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Davidson College Résumé Writing Guide

  1. 1. RÉSUMÉ WRITING GUIDE Purpose The purpose of your résumé is to impress the busy professionals and recruiters who will be making a decision on your candidacy for a position. Consider your résumé to be your key to opening doors to competitive internships, jobs and fellowships. Your résumé must be focused on showcasing your accomplishments instead of simply listing responsibilities. Do not underestimate the time it will take to prepare your résumé. Spend hours writing and refining your résumé and seek feedback from Center for Career Development advisors and from multiple working professionals in your field of interest before ever submitting it to an employer. What Employers Want to See • Accomplishments in Student Organizations, Work Experiences and Service Experiences • Relevant Experiences • Academic Performance • Evidence of Leadership and People Skills Layout & Format • Margins: 0.5” to 1” • Font Type:, Calibri, Arial, or Helvetica • Font Size: 10 to 12 point • Bold: Use it to emphasize school names and employer/organization names • Italics: Consider using it to emphasize position titles • Length: Almost always one page • Typical Sections: Education, Experience & Leadership. Optional sections include Honors, Skills, Activities, Interests & Volunteer Experience • Bullets: Use bullets when describing your experiences • Consistent Formatting: Make sure titles, locations, employers and dates are listed in the same format with each entry • No Grammatical or Spelling Errors   Résumé  Assistance  for  Students     Walk-­‐in  Hours  with  Career  Advisors:   Stop  by  the  Center  for  Career  Development  from  Monday  to  Friday,     10:00  am  to  12:00  pm  and  1:30  pm  to  3:30  pm     Davidson  Career  Advisor  Network  (DCAN):   Receive  industry  and  professionally  focused  résumé  feedback  from  Davidson  Alumni  or  Parents     Visit  the  Center  for  Career  Development  Website  for  more  Information     Academic  Breaks  &  Students  Off-­‐Campus:   Call  704-­‐894-­‐2132  or  Email  careers@davidson.edu  to  be  Matched  with  a  Career  Advisor     201 Alvarez College Union ♦ careers@davidson.edu davidson.edu/careers ♦ 704-894-2132
  2. 2.   Résumé Sections The format and examples that follow are used in most career fields Header • Center your name (larger font size ~14-18 point), address, cell phone number and email address. Do not include a photo • City & State: Use Davidson, NC unless you are looking for a job close to home. You do not need to list your street • Cell Phone Number: Make sure you have a formal greeting on your voicemail • Email: Use your Davidson email address unless you are graduating in two to three months Education Section • Key Points To Include: School Name; Location; Graduation Date; Degree; Major (if declared or planning to declare) • GPA: Include if 3.00 or above. Can also list Major GPA if it is higher than your cumulative GPA and if your major is particularly relevant to the position. • SAT/ACT Scores: Only include if you are applying for positions with consulting firms. Include the scores for each section of the SAT • High School: Only include if you are a 1st Year Student or graduated from a top school in a city where you are searching for a position • Study Abroad & Summer Education Experiences: Include as separate education entities • Relevant Coursework: Optional, but helpful if you have coursework that is related to the career field you are hoping to enter • Academic Honors & Scholarships: Can be listed here if you have a few. Students with many honors may want to create a separate Honors section • Thesis: Include as a separate entity in this section and include a bullet or two describing your thesis and the process taken to complete the project Work, Leadership & Volunteer Experience Section(s) • Most Important Experiences Near the Top of Résumé: Work, leadership and volunteer experiences do not necessarily need to be in separate sections of the résumé. You can include the most important of these three experiences in one “Relevant Experience” category • Key Points to Include for Each Experience: Organization/Employer Name; Job, Volunteer or Leadership Position Title; Location of Organization/Employer; Dates of Involvement (be specific here – use months or semesters in addition to years) • Use Bullets to Describe Each Experience – Emphasize Outcomes o Two to four bullets depending on the depth of the experience o Start with a summary statement describing what you did and the main results of your work o Use a project-centric and/or task- centric structure for each bullet o In each bullet provide the results of your work and accomplishments and write, specifically, what you did o Quantify your accomplishments with numbers whenever possible but remember that qualitative results are also important o Use action verbs to begin each bullet • You Can Include Experiences Before College if You are a 1st or 2nd Year Student or if the Experience is Extremely Relevant Skills, Activities & Interests Section(s) • Can be One Section or Multiple Sections: This depends on how many additional items you wish to include. • Start with Skills: List language proficiencies first followed by technical skills. • List Activities that did not Involve Leadership • Include Interests that Show Accomplishments
  3. 3.   Alternative Formats & Accompanying Materials LinkedIn Profile • For any position: Your LinkedIn profile can increase your visibility online and help you build your professional brand that showcases your background to prospective employers. Your profile should include much of the information included on a resume. Advertising Resume & Blog (See Example at End of Guide) • For brand strategy and planning positions: You will want a resume that shows more of your personality and promotes your personal brand. An accompanying online blog on a site like Tumblr can be used to share your thoughts on advertising - talk about ads you liked, ads you didn't like, and what you would do differently to improve certain campaigns etc. Note that positions in account management would use a more traditional resume format. Online Portfolio • For "creative" positions (copywriter and graphic designer): A resume is truly secondary to the work that you present in your portfolio. Many copywriters and graphic designers attend a portfolio school after finishing their undergraduate degree to develop the kind of work necessary to get their foot in the door. • For writing-intensive positions: You will benefit from an online portfolio (created using a website like WordPress, Pressfolios, or clippings.me) that includes samples of your writing, such as blog posts, published articles, and/or press releases (depending on the nature of the positions you are targeting). You should provide a link to this website on your resume. Video “Reel” • For videographer and production positions: Videographers and producers need to have a “reel” of work that they concepted, filmed and produced. The videos should be posted to a website for easy viewing. Resumes are more of a formality after evaluating the person's reel.
