal which was suitable for children, and Adult, which was unsuitable for children, yet suitable for the adults. These were only guidelines, which never restricted anyone from seeing a film. In 1951, there was a ‘X’ certificate which was the first to restrict anyone from watching the film. Over time, the BBFC had introduced other certificates. For example; ‘H’ was used to show the film was a horror, and this was used in 1932. In 1970, ‘AA’ was used to exclude anyone aged under 14 to see certain movies. <br />When the certificate 12A was introduced, more other changes started occurring. This gives the children who are 12 to go see the move alone, but allows the parent to come with, if they don’t think it’s very suitable without them. Many of the ratings were changed, due to the surveys that the BBFC had produced. <br />-123825614045Guidelines are the product of the public consultation, research and experience of the BBFC. Over 8700 members of the public were asked on their views on classification, including issues of language, discrimination, violence, sex and drugs in films, DVDs and video games. <br />-704215768985 ‘U’ stand for Universal. A ‘U’ film should be suitable for audiences from ages four and over. The framework should be set in a positive way, and shouldn’t include any violence, threat or horror. There is mild language used, with no sexual content. <br />-8382001200785‘PG’ stands for Parental Guidance. Unaccompanied children of any age may watch. There shouldn’t be disturbing images that would affect children who are eight or older. There is a use of mild bad language and mils sex references. There is also natural nudity with no sexual content involved and moderate violence but not detailed. <br />-60960055626012/12A rated movies are suitable for viewers over the age of 12. 12A exists for only cinema films. No younger children can view this rated film, unless accompanied by an adult. Moderate language is allowed, however, strong language is infrequent. Nudity is also allowed, whereas the sexual content must be brief. <br />-6667532385No-one younger can view this film in a cinema, or by a video which is for 15 and over’s. There can be dangerous behaviour which is shown briefly. Frequent strong language is also used and nudity may be allowed in a sexual content without strong detail. <br />-247650147955<br />-628650264160No-one younger can view, as there is criminal offence involved. There is a risk of harm to individuals through behaviour to society. e.g. Portraying a violent or dangerous act of illegal drug use. Strong images of sexual activity. ‘R18’ is to be shown specially licensed cinema or supplied only in licensed sex shops and to adults of not less than 18 years. The material is likely to encourage interest in sexually abusive activity e.g. rape, paedophilia, which includes adult roles, played by non-adults. <br />