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Plan & Excute a Go to Market Campaign for an Atlassian Add-On

When it comes to releasing a new add-on to the fast-growing Atlassian Marketplace, building a great product is not the whole story. To have a successful launch and achieve sustainable early customer growth, you need to make a concerted effort both before and after release day to connect your product with those it offers value to. Davin Pukulis, Director of Marketing from marketplace vendor K15t Software will be sharing his insights on how to do just that. This practical guide will explore the strategy and tactics of a recently executed add-on go-to-market campaign, from initial concept on through the awareness, consideration, and decision phases of the buyer's journey funnel.

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Plan & Excute a Go to Market Campaign for an Atlassian Add-On

  1. 1. How to Plan and Execute
 a Go-to-Market Campaign for an Atlassian Marketplace Add-on DAVIN PUKULIS | DIRECTOR OF MARKETING | K15T SOFTWARE | @DAVINDOES
  2. 2. Howdy. I’m Davin.
  3. 3. Growth experts Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares Spend half of your time on product, and half on getting traction.
  4. 4. Agenda Pre-release groundwork Awareness stage Solution stage Decision stage Results
  5. 5. Pre-release groundwork Build a great launchpad
  6. 6. It’s not about the product, it’s about who it offers value to. RAW MATERIALS
  7. 7. Roles Who are they in their organization? Example: Implementing IT Manager Goals What are they trying to achieve? Example: Tool performance; Usability; Uptime Challenges What are their blockers and pain points? Example: Pressure from management; Budget constraints; Buggy software; Blame for failure Buyer Personas
  8. 8. Unique value proposition (UVP) How do you meet persona needs better than competitors or the status quo? Benefits and features ‘Why’ do you make life better? = Benefit ‘How’ do you do it? = Feature Search terms (keywords) What will personas search to help solve their problems? Use long tail and competitive analysis Core Messaging
  9. 9. RAW MATERIALS Your product is your baby, name it well Balance SEO value with brand ‘stickiness’
  10. 10. Build demand while you build your add-on GENERATE PRE-RELEASE DEMAND
  11. 11. Landing page Hub for traffic; Include your core messaging; use ‘Get updates’ call-to-action (CTA) Reach out Communicate 1-to-1 with existing contacts and customers in a way that is valuable to them Blog early, blog often Great content brings in solution seekers; Appeal to persona needs and speak with expertise Establish an engaged contact list
  12. 12. RECENT BACKBONE BLOG POSTS Keeping 1st Level and 2nd Level IT Support Teams in Sync Making IT Support Process Easier for Key Accounts Consolidate Multiple JIRA Service Desk Instances Backbone Cloud-to- Cloud JIRA Sync Workaround Synchronize JIRA Instances with Backbone Issue Sync for Data Center 1/2017 2/2017 2/2017 2/2017 3/2017
  13. 13. Private beta test Offers them a new way to be a hero, gives you valuable feedback and early installations Priority access Provide them your best possible service and prioritize their feedback Engage the community Give the Partner community first notice and insider information Partner up with Solution Partners
  14. 14. PRIVATE BETA Private betas are valuable for both sides.
  15. 15. Backbone allows us to greatly improve the support experience for both our team and our customers. PRIVATE BETA USER, 1ST MARKETPLACE REVIEW
  16. 16. Blast off 
 like a boss PREP AND GO LIVE
  17. 17. Launch list Atlassian Marketplace listing • Unique value proposition • Key benefits • Key features • Search terms • Professional screenshots • Professional UPM banner Website content • Landing page • Promo (banners, etc) • Blog post • Documentation Other collateral • Email • Social media posts • Press release • Live event material: • Print • Roll-up banner • Clever swag
  18. 18. Take flight! Coordinate your release across all channels and remember to include Marketplace approval times. With all the launch prep you’ve done, going live should be smooth sailing.
  19. 19. PREP AND GO LIVE You’re airborne! . . . now what?
  20. 20. Awareness stage I have a sore throat, fever, and collaborating with my team makes me achy all over. What’s wrong with me? Consideration stage Aha! I have strep throat! What are my options for relieving or curing my symptoms? Decision stage I can see my primary care physician, go to a clinic, or go to the ER. The ER costs a lot, but I have health insurance. Buyer’s journey