  4. 4.   Examples of Action Verbs Use the most powerful and expressive verbs possible to accurately describe what you accomplished.   Communication Address Consult Document Incorporate Meet Promote Respond Advertise Contact Draft Influence Motivate Publicize Solicit Arrange Convey Edit Inform Negotiate Publish Specify Ascertain Convince Educate Interact Network Question Speak Author Correspond Enlist Interpret Observe Recruit Suggest Brief Define Explain Interview Outline Refer Summarize Collaborate Describe Express Involve Participate Reinforce Synthesize Communicate Develop Follow-up Lecture Persuade Report Translate Compose Direct Formulate Market Present Resolve Write Creative Act Conceptualize Display Fashion Invent Photograph Remodel Adapt Create Dramatize Formulate Market Plan Revise Advertise Customize Draw Illustrate Model Present Revitalize Broaden Design Entertain Imagine Modernize Produce Shape Combine Develop Execute Improvise Modify Recommend Sketch Compose Direct Exhibit Initiate Originate Redesign Spearhead Conceive Discover Explore Institute Perform Rehearse Transform Financial Account for Audit Compute Estimate Measure Prepare Reconcile Administer Balance Control Finance Model Procure Reduce Allocate Budget Correct Forecast Monitor Project Research Analyze Calculate Determine Manage Plan Purchase Transfer Helping Advise Assess Counsel Enlist Guide Protect Represent Advocate Assist Diagnose Ensure Moderate Prevent Serve Aid Coach Educate Evaluate Observe Provide Simplify Answer Collaborate Enable Facilitate Predict Refer Support Arrange Contribute Encourage Foster Prescribe Rehabilitate Volunteer Leadership/Management Accomplish Conceptualize Develop Execute Lead Perfect Replace Administer Conduct Devote Formulate Leverage Preside Review Adjust Consolidate Direct Generate Manage Prioritize Revitalize Analyze Consult Dispense Handle Maintain Produce Reward Appoint Contact Eliminate Head Merge Propose Save Approve Coordinate Employ Implement Motivate Protect Schedule Assign Decide Emphasize Improve Orchestrate Realize Streamline Assume Decrease Enforce Incorporate Organize Recommend Strengthen Attain Delegate Enhance Increase Overhaul Recruit Supervise Chair Design Establish Initiate Oversee Regulate Terminate Choose Determine Evaluate Institute Plan Reorganize Unify
  5. 5.   Organizational Approve Conserve Extract Log Process Review Streamline Arrange Consolidate Generate Maintain Purchase Revise Substitute Categorize Correct Identify Monitor Record Schedule Standardize Classify Diagram Implement Obtain Reshape Screen Systematize Code Distribute Incorporate Operate Reorganize Set up Tabulate Collaborate Enlist Inspect Organize Respond Shape Target Collect Execute Integrate Prepare Retrieve Specialize Update Compile Expedite Join Prioritize Revamp Specify Validate Research Accumulate Clarify Design Evaluate Hypothesize Locate Study Acquire Collect Detect Examine Identify Modify Summarize Amplify Compare Determine Experiment Inspect Organize Survey Analyze Conduct Discover Extract Interpret Process Systematize Calculate Critique Disprove Formulate Interview Review Test Chart Diagnose Dissect Gather Investigate Research Troubleshoot Results Achieve Award Eliminate Fortify Map Re-establish Succeed Accelerate Complete Enlarge Improve Maximize Resolve Transform Accomplish Compound Establish Increase Measure Restore Trim Add Contribute Exceed Initiate Obtain Selected as Triple Advance Decrease Excel Introduce Pioneer Solicit Validate Attain Double Expand Launch Prove Stabilize Widen Augment Effect Extend Lower costs Reduce Standardize Won Teaching Accept Clarify Designate Explore Inform Organize Simplify Adapt Coach Develop Facilitate Initiate Persuade Solicit Advise Command Direct Focus Inquire Postulate State Analyze Communicate Discipline Generate Instill Praise Stimulate Apply Compliment Educate Guide Instruct Provoke Structure Appraise Conduct Elaborate Head Interact Question Synthesize Appreciate Cooperate Elicit Hypothesize Integrate Reinforce Systematize Assess Coordinate Emphasize Identify Investigate Rephrase Teach Assign Correct Enable Implement Listen Research Thank Attend Critique Encourage Incorporate Model Reward Theorize Challenge Define Evaluate Indicate Motivate Set Goals Train Choose Demonstrate Explain Individualize Observe Set Standards Tutor Technical Activate Compute Create Display Integrate Rehabilitate Service Adapt Configure Define Engineer Maintain Remodel Solve Apply Conserve Deliver Exhibit Navigate Repair Streamline Appraise Consolidate Design Fabricate Operate Rectify Supply Assemble Construct Detect Formulate Overhaul Regulate Survey Begin Contrive Determine Fortify Participate Resolve Train Build Convert Develop Implement Program Retrieve Troubleshoot Calculate Coordinate Devise Install Reconfigure Screen Upgrade
  6. 6.   Davidson Student 888-888-8888, dastudent@davidson.edu, Davidson, NC EDUCATION Davidson College Davidson, NC Bachelor of Arts in Political Science; Minor in Economics Expected May 20XX • GPA: 3.10 • Relevant Coursework: Econometrics, Introduction to Accounting, Intermediate Accounting, Cost Accounting, International Finance, Microeconomic Theory, Macroeconomic Theory EXPERIENCE AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company New York, NY Summer Finance Associate Summer 20XX • Utilized analytic and strategic skills to assist Enterprise Planning Systems project, saving $5M over 5 years • Developed cost reduction model saving $450K annually, increasing productivity by 500% with a 2-year ROI • Evaluated metrics analysis, budget lines and accounting entries to perform company expense reduction analysis • Delivered strategic plan for firm expansion into untapped emerging demographic markets to senior management Liberty Mutual Group Huntersville, NC Summer Intern Summer 20XX • Conducted effective negotiations to settle claims after assessing damages associated with claims • Created process improvement initiative to enhance claims productivity and eliminate waste by 75% • Applied analytical skills to evaluate the economic impact of coverage, liability and damage scenarios • Integrated Lean Six Sigma methodologies to improve direct-deal retention rates and customer satisfaction Wildcat Enterprises Charlotte, NC Founder, Online Ecommerce Business October 20XX-Present • Sustain local competitive advantage through high customer satisfaction and reasonable rates • 100% positive feedback; 400 % return on investment; profits applied to educational expenses • Catalog discarded textbooks from college campuses and sell through online retail web site • Evaluated and formulated financial models to capitalize upon market trends in print media sectors LEADERSHIP Student Government Association Davidson, NC President, Class of 20XX and Admissions and Financial Aid Committee Chair May 20XX-Present • Delivered persuasive presentation to budget committee, achieving a 400% budget increase for class • Mediate the concerns of student body to administration, developing favorable solutions for both parties • Advocate student views to faculty, administration, and Board of Trustees as Financial Aid committee chair Kappa Alpha Psi, Pi Mu Chapter Davidson, NC President and Community Service Chair September 20XX-Present • Recognized as Davidson College service organization of the year for outstanding community involvement • Launched community service initiative creating a scholarship for students with disabilities, raised over $2,000 • Lead programming and service opportunities while monitoring the effectiveness of all organization committees Davidson College NCAA Division I Football Team Davidson, NC Varsity Letterman and Member of Pioneer Football League All Academic Team August 20XX-Present • Amplify skills needed to work unselfishly and energetically amongst a group of diverse peers • Serve as team’s Student Athlete Representative voicing student-athlete concerns to the college wide board • Improving time management skills by balancing a full course load with 25+ hours of weekly football activities SKILLS Computer: Proficient in Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint) Language: Fluent in Spanish
