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Here you are my activities presentation as David has corrected it!!! Enjoy and laugh! :D

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Gianni's activities presentation

  1. 1. a rch. ing. Giovanni Perrucci CLA I ’ m an architect - trust me - Intensive English B1 course
  2. 2. Hi, I ’ m Gianni Perrucci I come from Altamura (Ba), in Puglia, which is in the southern part of Italy. origins Altamura has a population of 70.000 and it ’ s famous for its tasty bread which has a typical shape and for the most ancient undamaged Neanderthal man skeleton ever discovered.
  3. 3. I grew up playing soccer like all Italian boys and sometimes I studied too. teenage years So I decided to enrol at a technical school and I chose a mechanical career because I was too interested in drawing and energy. While I was studying I often worked as waiter or children ’ s entertainer, especially in the summer holidays. According to my teachers, after primary school it would have been perfect if I had enrolled at a “ liceo classico ” or “ liceo scientifico ” .
  4. 4. the passion for architecture There I discovered materials, techniques and technologies of the buildings. It was possible for me to experience them at first hand. I totally fell in love with architecture. During one of my last summer holidays of my teenage years, I worked as a carpenter on building sites. Probably I was attracted by the good pay. According to my teachers, after secondary school it would have been perfect if I had enrolled at a mechanical faculty.
  5. 5. the architect, a perfect stranger People often believe that an architect is the person who is only able to furnish an apartment. A person who chooses the colour of the couch, the size of the floor tiles. The architect, instead, is the figure who works side by side with other professional figures to design: Actually, I have never studied how to furnish a space. - an urban plan - a building - a park or environmental facilities - the restoration of a building or group of buildings - the layout of a building site
  6. 6. the architect, a perfect stranger … and some other boring stuff, like the furnishings of the apartments.
  7. 7. my activities While I was doing my last two exams, I wrote a book with my faculty colleague Carmelo Cozzo. We studied the correct procedures to be followed for the restoration of the ancient centre of our city, Altamura. Furthermore, I published my graduation thesis which proposed the restoration of a little theatre to the municipality of Matera.
  8. 8. my activities After my graduation I worked for one year as a draftsman in an architectural office in Matera. Especially my activity dealt with restoration of caves in the Sassi complex or dwellings redecoration. Then i decided to move to Rome to attend a Master course called “ Housing – New settlement typologies between innovation and transformation ” . It was very interesting for me because I learnt some new subjects like selfbuilding, new materials and techniques, new approaches to design. We did five design workshops. One of these was very amazing: we built a little wc with our own hands using clay filled earth, wood, sand and straw.
  9. 9. my activities While I was attending my Master course, I approached to Federcasa, an istitution which represents all the Italian council estate agencies. Now we are going to make a study called RELS. Since January I have been attending the first year of “ SUP ” PhD course. I have joined a research focused on benchmarking techniques for the monitoring and evaluation of buildings ’ energy consumption. The research, called Carbonbuzz, has been developed by many English institutions as UCL, Aedas, RIBA, Cibse and many more.. The project, which involves a lot of stakeholders too, has the goal of reducing the gap in energy consumption between design figures and actual readings and to reduce CO2 emissions.
  10. 10. I ’ m an architect – trust me Thanks to all. Thanks to above all. arch. ing. Giovanni Perrucci – [email_address] - ph. 3331646736