  21. 21. Awareness stage Top-of-funnel – it’s about education
  22. 22. Make them aware of their problem – and of your expertise.
  23. 23. Desired action: Increase page views and convert viewers to contacts AWARENESS STAGE
  24. 24. Landing page Still main hub for web traffic; Keep core messaging; Add features; Keep ‘Get updates’ CTA Distribute across channels • Email • Social media • LinkedIn • Twitter • Xing Website content • Professional communities • Product Hunt • LinkedIn groups • Relevant professional forums Blog more Drive your website’s SEO authority with a relentless stream of high-quality content
  25. 25. 2035 unique visitors to Backbone blog posts
  26. 26. AWARENESS STAGE Introductory webinars 
 for groups
  27. 27. Consideration stage Middle-of-funnel – it’s about solutions
  28. 28. Make them consider the potential solutions (yours included) to the problem.
  29. 29. Desired action: Request a demo or product trial CONSIDERATION STAGE
  30. 30. Losses loom larger [in the mind] than gains. KAHNEMAN & TVERSKY, 1979
  31. 31. Landing page Additional CTA: Request a demo Don’t stop the blogging Address problems of the status quo, and speak to specific challenges of specific groups, e.g.: • Keeping 1st Level and 2nd Level IT Support Teams in Sync • Best Tool for Creating Employee Handbooks – Confluence vs. Word Stories of success Seeing is believing – tell customer success stories on your site and with press releases Website content
  32. 32. EMAIL Demonstrate Expertise Draw an engaged audience to your high-quality blog content Nurture Drip email campaigns keep information flowing and interested contacts warm Continuous improvement Roll out feature enhancements as your add-ons evolve
  33. 33. Live events Take your message on the road and go to where your personas are, e.g. trade shows and AUGs Crash course videos Show how to dive in and achieve success quickly with your add-on Evolve social media use Fight the status quo and address specific persona needs while expanding reach with paid social Other tactics
  34. 34. Decision stage Bottom-of-funnel – it’s about persuasion
  35. 35. Convince them that your solution is the right one.
  36. 36. Desired action: Product trial or purchase DECISION STAGE
  37. 37. Evaluation nurture drip Help those who try your add-on achieve a speedy, successful liftoff Onboarding success drip Make your customers heroes, and convert them into evangelists Make time for one-to-one This stage can be very ‘high touch’ – be sure there are team resources in place Email
  38. 38. WEBSITE Alternate
 landing pages Speak more specifically to the needs of your target personas White papers Provide enough in-depth information to convince the whole team Call to action ‘Try it free’ – They’re now ready for a one-click option
  39. 39. WEBSITE Alternate
 landing pages Speak more specifically to the needs of your target personas White papers Provide enough in-depth information to convince the whole team Call to action ‘Try it free’ – They’re now ready for a one-click option
  40. 40. WEBSITE Alternate
 landing pages Speak more specifically to the needs of your target personas White papers Provide enough in-depth information to convince the whole team Call to action ‘Try it free’ – They’re now ready for a one-click option
  41. 41. Topical webinars Focus on specific functionality or solving problems for a vertical One-to-one webinars Find your ‘big fish’ evaluators and customers and offer them personal webinars Enablement portal Create a group of evangelists outside your org who get special access to marketing material Other tactics
  42. 42. Results How has this gone for Backbone Issue Sync?
  43. 43. Smart launch planning Use the resources you have wisely and realistically Backbone Issue Sync 
 go-to-market campaign 3-person team used approximately 20% of manpower resources over one year Marketing staff ROI From 1.5 to 3.5 staff in 2016; 90% increase in web traffic, 42% increase in evals, 43% in sales Be strategic about your go-to-market
  44. 44. 52,158 pageviews Total of Atlassian Marketplace plus 1,017 engaged contacts Email contacts known to be interested in Backbone 49% open rate 14% click rate Software industry averages: 21% open rate 2% click rate Backbone top-of-funnel results
  45. 45. 832 evaluations Total evaluations for server and cloud 270 active installations Total active installations for server and cloud 187 add-on purchases Total purchases for server and cloud Backbone bottom-of-funnel results
  46. 46. References Just a few favorites Strategy and tactics Traction, Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares, 2015 SEO Atlassian Marketplace market-your-add-on