  7. 7.   Davidson Fourthyear 704-123-4567, dafourthyear@davidson.edu, Davidson, NC EDUCATION Davidson College Davidson, NC Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, Concentration in Environmental Studies Expected May 20XX • GPA: 3.50 • Relevant Coursework: Environmental Policy, Economic Growth and Sustainable Development, Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Environmental Ethics, Ecology WORK EXPERIENCE Davidson College Office of Sustainability Davidson, NC Strategic Planning and Communications Intern August 20XX-Present • Updating and reorganizing Davidson College sustainability website to reflect new programs and expanded reach on and off campus • Assisting in planned growth and restructuring of office to promote more inclusive and comprehensive view of sustainability U.S. Green Building Council, Charlotte Region Chapter Charlotte, NC Development Intern Summer 20XX • Researched and wrote grant proposals for as much as $30,000 to fund specific programs and general operations • Constructed and advised Chapter on financial planning database in Salesforce for the Organization's yearly fundraising drive that aims at raising approximately $100,000 • Wrote and edited articles and updates for the council’s monthly newsletter and managed correspondence with donors Davidson College Office of Sustainability Davidson, NC Sustainability Scholar Summer 20XX • Participated in workshops with Charlotte’s sustainability leaders from the private, non-profit, and public sectors, identifying current trends, best practices, and challenges in the sustainability field • Presented findings on how to address sustainability issues in Charlotte to local business, government, and non- profit leaders LEADERSHIP Davidson College Environmental Action Coalition Davidson, NC Communications Manager 08/201X-Present • Assisting in the creation of a publicity campaign for a campus-wide energy saving program • Solicited over $5,000 through an email marketing campaign for the purchase of new recycling containers for area schools and businesses Davidson College Responsible Consumption Working Group Davidson, NC Chair January 20XX-Present • Coordinate with students to explore methods of responsible consumption by researching specific products and their environmental and social impacts • Planning to formally present research to campus leadership using infographics and a PowerPoint presentation Davidson College NCAA Division I Swimming and Diving Team Davidson, NC Team Captain (August 20XX-Present) August 20XX-Present • Lead a team of 26 athletes while serving as its liaison to the coaching staff • Ensure team mentality that rewards hard work and emphasizes the importance of support amongst team members • Improving time management skills by balancing a 16 hours per week training schedule with a full course load SKILLS • Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel), Adobe Photoshop, Salesforce CRM, writing policy briefs, and grant writing  
  8. 8.   Davidson  Student   888-­‐888-­‐8888,  dastudent@davidson.edu,  Atlanta,  GA     EDUCATION   Davidson  College                                                                                                          Davidson,  NC   Bachelor  of  Arts  in  Economics                                          Expected  May  20XX     • GPA:  3.50   • H.  Boyce  Connell  Scholar  (Davidson  merit  scholarship),  Omicron  Delta  Epsilon  Honors  Society     New  York  University                                      Madrid,  Spain     NYU  in  Madrid  Program                                                        Fall  20XX     GPA:  3.93                       Tuck  School  Of  Business  At  Dartmouth  College                                          Hanover,  NH   Tuck  Business  Bridge  Program                                    Summer  201X       EXPERIENCE   Uxor  IT                                                              Buenos  Aires,  Argentina   Consulting  Intern                                        Summer  20XX     • Developed  strategy  and  conducted  research  for  launch  of  the  90-­‐employee  multinational  software  developer’s  new  Warranty   Claims  Service  (WCS),  a  software-­‐based  consulting  solution  designed  for  warranty  claims  management  in  the  Latin  American   automotive  industry   • Created  quantitative  models  in  Microsoft  Excel  to  estimate  market  size,  potential  market  share,  and  projected  revenues  to   completely  redefine  the  most  profitable  sales  method  for  the  product     • Studied  industry  trends,  refined  the  target  market,  and  developed  competitive  strategy  and  positioning   • Presented  findings  to  the  President,  senior  management,  and  investors,  resulting  in  the  decision  to  launch  the  service  in  2013   and  the  acquisition  of  funds  needed  to  actualize  the  project  and  campaign       Bridgestone  Golf,  Inc.                                    Covington,  GA     Marketing  Intern                Summer  201X     • Analyzed  effect  on  sales  and  brand  image  of  the  Bridgestone  Ball  Fitting  Challenge,  an  experiential  marketing  product   differentiation  program,  to  reaffirm  its  value  as  the  company’s  point  of  difference   • Examined  data  collected  from  client  feedback  to  recommend  improvements  for  the  program     LEADERSHIP   Davidson  Pre-­‐Business  Society                                                Davidson,  NC   President  (January  20XX-­‐December  20XX)       October  20XX-­‐Present       • Oversee  a  seven  member  executive  board  charged  with  providing  consulting,  finance  and  management  educational  and  career   preparation  programming  for  over  70  members   • Scheduled  5  guest  speakers  and  a  practice  GMAT,  facilitated  a  mentorship  program  for  17  students,  co-­‐authored  new   constitution       Davidson  College  Club  Tennis  Team                  Davidson,  NC   President  (September  20XX-­‐May  20XX)                                    January  20XX-­‐Present     • Merged  men’s  and  women’s  teams  to  increase  overall  participation  from  12  to  32  players   • Increased  number  of  matches  scheduled  by  100%   • Restructured  biweekly  practices  to  include  clear  objectives  and  predesigned  drills   • Implemented  equipment  rewards  system  to  provide  incentives  for  practice  attendance     Fraternity  of  Phi  Gamma  Delta,  Delta  Kappa  Chapter                                    Davidson,  NC   Corresponding  Secretary  (January  20XX-­‐December  20XX)         January  20XX-­‐Present     • Manage  chapter  as  a  member  of  the  executive  board,  after  increasing  membership  from  16  to  43  in  2  years       • Founded  Public  Relations  Committee  to  conduct  all  marketing  and  communication  efforts  for  the  chapter   • Initiated  fraternity  fundraising  team  to  run  in  the  201X  Charlotte  Thunder  Road  Half-­‐Marathon     SKILLS,  INTERESTS  &  ACTIVITIES   • Advanced  Spanish  and  basic  Brazilian  Portuguese  language  skills   • Assistant  Teacher  for  Intermediate  Spanish,  Davidson  College  Spanish  Department  (August  201X-­‐May  201X)     • 201X  Cincinnati  Flying  Pig  Marathon  participant  ·∙    
