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Shelfd Pitch (May 2015)


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There was a time, when a quick glance at the book collection of someone was all you need to find out about him or her.

But in 2015 we manage our interest in media trough many services. Each one with a different understanding. With Facebook for example, it almost feels like stalking, if someone talks to me about my taste in music.

So I thought why not take that mess and create something new, like a digital library. That knows about our existing preferences and let’s us discover new content casualy.

This is why I came up with the idea of Shelfd. A platform that integrates all of our digital media and streaming services into one.

You can easily create collections on your own. For example by using intelligent filters.
Or subscribe to likable channels and trusted brands.

If you see something, that you would like to play or share, just hold it for a second and stream it right away to the tv or to your speaker. We will check, if you already own the content, have access to or if you need to rent or buy it first.

Shelfd is truly made for mobilty, because we already take our content with us all the time. And have no real need for physical storage anymore.

There is a great market evolving on the love of media and trade with digital goods. No wonder, that people spend billions on streaming-services and digital content.

But the truth is: we don’t even look into the tv guide any more, to get inspired. That’s why we need something to maintain an overview about the millions of titles, that are available to us.

Which brings us to our USP: we want to enable humans as well as brands to curate content channels, that inspire people. From the nische to the masses.

We are currently developing a free software platform that can be used with iOS devices and every kind of SmartTV to become an essential part of people’s life.

To keep the business running, we will collect data to provide you with an individual media experience and recommendations that make sense.

Luckily we found with the MIZ Babelsberg a first investor that will bring us to MVP-level until may.

But we need your help to go further. With an investment about 500.000€ we could not only finish and publish our platform, but also face the next step, which is building an original hardware.

Well, my name is David Streit and I work with a great team on that idea. We have many years of experience in the field of media.

I want to close with a little peek into the future of Shelfd. We already think about a device that brings your media collection back on the wall. Please talk to me, if you wanna join us on that adventure.

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Shelfd Pitch (May 2015)

  1. 1. Our shelf stops representing us How to show your digital media in times of Kindle & Spotify?
  2. 2. Saving for when I have more time Read, but can‘t remember a single thing about itIntending to read Half-read Will never read Purely for show Pretend I‘ve read Wish I hadn‘t read Read. Yesterday
  3. 3. Today Digital mess
  4. 4. Now Combine them into one
  5. 5. Now Introducing Shelfd
  6. 6. Mobile generation
  7. 7. How do we discover content these days?
  8. 8. Functionality Content curation Shelfd helps you find the content, that you care about most
  9. 9. Subscribe to channels
  10. 10. Stream instantly
  11. 11. Present mode Showyourdigitalpersonality
  12. 12. USP Shelfdcombines... Remote controlAmbient displayContent aggregation FanTV Ro omieRem ote Blloon TiVoNeeo Movieo.mePlex Moreflicks Ba ng&Olufs en Sonos H uddleLam p Canviz Framed De signtoMat ter Nest Ele ctricObjec ts JustWatch Swyrl We rstreamt. es
  13. 13. Business model Free platform Target group Advertising Application +iPad Smart TV‘siWatch iPodiPhone High media affinity & consumerist behaviour, willing to spend money on digital goods Sponsoring Targeting Affiliate marketing TrailerInStream ads Native ads
  14. 14. Awards & Honors 03/201503/201512/201304/2013 04/2014 09/201405/2014 10/2014 05/201510/2014 05/2015 GoogleGründer-Garage Competition – Finalist StartupCamp Pitch Marathon – Participant Edenspiekermann Brainfood Event – On Stage KreativradarBrandenburg Best Business Idea – Win MasterThesis University of Applied Sciences Potsdam GermanDesignAward Communication Design – Nominee OneSparkBerlin Crowdfunding Festival – Participant MIZInnovationspace Pitch at Re:Publica 2014 – Win MIZBabelsberg 30.000€ Funding MIZInnovationspace Pitch at Re:Publica 2015 Event – On Stage
  15. 15. Team HellaWittenberg Head of A&R EduardoMaluf Head of Design MattFinucane Head of Development StefanCurow System Architecture David Streit CEO, Vision, Ideation
  16. 16. Tomorrow Building an original device That brings your digital media collection back on the wall