  9. 9.   Davidson Fourthyear 704-123-4567, dafourthyear@davidson.edu, Davidson, NC EDUCATION Davidson College Davidson, NC B.A. Candidate for English Expected May 20XX • GPA: 3.23 • Chair of Public Affairs for Davidson College Democrats: Design campaign and event literature, manage social media presence, plan and publicize campus and community-wide events • Volunteer Mentor for The Buddy System: Mentor children in the Davidson community with autism and other special needs. Solicited entertainment acts and organized the program for the 2 nd Annual Buddy Benefit Concert fundraiser • Teacher for Davidson Students Volunteer for Science: Teach science labs to students in underperforming middle schools • Copy-editor for The Davidsonian: Proofread and edit articles for publication in Davidson’s student-run newspaper Stockholm University Stockholm, Sweden Study Abroad Program in Communications, Media and Film Fall 20XX EXPERIENCE Davidson College Department OF English Davidson, NC Editorial and Research Assistant August 20XX-Present • Frequently requested by English faculty to copy-edit and proofread academic articles and essays for publication • Conduct reviews of primary and secondary academic sources in support of faculty research • Manage and organize professorial work for college archives • Order library books and other necessary materials for faculty Girl Power 2 Cure, Inc. Amelia Island, FL Development and Outreach Intern Summer 20XX • Managed online donor accounts for a not-for-profit organization, which raises research funds for and awareness about Rett Syndrome, a neurological disorder that primarily affects females • Researched and produced detailed data reports on social media presence which were used to develop more effective content • Implemented a new social media outreach plan that increased Twitter and Facebook followers by 48% and increased hits on the Girl Power 2 Cure website by 59% Stockholm International Film Festival Stockholm, Sweden Catalogue/Newspaper Department Intern Fall 20XX • Edited the English-language version of the 65-page Stockholm Film Festival catalogue • Managed all aspects of the festival’s English social media presence which had over 10,000 followers • Organized special event logistics, including preparation for red carpet events, press events, and “Face-to-Face” public appearances by film directors Circle of Care Community Food Bank Forsyth, GA Co-Executive Administrator Summer 20XX • Assisted in the start-up of a community food bank in collaboration with the Circle of Care Thrift Store • Interviewed prospective clients and performed all necessary administrative duties for a food bank projected to serve over 500 families Dance America National Finals and Dance Olympus Summer Tour Multiple Cities Assistant Production Manager Summers 20XX-20XX • Developed strong leadership and management skills as a key staff member for a national arts performing production company with an annual revenue of over $300,000 • Worked as stage manager and customer service representative for Dance America National Finals in New York, NY, Orlando, FL, and Chicago, IL • Master of Ceremonies, retail salesperson, sound technician, and travel coordinator for Dance Olympus Summer Tour in (201X) New York, NY; Chicago, IL; Minneapolis, MN; Omaha, NE; (201X) Orlando, FL; Kansas City, MO; Boston, MA; and Houston, TX; and (201X) Chicago, IL; Minneapolis, MN; Omaha, NE
  10. 10.   Davidson Student 888-888-8888 • dastudent@davidson.edu • Davidson, NC EDUCATION Davidson College Davidson, NC Bachelor of Science in Biology; Concentration in Ethnic Studies Expected May 20XX • GPA: 3.25 • Presidential Scholarship: awarded for outstanding academic achievement and leadership potential and potential to contribute diverse cultural or socioeconomic perspectives to the classroom and to campus life • Craig Wall, Dean Rusk, McCall, and Abernethy Research Grant recipient: awarded for independent research to study the rehabilitative therapies of traditional healers, bonesetters, and orthodox doctors in Ghana HEALTH POLICY EXPERIENCE Kaiser Family Foundation Washington, DC Intern, The Barbara Jordan Health Policy Scholars Program Summer 20XX • Completed a policy memo and a group policy presentation for seniors scholars, which resulted in the implementation of a new initiative supporting the mental and physical health of teenage mothers • Developed leadership in health policy by gaining knowledge about the federal legislative process • Worked with congressional leaders on health policy issues affecting underserved populations • Attended weekly site visits to organizations such as the Institute of Medicine and National Institutes of Health University Of Cape Coast Cape Coast, Ghana Student & Independent Researcher Summer 20XX • Studied Ghanaian culture, civics, political history, current events, sanitation and environmental management • Invited to UNICEF West & Central Regional Office for presentation on the use of statistics to develop policy • Graduated from the School of African Rhythm and Dance after performing the traditional jere and obolo dances • Interviewed seven healthcare workers to study the rehabilitative therapies of traditional healers and orthodox doctors • Shadowed two physiotherapists at the Central Regional Hospital for 25 hours to observe patient-provider relationships LEADERSHIP The Ada Jenkins Center, Free Clinic Of Our Towns Davidson, NC Medical Volunteer February 20XX-Present • The Free Clinic of Our Towns is a community-wide volunteer clinic that provides free medical care for the uninsured • Implemented a program to disseminate education on substance abuse which resulted in a 150% increase in clients seeking treatment and support from the clinic • Interview bilingual patients and prepare folders on vital background information prior to nurse diagnosis which has helped to decrease appointment times by seven minutes Teagle Foundation Grant Proposal, Davidson College Davidson, NC Peer Focus Group Leader January 20XX-Present • Pursuing a $100,000 grant for Davidson through the development of a project that integrates data analysis, decision- making, and action to improve student learning • Created and implemented survey questions to lead three focus groups with a total of 17 first generation students • Trained with the Davidson College Director of Research and Learning to learn techniques to lead peer focus groups • Serve as only student on committee to determine learning outcomes for assessing the first generation student experience Student Government Association, Davidson College Davidson, NC Vice Chair of the External Affairs Committee (August 20XX-May 20XX) April 20XX-Present • Delegate responsibilities to members and serve as essential resource for completing duties • Conferred with the Mayor of Davidson to assess town needs and discuss methods for breaking communication barriers between residents in the town of Davidson and Davidson students • Supervised a programming committee for the 1 st Annual Dinner at Davidson to raise $3,500 for the Davidson Trust, a fund that enables students from diverse backgrounds to graduate 100% loan free • Launched a student movement to increase awareness of the Davidson Trust to create a scholarship for over $20,500  
  11. 11.   Davidson  Student   888-­‐888-­‐8888  •  dastudent@davidson.edu  •  Davidson,  NC     EDUCATION     Davidson  College                                                                  Davidson,  NC   Bachelor  of  Science  in  Economics                                                          Expected  May  20XX     • Phi  Beta  Kappa   • Omicron  Delta  Epsilon  Economics  Honor  Society   • Select  Coursework:  Money  and  the  Financial  System,  International  Trade,  Finance,  International  Finance,  Economic   Development,  Urban  Economics,  Health  Economics   • Honors  Thesis:  The  Role  of  Down  Payment  Assistance  in  the  Homeownership  Decision   • Cumulative  GPA:  3.79  (Top  10%)  Major  GPA:  3.85  ACT:  33  Software:  Stata  and  MS  Office  Suite     University  of  Oxford,  Hertford  College                                            Oxford,  United  Kingdom   Visiting  Students  Program,  Read  Economics                                                      September  20XX-­‐June  20XX   • Select  Coursework:  Economic  Development,  Finance,  Game  Theory,  Money  &  Banking,  Public  Economics   • Cumulative  GPA:  3.78     EXPERIENCE   Peter  G.  Peterson  Foundation                                                            Washington,  DC     Fiscal  Intern                                    Summer  20XX   • Worked  with  team  of  ten  to  learn  and  analyze  fiscal  issues  with  experts  such  as  Steve  Bell,  Dan  Crippen,  Bill  Gale,  Donald   Marron,  and  Peter  G.  Peterson   • Co-­‐created  “The  Sequester”,  a  web  video  explaining  the  sequestration  for  college  students  that  uses  interviews  with  Doug   Holtz-­‐Eakin  and  Joe  Minarik     American  Action  Forum                                                            Washington,  DC   Fiscal  Policy  Intern                                  Summer  20XX   • Worked  with  Director  of  Fiscal  Policy  Gordon  Gray  to  craft  exploratory  articles  for  “AmericanActionForum.org”,  one  noting   OMB  Budget  projections  regularly  larger  than  Midsession  Review  estimates  and  the  other  how  the  federal  debt  burden  is   distributed  by  state   • Researched  outsourcing  data  in  over  600  10-­‐K  filings;  analyzed  economic  modeling  used  in  CBO  reports   • Wrote  articles  on  the  sequestration  and  outsourcing  for  the  blog,  “PolicyInterns.com”   Communications  and  Economics  Intern                                Summer  20XX   • Partnered  with  Director  of  Economic  Policy  Ike  Brannon  to  write  analytical  op-­‐ed  for  “The  Weekly  Standard”  about  the   home  mortgage  interest  deduction  and  down  payment  subsidies   • Worked  with  team  of  three  to  plan  AAF  events,  to  report  on  capitol  hearings  dialogue,  and  run  new  media  at  both   • Pitched  Op-­‐Ed  by  former  U.S.  Rep.  Ginny  Brown-­‐Waite  to  Orlando  Sentinel.  Article  ran  on  July  29,  201X     Republican  Party  of  Minnesota                                             Minnetonka,  MN     Campaign  Intern                                        Summer  20XX   • Managed  team  of  15  sign  volunteers;  personally  coordinated  50%  of  campaign  sign  distribution  in  the  Twin  Cities   • Organized  and  led  over  100  participants  in  Republican  sections  of  fifteen  city  parades     CAMPUS  INVOLVEMENT   The  Davidsonian                                                                      Davidson,  NC   Perspectives  Columnist                                                      August  20XX-­‐Present   • Discuss  and  analyze  current  policy  issues  in  Davidson’s  student  run  weekly  newspaper     WALT  1610  AM                                              Davidson,  NC   Radio  Host  for  Political  Talk  Show                                              August  20XX-­‐Present     • Broadcast  a  one-­‐hour  show  on  Davidson’s  student  run  station  that  addresses  political  and  policy  issues  of  interest  to  college   students     PUBLICATIONS   “$16  TRILLION  AND  COUNTING,”  AmericanActionForum.org                                              September  20XX   • Co-­‐written  with  Gordon  Gray;  illustrates  the  regional  distributional  burden  of  the  federal  debt     “NO  SURPRISE,  A  SUMMER  SURPRISE  FROM  OMB,”  AmericanActionForum.org                                          August  20XX     • Co-­‐written  with  Gordon  Gray;  analyzes  differences  in  the  OMB’s  Budget  and  Midsession  Review  projections  
  12. 12.   Davidson Student (888) 888-8888, dastudent@davidson.edu, Arlington, VA EDUCATION Davidson College Davidson, NC Bachelor of Arts in Art History Expected May 20XX • GPA: 3.43 • Relevant Coursework: 18th and 19th Century Art, Contemporary Art, Modern Painting and Sculpture, Modern Architecture Art History Honors Thesis Davidson, NC “Unretractable Social Marks: The Critical Spatial Practice of Street Art” August 20XX-Present • Conduct extensive online, book and field observation research which will lead to a 70+ page research thesis • Will defend the final draft of the thesis during the spring semester in a one-hour oral examination Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies Rome, Italy Art History Study Abroad Program Spring 20XX • Completed intensive study of Early Christian, Byzantine, and Renaissance art and architecture EXPERIENCE Davidson College Van Every/Smith Galleries Davidson, NC Gallery Assistant & Docent August 20XX-Present • Oversee 2,000 square feet of galleries housing hundreds of student and international exhibits • Provide tours to thousands of visitors annually at openings and during regular gallery hours • Organize publicity for upcoming shows, resulting in a 73% increase in attendance compared to the previous year Smithsonian American Art Museum Washington, DC Education and Research Intern Summer 20XX • Conducted educational programs to help audiences of all ages and backgrounds interact with art • Organized and preserved the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s historical records and make them available for research • Helped research and organize upcoming and potential exhibitions as well as researched, wrote and formatted wall labels • Supported the research needs of staff and members of the public by effectively leading tutorials on the museum’s online search system • Wrote for, updated, and contributed to the museum’s website and social media sites (blog, Facebook, Twitter), which receive over 50,000 views per week LEADERSHIP Davidson College NCAA Division I Field Hockey Team Davidson, NC Varsity Athlete August 20XX-Present • Amplify skills needed to work unselfishly and energetically amongst a group of diverse peers • Serve as team’s Student Athlete Representative voicing student-athlete concerns to the college wide board • Improve time management skills by balancing a full course load with 25+ hours of weekly field hockey activities Davidson College Admission Office Davidson, NC Senior Admission Fellow (August 20XX-Present) September 20XX-Present • Oversee the recruitment and training of 35 new campus tour guides • Maintain contact with prospective students and families, throughout the admissions cycle • Plan and moderate panel discussions for parents and students on college’s open house days • Review applications and participate in admission discussion with Admission Counselors Campus Tour Guide (September 20XX-May 20XX) • Represented Davidson to prospective students and parents, communicating accurate and timely information about the campus and its history during 60-minute tours • Led several tours per month, ranging in size from two to thirty individuals Skills • Advanced Spanish and intermediate Italian language skills • Extensive experience using social media (blogs, Twitter, Facebook) in professional settings
  13. 13.   Davidson Student (888) 888-8888 dastudent@davidson.edu Arlington, VA EDUCATION Davidson College Davidson, NC Bachelor of Arts in English; Concentration in Communication Expected May 20XX • GPA 3.13, Major GPA 3.42 HONORS & AWARDS Landerman Scholarship August 20XX-May 20XX • Awarded to three incoming Davidson students each year for exceptional academic performance Sophomore Creative Writing Standout Award February 201X • Awarded to sophomore placing first in class-wide fiction and poetry competition JOURNALISM EXPERIENCE The Davidsonian, Davidson College Davidson, NC Features Editor September 20XX-Present • Lead weekly staff meetings, design and lay out Features section using Adobe InDesign, and write and edit five to six articles a month for Davidson’s student-run weekly newspaper • Increased number of Features section readers from 50% to 70% of student body over 18-month tenure as section editor The Business Journal of Charlotte Charlotte, NC Editorial Intern Summer 20XX • Researched, wrote and edited business profiles and banking reports using AP Style • Managed the journal’s social media presence, maintaining and editing an interactive blog and doubling the number of Twitter followers over the course of the summer • Recognized by supervisor for accuracy in updating research files and organizing mailings LEADERSHIP & ADDITIONAL WORK EXPERIENCE Warner Hall House, Davidson College Davidson, NC President (January 20XX-Present) February 20XX-Present • Elected President of Warner Hall, a social and philanthropic organization with 150 female members, after serving as the Social Chair in 20XX-20XX and as an active member in 20XX-20XX • Direct 20 Executive Board officers in the planning and execution of social, service, and academic events • Manage an annual operating budget of $90,000 • Oversaw planning and execution of the annual gala that raised over $22,600 for HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention • Supervise a full time cook and part time event staff • Conduct weekly House and Executive Board meetings Office of Admissions, Davidson College Davidson, NC Campus Tour Guide September 20XX-Present • Represent Davidson to prospective students and parents, communicating accurate and timely information about the campus and its history during 60-minute tours Colony Life Insurance Company Arlington, VA Office Assistant Summer 20XX • Served as youngest assistant in company history to record beneficiary changes and maintain confidential policy files for hundreds of policy holders • Recommended changes in database structure that increased record updating efficiency by 35% Elk Canyon Ranch Billings, MT Youth Counselor Summer 20XX • Supervised activities of groups of 50 children weekly, maintaining safety and building cohesion among the groups • Helped children ages 10 to 12 effectively resolve conflict and improve communication skills
  14. 14.   Davidson  Student   704-­‐888-­‐8888   dastudent@davidson.edu   Davidson,  NC     EDUCATION   Davidson  College                                                                  Davidson,  NC   Bachelor  of  Arts  in  Sociology;  Minor  in  French                                          Expected  May  20XX   • GPA:  3.45   • Coursework  includes:  Statistics,  Survey  Methodology,  Urban  Ethnography,  Sociology  of  Childhood,  Globalization  and  Social   Change,  Philosophy,  and  Psychology     School  For  International  Training                         Toulouse,  France     Intensive  French  Language  and  Culture  Study  Abroad  Program                            Summer  20XX       RESEARCH  EXPERIENCE   National  Opinion  Research  Center                                                  Chicago,  IL     Survey  Intern                                    Summer  20XX   • Worked  with  graduate  students  and  staff  in  the  Survey  Operations  Center  department   • Developed  feasibility  test  of  new  questions  for  a  national,  longitudinal  study  conducted  for  the  Bureau  of  Labor  Statistics   • Recruited  and  interviewed  26  respondents  for  survey   • Compiled  40-­‐page  report  recommending  changes  implemented  in  final  draft  of  a  national  survey   • Created  training  materials  for,  and  participated  in  training  of,  Computer  Assisted  Data  Enterers     Department  Of  Sociology,  Davidson  College                                                          Davidson,  NC                                   Research  Assistant                                                    Spring  20XX     • Conducted  Internet-­‐based  and  library  research   • Provided  assistance  with  the  preparation  of  project-­‐related  reports,  manuscripts,  and  presentation   • Prepared  tables,  graphs,  fact  sheets,  and  written  reports  summarizing  research  results   • Performed  descriptive  and  multivariate  statistical  analyses  of  data  using  SPSS     Department  Of  Sociology,  Davidson  College                                                                                    Davidson,  NC                                   Independent  Research  Project                                                  Fall  20XX     • Awarded  grant  to  conduct  an  independent  research  project  with  faculty  advisor   • Used  SPSS  to  conduct  linear  regression  analysis  of  the  General  Social  Survey  2008-­‐2010   • Produced  the  academic  paper  “The  Effects  of  Childhood  Family  Disruption  on  Adult  Self-­‐Reported  Health,”       LEADERSHIP   Black  Student  Coalition,  Davidson  College                                                            Davidson,  NC     Treasurer  (01/201X-­‐12/201X)                                                May  20XX-­‐Present     • Budget  funding  for  events  that  increase  awareness  of  African  American  culture  and  history  on  campus   • Analyzed  past  expenditures  and  increased  funding  for  community  service  and  Black  History  Month  committees   • Manage  over  $42,000  in  2  school  years  after  composing  and  presenting  budget  proposals  to  Activities  Tax  Council     Residence  Life  Office,  Davidson  College                                                  Davidson,  NC       Resident  Assistant                                      August  20XX-­‐May  20XX     • Supervised  residence  hall  floor  of  24  students  and  serve  as  member  of  the  college’s  Residence  Life  Office  staff.     • Assisted  with  security  and  emergency  situations;  counsel  students  in  a  wide  variety  of  issues   • Planed  and  coordinate  programs  and  activities  for  residence  hall  community   • Advised  Dorm  Council  in  planning  events  and  managing  budget     SKILLS   • Computer:  Proficient  in  MS  Word,  MS  Excel,  MS  Access,  Adobe  InDesign  and  SPSS   • Language:  Highly  proficient  in  written  and  conversational  French  
  15. 15.   Davidson Student 888-888-8888, dastudent@davidson.edu, Los Angeles, CA EDUCATION Davidson College Davidson, NC Honors Bachelor of Science in Mathematics; Computer Science Concentration Expected May 20XX • Honors Thesis in Automated Planning • GPA: 3.78 • Relevant Coursework: Programming and Problem Solving, Programming Languages, Electronics and Instrumentation, Theory of Computation, Data Structures, Analysis of Algorithms University of North Carolina at Charlotte Charlotte, NC Non-Degree Student Spring 20XX • GPA: 4.00 • Relevant Coursework: Research in Computer Science TECHNICAL SKILLS • Proficient in Java, Python, MATLAB, Mathematica, LaTex • Experience using Photoshop, HTML/CSS, iOS, WordPress, Adwords, MySQL, Balsamiq, advanced Excel, Final Cut Pro • Knowledge of Data Structures, Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Numerical Analysis COMPUTER SCIENCE EXPERIENCE Davidson College Department of Mathematics Davidson, NC Honors Thesis in Automated Planning August 20XX-Present • Attaining a working knowledge of major machine learning, automated planning, and Boolean satisfiability algorithms and techniques • Implement and test (in Java) the upper confidence bounds applied to trees (UCT) algorithm, a modern search technique pioneered for automated Go (a Chinese board game) players • Creating a class of games in which UCT exhibits a certain unintuitive characteristic called pathology, and will submit results for publication in a computer science research journal UNC Charlotte, Future Computing Lab Charlotte, NC Computer Vision Researcher, National Science Foundation REU Experience December 20XX-August 20XX • Created and implemented (in MATLAB and Java) an automated insect tracking program that processes long video and collects data for biology research • Published and presented results at the Workshop on the Applications of Computer Vision 20XX • Implemented insect tracking program at University of Arizona biology lab where it is used for research in colony behavior of ants LEADERSHIP & ADDITIONAL EXPERIENCE Davidson College Math and Science Center Davidson, NC Math and Computer Science Tutor August 20XX-Present • Work an average of 10 hours per week teaching concepts and problem solving techniques to both groups and individuals • Collaborate with a team of math and science tutors to operate a walk-in student tutoring center Davidson Outdoors Davidson, NC Odyssey Leader (Summers 20XX, 20XX) October 20XX-Present • The Odyssey program is a pre-orientation program for incoming freshman designed to facilitate the transition into the Davidson community through outdoor experience with other students • Worked with co-leader to plan, organize, and lead eight-day outdoor programs, including backpacking, white water canoeing, and service projects, for groups of eight incoming freshmen Wilderness Leadership Skills Course Mentor (Spring 201X, Fall 201X) • Planned and taught classroom material for semester-long extracurricular course to train student leaders in both the hard and soft skills necessary to lead outdoor trips • Organized and led instructional skills weekends and three/four day backpacking trips as part of course to practice with and advise student leaders
  16. 16.   Davidson  Student   888-­‐888-­‐8888,  dastudent@davidson.edu,  Davidson,  NC     EDUCATION   Davidson  College                                                                  Davidson,  NC     Bachelor  of  Arts  in  Political  Science                                            Expected  May  20XX   • Cumulative  GPA:  3.13          Major  GPA:  3.34   • Relevant  Coursework:  History  of  Educational  Theory  and  Practice,  Directed  Field  Placement,  Adolescent  Development,   Schools  and  Society     The  Alliance  For  Global  Education                                                      Beijing,  China   Development,  Politics  and  Social  Change  Program                                                    Fall  20XX       TEACHING  EXPERIENCE   Community  School  Of  Davidson                                                                            Davidson,  NC     Volunteer  Assistant  Teacher                              September  20XX-­‐Present     • Volunteer  10  hours  per  week  at  a  charter  high  school  assisting  9 th  grade  Spanish  teacher  during  lessons   • Received  the  20XX  Volunteer  of  the  Year  award  for  excellent  service  supporting  the  mission  and  vision  of  the  school   • Lead  one-­‐on-­‐one  tutorials  with  students  who  have  fallen  behind  in  mathematics,  bringing  85%  of  students  tutored  up  to  the   class  average  on  standardized  tests     Children’s  Defense  Fund  Freedom  Schools                                                            Davidson,  NC         Servant  Leader  Intern                                        Summer  20XX     • Provided  front-­‐line  care  and  nurturing  to  ten  children  between  Kindergarten  and  8th  grade   • Served  as  a  facilitator  in  the  classroom  and  as  a  leader  of  afternoon  activities  using  a  reading  curriculum  developed  by  the   Children's  Defense  Fund     Church  Of  The  Good  Shepherd                                                            Davidson,  NC       Youth  Group  Leader                                  January  20XX-­‐May  20XX     • Assisted  Youth  Minister  in  leading  and  teaching  a  15-­‐member  youth  group  consisting  of  children  between  the  ages  of  13   and  16   • Led  youth  group  sessions  in  Youth  Minister’s  absence  including  the  creation  of  lesson  plans  and  assessment  tools  to  ensure   students  meet  established  learning  outcomes     LEADERSHIP   Residence  Life  Office,  Davidson  College                                                            Davidson,  NC   Resident  Advisor                                September  20XX-­‐Present     • Oversee  the  physical  and  emotional  well  being  of  24  first  year  students  through  group  and  individual  advising  and   programming   • Built  community  by  organizing  over  25  programs  typically  attended  by  90%  or  more  of  students     • Recommended  a  change  to  the  process  for  matching  roommates  which  resulted  in  a  24%  decrease  in  students  changing   rooms  during  the  academic  year     Chidsey  Center  For  Leadership  Development,  Davidson  College                                    Davidson,  NC   Chidsey  Leadership  Fellow                                              August  20XX-­‐Present     • Actively  participate  in  a  highly  selective  four-­‐year  comprehensive  leadership  development  program  that  develops  leaders   through  seminars,  projects  and  mentorship   • Interviewed  professional  leaders,  applying  techniques  learned  in  sessions  to  the  development  of  a  personal  leadership  style   • Developed  a  Leadership  Culture  Audit  Project  to  better  define  leadership  at  Davidson  College  which  was  implemented  by   senior  administration   • Gathered  and  analyzed  information  about  leadership  by  interviewing  other  campus  leaders     SKILLS   • Computers:  Microsoft  Office,  WordPress,  Audacity,  LogicPro,  Finale  NotePad,  iMovie,  iPhoto,  WorkFlows   • Languages:  Advanced  Spanish  
  17. 17.   Davidson Student (888) 888-8888 dastudents@davidson.edu Wilmington, DE EDUCATION Davidson College Davidson, NC Bachelor of Arts in Sociology Expected May 20XX EXPERIENCE Wilmington Grille Wilmington, DE Server Summer 20XX & February 20XX-August 20XX • Provided superior guest service, friendliness and restaurant cleanliness using the restaurant’s proven training system for customer service • Excelled in a fast paced environment where strong attention to detail and communication skills were expected • Ensured that all expectations were met by actively engaging customers and quickly correcting issues • Won Employee of the Month in July 20XX based on high quality of work Rehoboth Beach YMCA Rehoboth Beach, DE Camp Counselor Summer 20XX • Led a group of 20 to 30 girls between the ages of seven and ten through a series of daily educational and athletic activities • Provided instruction to other camp counselors on proper safety and teaching procedures to ensure the camp was following proper YMCA standards • Provided the camp director with feedback on daily camp operations and recommendations for camper engagement activities • Received highest level work performance rating by supervisors • Certified in first aid and CPR LEADERSHIP & STUDENT INVOLVEMENT Honor Council, Davidson College Davidson, NC Sophomore Member August 20XX-Present • One of 11 members elected from the sophomore class to evaluate evidence and testimony to determine proper sanctions for violations of the Davidson College Honor Code and Code of Responsibility Residence Life Office, Davidson College Davidson, NC Hall Counselor August 20XX-Present • Foster an environment where 16 residents are able to academically perform and ensured the maintenance of 12 rooms • Implement programs that built community and most importantly, trust, allowing residents to know one another as valued residents • Respond in crisis situations by assessing the environment and appropriately judging the situation based on extensive alcohol training Speech and Debate Team, Mount Pleasant High School Wilmington, DC Vice President (January 20XX-January 20XX) January 20XX-May 20XX • Devoted over 60 hours per month to research, discussion, case writing, and practicing for competitions • Learn to think rigorously and critically in preparation for highly competitive debates against teams from across the mid-Atlantic region • Refined communication skills through continuous practice with coaches and teammates • Developed strong research skills in preparation for debates on current topics in local, national and world affairs • Expanded membership from 13 to 43 debaters during term as vice president through targeted outreach to members of the student body SKILLS & INTERESTS • Chinese (conversational) • Travel, French Cooking, Competitive Mountain Biking (placed first in age group at 20XX Pocono Championships)
  18. 18.   Davidson  Firstyear    (704)  123-­‐4567  •  dfirstyear@davidson.edu  •  Anytown,  NC     EDUCATION   Davidson  College                                                                  Davidson,  NC   Bachelor  of  Arts  (Undeclared  Major)                                        Expected  May  20XX     • GPA:  3.04       William  Smith  School                                                                            Anytown,  NC     High  School  Diploma                                                  June  20XX       • GPA:  3.97   • William  Smith  Award,  given  to  senior  with  most  school  spirit     WORK  EXPERIENCE   J.Crew                                                                  Anytown,  NC   Sales  Associate                                                        January  20XX-­‐August  20XX   • Developed  and  maintained  strong  relationships  with  several  customers,  keeping  record  of  past  purchases  to  help  provide   future  suggestions  and  promote  new  items   • Responsible  for  closing,  including  balancing  registers,  calculating  inventory  levels,  and  securing  the  store   • Recognized  as  Top  Sales  Associate  for  the  months  of  May  and  July     Camp  Wigamochee                                                  Smithville,  ME   Counselor                                              Summers  20XX-­‐20XX   • Assisted  with  running  of  regular  camp  activities,  supervision  and  daily  duties,  while  living  with  and  acting  as  a  mentor  to  10   middle  school  age  children   • Served  as  a  liaison  between  the  camp  and  community  by  delivering  supplies,  transporting  campers  needing  medical   attention  and  alternative  travel  arrangements,  depositing  money,  making  change  requests,  and  purchasing  necessary  items   for  camp  to  run  smoothly   • Led  weekly  mountain  hiking  excursions,  responsible  for  trail  planning,  food  prep,  and  ensuring  safety   • Helped  camp  owner  with  improving  their  social  media  marketing  campaign  for  the  201X  summer  camp,  leading  to  a  40%   boost  in  applications     LEADERSHIP   Davidson  College  Student  Government  Association                                                          Davidson,  NC   Class  Senator                                              August  20XX-­‐Present     • Meet  weekly  to  discuss  issues  pertaining  to  student  life  on  campus   • Lead  initiative  to  bring  food  vendors  to  our  cafeteria,  in  response  to  student’s  desire  for  more  food  options   • Worked  closely  with  Finance  Sub-­‐Committee  to  help  allocate  a  budget  of  $130,000       Ada  Jenkins  Center                                                                  Davidson,  NC   Tutor                                September  20XX-­‐Present     • Tutor  at-­‐risk  children  by  leading  daily  activities  and  helping  with  homework,  three  days  a  week   • Serve  as  a  mentor  and  role  model  for  students  as  they  prepared  for  an  annual  talent  show  at  the  Center     William  Smith  High  School  Swim  Team                                                            Anytown,  NC   Team  Captain  (August  20XX-­‐May  20XX)                                August  20XX-­‐May  20XX     • Lead  team  to  state  victory,  acting  as  team  morale  leader  and  participant  in  our  medley  relay  team,  which  placed  first  at   state.  Also  responsible  for  logistics  of  trip,  from  hotel  booking  to  travel  plans   • Practiced  with  team,  five  times  a  week,  occasionally  leading  workouts  when  coach  was  unavailable   • Acted  as  assistant  coach  for  the  middle  school  swim  team,  involved  mostly  with  leading  weekend  practices     William  Smith  High  School  Student  Government  Association                                            Anytown,  NC   Student  Body  President                                  August  20XX-­‐May  20XX     • Led  weekly  Student  Government  Association  meetings,  being  the  first  president  to  allow  attendance  by  the  general  student   body  as  a  way  to  improve  transparency  and  increase  student  input    
  19. 19.   Davidson Firstyear (704) 123-4567 • dfirstyear@davidson.edu • Davidson, NC EDUCATION Davidson College Davidson, NC Bachelor of Arts in History Expected May 2018 GPA: 3.21 WORK EXPERIENCE Art Emporium Performing Arts Camp Dallas, TX Dance Instructor Summer 201X • Traveled nationwide directing performing arts day camps with 75 third through eighth graders to put on a musical in five days • Dealt with discipline issues and communication with parents, while maintaining control over all of the campers • Assigned parts in the musical to children according to skill level and age, taught them the dances, and conducted rehearsals • Operated the sound during rehearsals and performances; created organized sound scripts and executed them during performances • Worked with two other staff members to assist with directing the musical and dramatic aspects of the show Anne’s Boutique Dallas, TX Sales Associate January 201X-April 201X • Developed and maintained strong relationships with several customers, keeping record of past purchases to help provide personalized suggestions for future purchases and as a way to promote new items to loyal customers • Engaged suppliers to help create an efficient supply chain of clothing, focusing on decreasing unusable inventory and tailoring our clothing stock to meet current trends; this plan helped increase inventory turnover rate by 10% for the 201X year • Responsible for closing duties, including balancing registers, calculating inventory levels, and securing the store • Recognized as Top Sales Associate for the months of May 201X, July 201X and February 201X LEADERSHIP & VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE Young Life Charlotte, NC Volunteer Leader August 201X-Present • Dedicate over 10 hours each week to planning and orchestrating activities for a large youth outreach event with 100 high school students • Lead weekly, group discussions on various topics, while also mentoring students by spending one-on-one time with each individual Gamut Dance Company, Davidson College Davidson, NC Dancer October 201X-Present • Selected as one of 15 dancers in Davidson’s dance company known for its commitment to artistic development and technical training • Dedicate eight hours a week to technique classes and rehearsal for events on campus and the company’s annual show • Performed in and choreographed tap, modern, and pointe ballet pieces in Gamut Dance Company’s annual shows and Dance Ensemble’s biannual show Turner Hall Eating House Davidson, NC Active Member February 201X-Present • Engage the Davidson campus and community through active involvement in a 135-member civic and social organization • Spend time with residents at The Pines Nursing Home in Davidson, NC, every week, as part of the Adopt-A- Grandparent initiative Community School of Davidson Davidson, NC Mathematics Tutor September 201X-Present • Teach math lessons, create exercises, and assign homework for high school students to master skills in mathematics
  20. 20.   Davidson FirstYear (888) 888-8888 dastudents@davidson.edu Manchester, MO EDUCATION Davidson College Davidson, NC Bachelor of Arts (Undeclared Major) Expected May 20XX Lafayette High School St. Louis, MO Honor Graduate June 20XX • AAUW Student-Athlete Award, 201X Wilson All-American, Courtney Wilkerson French Scholar EXPERIENCE Manchester Park Municipal Pool Manchester, MO Lifeguard Summer 20XX • Worked with two other lifeguards to ensure safety at busy public pool averaging 1,500 guests daily • Recognized by supervisors for taking initiative to suggest positive changes and new policies to reduce dangerous incidents • Assigned additional responsibilities for special events due to diligence and safety record Bishop Family Manchester, MO Nanny Summer 20XX • Ensured the safety of two children during daily activities as well as over 25 special recreational outings • Designed activities to enhance learning and creativity, utilizing a variety of teaching methods obtained through independent research LEADERSHIP Davidson College Center For Civic Engagement Davidson, NC Bonner Scholar August 20XX-Present • Conduct 280 hours of community service during each academic year and 280 hours during two summers to support the mission and growth of local nonprofit organizations • Develop leadership skills through performance of community service and reflection Lafayette High School St. Louis, MO Senior Class President August 20XX-June 20XX • Led a 14 member class council charged with organizing events for seniors and bringing student concerns to the administration • Organized the senior class prom, which had a budget of $10,000 and was attended by over 3,500 students and guests Drive for Success, Lafayette High School St. Louis, MO Founder and Chair October 20XX-May 20XX • Conceived of and implemented a donation drive to collect professional clothing for women in need • Collaborated with church administrators to design publicity, resulting in 357 business suit donations • Generated enthusiasm to continue this as annual event Varsity Basketball, Lafayette High School St. Louis, MO Captain (October 20XX-March 20XX) October 20XX-March 20XX • Provided leadership and helped organize practices for a fifteen member team, instilling leadership and a strong work ethic in fellow players • Competed as varsity athlete 201X-201X and 201X-201X committing 15 hours per week to practice and competition SKILLS • Languages: Proficient in Spanish • Computer: Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Photoshop